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January 7, 2009 |

By Stacey Nosek | Pajiba Love | January 7, 2009 |

First of all, thanks so much for the outpouring of well wishing after my dog emergency yesterday. My otherwise healthy 7-year-old Australian Shepherd had two scary, unexplained seizures on Monday night and although she’s in better spirits, I’m still waiting to hear back for test results. But I know it would warm the cockles of her doggie heart to have so many people pulling for her. Now, onto the links:

In even more depressing news than doggie illnesses, Perez Hilton has joined the, ahem, literary community. (WIMB)

And that’s why you don’t try to bang your girlfriend on the ski lift. (QuizLaw)

I’ve never taken it upon myself to actually listen to Lily Allen’s music, but I think I love her regardless. What can I say? She’s a woman after my own heart. (Agent Bedhead)

Brad Pitt is trying to backpedal and say that he totally didn’t leave Jennifer Aniston for Angelina Jolie. C’mon man, no one believes you, just let it drop already. (Celebitchy)

Here is the most hilarious example of unfortunate advertising of the day. (YBNBY)

I admit: Not a “Doctor Who” fan. But apparently Snath is, and he thinks many of you will enjoy this list of reasons why Doctor Who is a terrible time lord. (ToplessRobot)

America’s most harmless couple has birthed another baby. (The Blemish)

Revisit (or just plain visit) The War Room — which, luckily for Chelsea Clinton, managed to capture her ugly duckling phrase for all of posterity. (ASWOBA)

Remember back in the olden days when censorship was all the rage? Well here are ten moments in music censorship history. (mental floss)

It’s official! Pomegranate has jumped the shark. (TIB)

Apparently the brand new must-have accessory for the urban male is — wait for it — mantyhose! That just can’t be good for the ol’ sperm count. (Bowl Of Stupid)

YESSS! Sanjaya is back! I care for no other reason than I hope Joel McHale brings back the floating head Sanjaya graphic on “The Soup,” at least for one limited-time engagement. (Evil Beet)

Oh hey, look! Here’s a link from Sofia. Really, Sofia? (LouisvilleFreeFace)

What do you guys think about Victoria Beckham? I was always indifferent to her until she started rocking a pixie cut, and now I think she’s a bombshell. (Popoholic)

Today’s clip is Indian Thriller, which comes compliments of the Boozehound. So you can blame/thank him for this:

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Pajiba Love | January 7, 2009 |

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