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Pajiba Love

I suspect I'm the only one, but I feel kinda sorry for Britney. I wouldn't give that girl's problems to a monkey on a rock. But it's all worth it for this post. (GoFugYourself) And it should make K-Fed's case for custody an easy one. (IDLYITW)

What's up with Sorkin's sudden bitterness toward faith? (Slowly Going Bald)

That's what she said. (QuizLaw)

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin in The Condemned, some cheap Running Man knockoff. (Popoholic)

Melissa Etheridge ain't dealing with the paparazzi very well. And really, why should she? (Celebitchy)

This is just ... well ... it's ... weird. (Agent Bedhead)

Try not to laugh. C'mon. You did, didn't you? You're such a child. (College Humor)

A new children's literature controversy inspired by the word "scrotum." (NYTimes)

Pajiba Love | February 12, 2007 | Comments ()

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