One Loud Leap For Mankind

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One Loud Leap For Mankind

By Jasmine Markes | Pajiba Love | October 15, 2012 | Comments ()

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jM, here. And I know what you're all thinking:


But stifle your loud noises and lower your tridents, my anchormen and anchorladies. Our resident wench is alive and well and definitely nowhere near TK's basement.

Yesterday, Austrian skydiver/badass Felix Baumgartner jumped over 127,000 ft. from the stratosphere and into the history books. He broke the previous free fall record set in 1961 as well as the sound barrier while falling at about Mach 1.24. While they were nice enough to sponsor this feat, I hope someone got him a better drink than anything mixed with Redbull when he landed. (Gizmodo)


Google has worked their delightful magic on today's doodle celebrating cartoonist/animator Winsor McCay and the 107th anniversary of his comic strip Little Nemo in Slumberland. (Google)

Seven hells! This "Game of Thrones" Wildfire necklace (and everything else) in this ASOI&F themed shop is too pretty to pass up. I'm all out of dragons, stags, and halfpennies, so I guess I'll have to pay the Iron price. (Etsy)

We've located the most excellent Paul Ryan look-a-like. He was hiding in a phone booth with Keanu and George Carlin. (Twitter)

If Jo were going to run away, it would probably be after seeing these freaky-ass dinosaur-human hybrids in the concept art from the now-defunct John Sayles production of Jurassic Park 4. Great. Now they can open doors AND FIRE AUTOMATIC WEAPONS. (Blastr)

Though, I think this new poster of Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg's The World's End would be enough to entice her back. (Badass Digest)


Over the weekend, much ado was caused when Gawker revealed the identity of notoriously sleazy Reddit commenter/troll Violentacrez, creator of such subreddits as "Jailbait," "Beatingwomen," and "Creepshots." Upoxx provides a nice overview of the ensuing shitshow. (Uproxx)

Hey, wanna help David Fincher produce an animated film? He's looking for backers through Kickstarter and I bet if you donate the full 400K, you get Gwyneth Paltrow's head in a box. (FSR)

Cinematographer Harry Savides, who worked with Fincher on The Game and Zodiac, passed away last Tuesday. Here's a look back on more of his films. (Press Play)

Time to freshen up your mint juleps and dust off your old Charleston moves. Lady Gaga and Prince want in on The Great Gatsby soundtrack. That's right. There may be Gatdancing in West Egg. (Indiewire)

In things I never thought I'd have to say: M.C. Gwyneth Paltrow and D.J. Jazzy Diaz performed on "Chelsea Lately" last week. Now, I'm sure they had oodles of fun doing this, but watching it? ... Anybody have 400K I can borrow? (WG)

Finally, we have Felix Baumgartner's record breaking jump as performed by LEGOS.

My DJ Jazzy jM nickname is forever tainted now. Hear me whine about it over on Twitter.

Hey cats and kittens! I am SO excited to introduce Jasmine as your new Monday Link Wench. You oldie Pajibans may know her as jM and I wouldn't cross her if I were you. She's got an army of pandas at her disposal.-Joanna Robinson

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  • e jerry powell

    " get Gwyneth Paltrow’s head in a box."

    Don't kid about that. I'd actually expect to get it, and when it wasn't handed over posthaste, I'd be upset and have to hunt you down.

  • LaineyBobainey

    YASMINE, you make my heart sing!

    (Pretend that rhymes. You know, like how "vagina" and "pajiba", rhyme. Just nod and smile like the rest of us do.)

  • I’m all out of dragons, stags, and halfpennies, so I guess I’ll have to pay the Iron price.


  • Eblis O'

    What's that corgi doing skydiving? Isn't that a Warming Glow thing?

  • Ben

    If everyone doesn't back The Goon animated film that fincher is trying to get made, I'm going to be dissapointed in all of you. Paul Giamatti, Clancy Brown and Blur Studios (One of the best CG animation companies in the buisness who usually specialize in game cinematics) and THE MOTHER FUCKING GOON.

  • Groundloop

    Also. Earlier I forgot to give props for the use of Lobster Dog in the header picture.

    Mea Culpa.

  • Thank you for featuring my Necklace and my Etsy Shop! (Westeros)

  • ERM

    I think Adrien Chen is pretty awesome.

  • danielwcarlson

    Amazing Brick Tamland pic.

  • frank247


  • Groundloop

    Welcome aboard Jasmine! Being an old Pajiban, this was way less panda-rapey than I would have expected, but still, as a first post, good job!

  • DarthCorleone

    I've been wanting to read that Sayles Jurassic Park 4 script for a long time. I wish someone would leak it.

  • New link wench? Fresh meat! Erm, yay jM!

  • jM

    I blame gremlins for everything wrong today.

  • lowercase_ryan

    wait, no Panda Burgers? Also, welcome Jasmine =) great job.

  • Mrcreosote

    I for one welcome my Monday link overlord. I'd like to remind Jm that as a trusted TV personality, I could be helpful in rounding up others to toil in their underground sugar caves.

  • zeke_the_pig

    Ohh, 127,000 feet? And it only transported matter?

  • Fabius_Maximus

    You mean he lost his mind up there?

  • cinekat

    He's Austrian. The answer lies in the question.

  • KatSings

    Yay! jM! If we bring you pandas, do we get special links?

  • jM

    That can be arranged. I think. I'm not %100 sure about the bribe policy. I just know I'm all for it.

  • Leland

    Half the links misdirected...

  • jM

    They should be in order now.

  • Long_Pig_Tailor

    You had *one job*, panda-boy. One. Job.

  • jM

    That's Ms. Panda-Lady. And if there's one thing I'm good at, it's fucking up the simplest tasks.

  • Long_Pig_Tailor

    I don't see gender.

  • Leland


  • Blake

    Sean Pegg?

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