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Pajiba Love

Jennifer Aniston is set to play a lesbian on television. Man. That would've been groundbreaking in the first season of "Friends." (IDLYITW)

Oh, and Rachael Ray? A drunk. Maybe a bit of a racist. And a total pottymouth. (IDLYITW)

Anna Faris surprisingly will not be in Epic Movie this weekend, but she will be in Smiley Face. Do check out the trailer. (Popoholic)

There's a new magazine out there for chicks who like eyeliner a little more than most. And hey! What do goth chicks listen to these days? (Celebitchy)

How many of you also got the email from Kevin Bacon yesterday? (Bad Movie Club)

If Joni Mitchell auditioned for "American Idol," would she get three "no"s? (By Ken Levine)

Isaiah Washington knows the very best way to apologize is to attend bigotry rehab. (The Blemish)

Pajiba Love | January 25, 2007 | Comments ()

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