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Pajiba Love

Tyra Banks bravely reveals that her weight has fluctuated between 148 and 162 pounds since 2005 but forgets to mention that 75 pounds of that is her ginormous forehead. (TV Squad)

Zombies: 1, Nicole Kidman: 0. (Cele|bitchy) And as always, TMZ is there with the video. (TMZ)

Brad Pitt wants manly-man roles, like manly-man Leo DiCaprio. (Agent Bedhead)

I would only work at the "Saved By the Bell" Beach Club if Screech promised to leave his pal Dirty Sanchez at home. (YesButNoButYes)

Note to tourists: Never order a Buttery Nipple in NYC. Just trust me on this one. (Yeeeah!)

Headline of the Day: "Hey Pot, It's Kettle--You're a Pedophile!" (Junkiness)

Pajiba Love | January 26, 2007 | Comments ()

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