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Beyonce is a wonderful, wonderful person. No, really. Like, Oprah wonderful. (IDLYITW)

When Harry Met Sally trailer remix; now stalkier. (College Humor)

Petflix: The world's first mail-order pet service. (CityRag)

Man stuck in protracted litigation for using the word, "goddamn," in a public meeting. Only in America. (QuizLaw)

The best and worst of "Deutschland Superstar" (The German Idol); and check out clip #5, where their jabs at obesity are a lot more overt than in the American version. (Celebitchy)

Jessica Simpson is full-on tranny mode. (Yeeeah!) And wouldn't you know, her divorce had a lot to do with The Notebook. (The Evil Beet)

Let's get physical. Physical. I wanna get physical. Let me hear your body talk. (Popoholic)

Genius. (Junkiness)

That's what she said. (You Tube)

Pajiba Love | February 6, 2007 | Comments ()

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