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Pajiba Love

Ms. Beet live-blogs "American Idol." Damn, girl. Five hours this week. Of blandness. That's hardcore. (The Evil Beet)

A word of advice: Never mix vigilantism with porn. (QuizLaw)

Is Civilization, indeed, the thinking man's Grand Theft Auto? (The Weekly Standard)

She's finally where she should be, y'all. (IDLYITW) Umm. Nevermind. (IDLYITW)

The newest trend in Hollywood: Man Bobs. (CityRag)

The only entertaining 12 seconds of bowling I've ever seen. (College Humor)

Nathaniel covers the top 10 bald-headed characters. Colonel Kurtz gets his due. (The Film Experience)

The Times discusses email misbehavior and flaming. Interesting, if a bit pedantic. (NYTimes)

In college (a decade ago) my buddies and I used to rent UFC videos and gamble on the outcomes for shits and giggles. Now it's almost disconcerting to see its sudden popularity. (Galley Slaves)

Pajiba Love | February 21, 2007 | Comments ()

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