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Pajiba Love

To combat AIDS, Oprah is plunking down €30 million to start a luxury school for 150 South African girls, each of whom will get a 2-BR suite. Why not just spend it on anti-HIV drugs? (Agent Bedhead)

Alice Walker meets Roy G. Biv. (McSweeney's)

Evangeline Lilly gets all Eddie Vedder on us. Go ahead, lady. Be anonymous -- I'm not sure anyone would notice. (IDLYITW)

The Times is all like, It's OK to watch "King of Queens." It's lowbrow comedy for highbrow idiots. Or something like that. (NYTimes)

The year in feminism includes "The Best Reasons Not to Fuck Republicans." All true, too. (Feministing)

Whitney is having an online yard sale. (CityRag)

Angelina Jolie is Lord of the Supermarket. (DListed)

How the hell does the girlfriend of a has-been reality/boy-band star become prime gossip fodder? I'm going to blame Paul Haggis, just 'cause. (Yeeeah!)

Not funny. (Kissing Suzy Kolber)

Pajiba Love | January 3, 2007 | Comments ()

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