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Pajiba Love

If you've ever looked at America Apparel's ads and thought to yourself, "Can anyone actually wear that without looking like a fat hooker?" -- well, here's your answer. (Jezebel)

An editor for an unnamed publication wants to know "exactly what it takes to be gay." But since I can't think of an adequate response beyond a smack upside the head, here's something more eloquent. (FourFour)

NBC President Ben Silverman wah-wah's that the neeerd writers won't let the cool, popular actors go to their prom. And again, I can't think of a response that doesn't involve some mild violence to Silverman's testicles. (WIMB)

Friday dance party at QuizLaw! (QuizLaw)

Katharine McPhee gets dropped from her record label for having the audacity of debuting at number two on the charts. (IDLYITW)

Beloved corporate logos -- bastardized for your pleasure! (College Humor)

Anyone ever wonder what it's like to go to a big fancy Hollywood premiere? Spoiler alert -- there's free stuff! (TVFallsInTheWoods)

Rrrowr! Battle of the first-name going-by TV doctors: Dr. Drew vs. Dr. Phil! (Celebitchy)

Oh sweet! K-Fed is recording a new album! Early predictions state that it's going to be both shitriffic and asstastic. (Crazy Days and Nights)

Hey everybody, McLovin got a job! On the internet, with Ed Helms! Ed and McLovin tell us why we should vote, after the jump.

Pajiba Love | January 11, 2008 | Comments ()

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