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Pajiba Love

New Year. Same Britney. Only sleepier. (Yeeeah!) And Dead-Eyier. (MollyGood)

Pete and Repeat go to Thailand. Pete smokes crack. Who is left? Kate Moss, of course. (Celebitchy) Damn. Hold that thought. (MetaDish)

Today's advice: Don't scare those with vicious right hooks. (College Humor)

Feminist mothers behold the Power of the (fucking) Princess. (NYTimes)

Papa Joe was behind that whole Jessica Simpson/Tony Romo rumor. Feh. Methinks Carrie Underwood has stolen Romo's mojo. (IDLYITW)

I don't know who Lily Allen is, but anyone who proposes a death sentence for purchasers of Paris Hilton's album is all right by me. (Celebslam)

The Penelope Cruz grab-ass -- now, 17 percent more lesbian. (Popoholic)

Pajiba Love | January 2, 2007 | Comments ()

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