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Ladies and gentlemen, start your bitching - the Oscar nominations have arrived. (The Academy)

If you missed the "Scrubs" musical episode, shame on you. I haven't heard a musical number this good since "Springtime for Hitler." (BWE)

Popoholic has the five most anticipated films of 2007, as well as a trailer for Danny Boyle's next flick. (Popoholic)

More hate, including: Phoebe Cates? Enjoy! (Bad Movie Club)

Details about "The Simpson's" 400th episode are leaking. And it just may include Jack "The Lecter" Bauer. (TVGasm)

Ashton and Demi have reportedly turned down roles in a remake of The Graduate. Woah! Wait a sec -- back the fuck off. There's going to be a remake? The castles must be stormed, folks. Who's with me? (Seriously OMG WTF?)

The only time we ever root for Oprah: In a feud with Rosie. (Agent Bedhead)

The Ten Most Famous Foreign Objects Ever Inserted into People's Orifices. (YesButNoButYes)

With my apologies to our more conservative reader(s), I submit a little political proselytizing in video format. (HuffPo)

Pajiba Love | January 23, 2007 | Comments ()

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