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February 14, 2007 | Comments ()


Pajiba Love

The Film Experience is running an Oscar symposium for the next few days. Our very own Jeremy C. Fox is participating in the discussion, pushing Tyler Perry, I'm sure. (The Film Experience)

Every television addict needs his or her own personalized, interactive schedule. It helps you to remember to watch "Friday Night Lights," you bastards. (MeeVee)

The coolest thing you're going to see today. Seriously -- it's-lose-your-shit cool. (Deadspin)

Nostalgia alert: Joey McIntyre reference. (Yeeeah!)

Skip and Dale -- The worst male strippers ever, though the bug spray is a nice flourish. (CityRag)

Star Wars recreated. In three minutes. With action figures. (Popoholic)

Hey baby! What say you and me make dinner, have a few drinks, and stab each other? (QuizLaw)

There's a whole new branch of journalism: "Keira Knightley nudity journalism." (Celebitchy)

Pajiba Love | February 14, 2007 | Comments ()

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