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Pajiba Love

Paris Hilton in Dewonkified. (IDLYITW)

Trump has unleashed his own brand of vodka. He calls it Douchewater. (Yeeeah!)

Don't hate me for saying it, but I think that Sarah Silverman's career is coasting on three jokes. Cute, sure. Funny -- not really, anymore. (Junkiness)

Pirates 3 concept art, stills from The Bourne Ultimatum, and Sin City 2 casting news -- Jolie is out; Cracky McGowan is in. (Celebitchy)

Dating Britney is awesome. (Celebslam) Well, er ... nevermind. (Faded Youth)

A white-trash Billy Zabka, a pizza-joint-owning Dennis Haskins (Mr. Belding!). and a modernization of The Karate Kid -- the only thing not to like about the "Sweep the Leg" video is the actual song! (Pop Candy)

Why you gotta hate on The Braff? (The Blemish)

Pajiba Love | January 19, 2007 | Comments ()

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