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January 13, 2009 |

By Stacey Nosek | Pajiba Love | January 13, 2009 |

Chez makes an excellent point here. If a horribly bitchy, evil skeleton of a tree fell in a forest and no one was around, would it still make a sound? (Deus Ex Malcontent)

I knew Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway hated each others stinking guts. (WIMB)

A guy has finally solved the mystery of the Rubik’s Cube after twenty-six entire years. I think a chimpanzee could have done it quicker. (QuizLaw)

Katie Holmes is ready for Tom Cruise to come through with his end of the bargain, now. (Celebitchy)

Lost your job? Can’t afford to buy groceries? No problem, here’s a simple solution? Fucking steal them! (Gothamist)

I literally couldn’t read this interview with Bret and Jermaine from “Flight of the Conchords” without hearing their accents in my head as I went along. (AV Club)

Raisins in water? Sounds like the perfect snack to go with toaster shakin’s and tang sandwiches. (atom)

Kettle Chips Death Valley Chipotle feels like someone is pouring hot liquid chlamydia into your mouth. (TIB)

The Twilight dude is as predictably smooth with the ladies as you’d expect from a preening emo fuckface who doesn’t wash his hair. (Celebslam)

Take a tour through Zooey Deschanel’s predictably quaint and adorable music room. (Domino)

Here are 12 pairs of famous college roommates. Really? Al Gore and Tommy Lee Jones? How and why have I never known about this? (mental floss)

Apparently back in 2002 an MTV exec with a career deathwish let Courtney Love “take over” MTV2 for 24 hours. The following is a snippet of what took place in those magical hours. (Jezebel)

I always knew there was something not right about that Megan Fox. (FilmExperience)

Today in rampant misogyny, proof that Nicole Kidman’s vagina actually does exist, much like Bigfoot or the Lockness Monster. Site NSFW. (Drunken Stepfather)

And now, I present to you: The Golden Ashtray Awards. (NotesOnBarNapkins)

Kevin Bacon seems to be finding new life through viral internet comedy videos. In this clip, The Bakester stars in his very own prank show:

BACON’D! by Kevin Bacon

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Pajiba Love | January 13, 2009 |

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