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Pajiba Love

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! Here's some great cards you unfortunately won't be able to find at your local drugstore. (Gallery of the Absurd)

So anyway, a friend of mine just started this website to share and commiserate failed relationships and poor dating experiences -- and I can't think of a better day to give it some Love. (It Ended Badly...)

Hmm... I wonder if Josh Mayer is as big of a douchetizzle as John Mayer? (Celebslam)

Sarah Michelle Gellar wants to eat your braaaaaaaiiins... But to be honest, I'm just glad to hear she's finally eating, period! (WIMB)

This is it. I know not everyone was a fan of Obama's "Yes We Can" clip -- but unless this clip was paid for by the "Enemies of Hillary Clinton" there is no fucking way I want this person being President of our country. No. fucking. way. (QuizLaw)

I know we've been like sandwich crazy around here lately, but how can I not link this awesome Valentine's Day sammich? Eggplant and portabella? Holy yum! (Serious Eats)

Dammit! I knew I was going to get lured into this goddamn Real World/Road Rules Challenge whether I liked it or not. (TVFallsInTheWoods)

So what do you guys think of this new Fancast, the new site tailored for TV aficionados? Any website that lets you stream all the episodes of "Andy Barker, P.I." is A-OK with me. (Pop Candy)

Jane Fonda dropped the C-Bomb on "The Today Show" this morning. (Jezebel)

Not to get all advertisey on you, but long-time supporters of the site, Fab Stationary has a swell sell going on. Do check it out. (Fabulous Stationary)

Meh. Who else is completely ambivalent to Christina Aguilera's stupid baby? (cityrag)

After the jump -- I wanted to find a holiday appropriate clip for today, and I think this kind of turns me on a little bit. Is that wrong? I'm so confused...

Pajiba Love | February 14, 2008 | Comments ()

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