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Pajiba Love

Here are a few Poehler and Arnett stills from Blades of Glory. It may suck, but as long as Will Arnett is employed, it's hard to complain. (Popbytes)

The only reason Antonelli Barba won't be eliminated from "AI" tonight. (IDLYITW)

And speaking of "American Idol," Tyra Banks copped a McFeel yesterday (*groan*). (Popoholic)

Yeeeah's Top Ten Viable Hollywood Trends. (Yeeeah!)

There is nothing I love more than lawsuits filed against Perez. I have to admit, though, that he wasn't the only one to post topless photos of Aniston, nor probably even the first. Just the richest. And douchiest. (QuizLaw)

Substance alert: U.S. colleges debate the merits of Wikipedia. (NYTimes)

Who among us doesn't have a nostalgic fondness for Jon Bon Jovi? Well, let it be extinguished. (Agent Bedhead)

Anybody whose resume includes "frequent commenter on Pajiba" is all right by us. Just as long as this blog's name has nothing to do with Paul. (The Daily Haggis)

Marcia Cross gives birth to strippers. (The PEN15 Club)

Pajiba Love | February 22, 2007 | Comments ()

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