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Pajiba Love

Ms. Jolie puts her foot down. Brad sighs, resigned to new life. What were you told about that Smirking Revenge? (Yeeeah!)

Puzzling thoughts w/r/t Jennifer Hudson, Johnny Depp, and Jake Gyllenhaal. (The Film Experience)

The AP takes our lead, bans any mention of ... the celebutard of whom we do not speak. (The Blemish)

A conversation starter: Should newspapers and magazines charge to see their online content? (Galley Slaves)

Apparently the newest trend in advertising is the "women as meat" concept. Take a look, here, here, and here. (Feministing)

The Internet answers with ... cheerleader wrestling. (CityRag)

Best be careful of tossing around the phrase "That's so gay." (QuizLaw)

The latest in Grey's Anatomygate. (Popoholic)

Holy Shit! Charlotte Church is pregnant. Wait. Who's Charlotte Church? (Agent Bedhead)

Pajiba Love | March 1, 2007 | Comments ()

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