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January 21, 2009 |

By Stacey Nosek | Pajiba Love | January 21, 2009 |

One of the only good things that came of the Bush Administration was David Rees’s sardonic comic strip “Get Your War On.” But, I suppose it’s good that he’s got nothing left to write about. You’ll be missed, stock illustration dudes. (CC Insider)

I wonder if Iron Maiden could actually sue Miley Cyrus for slander over this. (WIMB)

It was bound to happen eventually: Obama dildos. Oh, the egg on the face of the guy sitting around with a stockpile of McCain dildos. (QuizLaw)

You’re going to photograph David Beckham in his undies again and pose him lying on his stomach?! What kind of fuckery is this? (Agent Bedhead)

New presidency, new White House website. One day in and we’re already seeing change! (Deus Ex Malcontent)

Joaquin Phoenix’s last movie he filmed before going off the deep end involved a sex scene with tightass, goddamn annoying Gwyneth Paltrow. Hmm … Suddenly everything is starting to make sense. (Celebitchy)

What the hell happened to Val Kilmer? (Yeeeah!)

Already loathe He’s Just Not That Into You? Join the Kala anti-fan club. (A Simple Misunderstanding)

You guys have (often) complained about the American Apparel ads on our site before, so just thank your sweet asses we’re not running these. (Evil Beet)

One of the best thing about having 99 problems and a job ain’t one of them is that I get to catch up on my Maury viewing. Here is a post of the best paternity test reactions which eloquently sums up why I love Maury so much. (Holy Taco)

Ben Affleck is the latest celebrity to want to eat your brains. Braaaiiiins… (Celebslam)

And speaking of brain eating, check out this video of a Halloween zombie outbreak. There’s nothing funnier than a kid shitting himself. (H/T to BWeaves) (YouTube)

For no reason other than I say so, here are some TV spots for the new Friday The 13th. Going by the glowing review for My Bloody Valentine, maybe this one also stands a chance of not completely sucking, eh? J-Pad 4 EVA!. (Popoholic)

Here’s a fashion roundup from the Inaugural Ball. I also thought Michelle’s gown was absolutely stunning. (Jezebel)

It’s just a sweet and tender love story of squirrel meets nacho chips, nacho chips meet squirrel. (CuteOverload)

Because kids are cute, here’s this clip. Thanks, Aditi!

See more funny videos and funny pictures at CollegeHumor.

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Pajiba Love | January 21, 2009 |

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