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Pajiba Love

You good folks catch the "People's Choice Awards" last night? Yeah, me neither. If the winners are any indication, however, the "people" have a collective IQ of around 72. (Yeeeah!)

Jenny totes out her Arabic accent. It's freakin' uncanny. (IDLYITW)

Which is the worst idea for a television show? This one or this one? (QuizLaw & CityRag) A reader informally weighs in. (Litely Salted)

Sophia Bush as Wonder Woman? Great idea. Maybe get Haggis to write it, too. Fine way to ruin a potentially lucrative franchise. (Popoholic)

Agent Bedhead gets to the bottom of Jennifer Aniston's allure. (Agent Bedhead)

There are photos herein that are not only incredibly NSFW but disturbing enough to retroactively mess up your childhood. Forever. (PEN15 Club)

Jessica offers up your daily opportunity to tell someone to go fuck herself. You're welcome. (Feministing)

Pajiba Love | January 10, 2007 | Comments ()

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