Miley Cyrus Shows Off Her New Gold Tooth & Grill, Plus Too Many Macbeths
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Miley Cyrus Shows Off Her New Gold Tooth & Grill, Plus Too Many Macbeths

By Agent Bedhead | Pajiba Love | June 14, 2013 | Comments ()


Let's start things off classy, shall we? "Teen Mom" Farrah Abraham has released a photo of herself getting a boob job. What a sexy surgery. (DListed)

Don't forget that Father's Day is this Sunday. At least you didn't make the mistake of calling your dad last Sunday like I did. Buy him some whiskey instead. (Mental Floss)

Miley has continued her transformation from Disney princess who releases mediocre pop tunes to pseudo-bad girl who releases mediocre pop tunes. Now she's gotten herself a gold tooth and a grill. Really. (Celebitchy)

This is the official first look of Robert Pattinson as the face of the Dior Homme fragrance. The effect might be underwhelming and depressing, but you know he's making several millions just to pose and show up at some events. (Videogum)


TV Guide put together a compilation of the 60 Greatest Game Shows of All Time, and they really should have stopped at number one. Suck it, Trebek. (Warming Glow)

Tea is better than coffee, says some insane person who is not me. (Buzzfeed)

Here's a list of 10 incredible documentaries that you've (probably) never watched. A Band Called Death does look interesting. (What Culture)

Ethan Hawke is set to play Macbeth this fall on Broadway, which is somewhat confusing because Alan Cumming is currently playing Macbeth in a different, one-man Broadway production. (Vulture)


If you've ever wanted to know what it's like to be Darth Vader, this is your chance. Sort of. (Film School Rejects)

I don't know why this list of unknown yet awesome movies includes Scrooged, but do you really need a reason to watch a Bill Murray flick? (Unreality)

Perhaps the only thing more horrifying in this photo besides Debra Messing's outfit are her crazy eyes. (Go Fug Yourself)

In this set photo, Michael Cera is playing a "playing a weird, fruity, drunken ex-pat in Chile who becomes some kind of fatal attraction for Juno Temple" in Magic Magic. He's trying to pull off "creepy." Is it working? (Uproxx)


Mister Luigi finally gets his due over his more famous brother, Mario. Luigi is huge now! (Kotaku)

The Smithsonian museum will soon feature a fossilized piece of 100% genuine Tyrannosaurus Rex poop. Don't ask me how they know it's real. They have methods. (The Mary Sue)

I remain entirely surprised that Zack Snyder has taken the Christlike analogy in Man of Steel to a level of presumption. (Grantland)

Finally, David Letterman wants to know the answer to the following question: "Are those your drums?"

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  • Boothy K

    What is Dave's obsession with drums?? I never noticed that about him before!

  • Kirstini

    Michael Cera is always, always creepy. It's going to make so much sense once he hits about 30 and evolves into a character actor specialising in murderers and stalkers. Good step, kid.
    I saw Alan Cumming's Macbeth on its original run in Glasgow - yes, it's technically a three-actor show but Cumming plays every single part from the play. It's one of the best pieces of live theatre I've ever seen. I love me some Ethan Hawke, but he couldn't do that.

  • logan

    Miley just looks weird. Not interesting weird more like nothing at all, hair, clothes make-up works.

  • -Given what her peers have been up to, if all Miley wants is to dress badly and act goofy in public, I'm willing to give her a pass.

    -I ran out of coffee this weekend and had to drink tea instead. I don't know how the British ran an empire on the stuff, because it was not doing it for me.

    -As for Michael Cera, that's not the face of 'Fatal Attraction' that's the face of 'Internet Pedantry.' Any minute now he's going to start typing a sentence that starts with the word 'Actually...' and includes a bunch of Wikipedia references.

  • Sara_Tonin00

    Ah, Debra Messing: the dark side of smizing.

  • DominaNefret

    How is Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are dead an unknown movie?
    Hasn't everyone seen that? No?
    But.... but.... they discover all of the physics.

  • Fabius_Maximus

    I haven't. I read about it, and then forgot to include it in my list of movies to watch.

    And I just found out that there is a movie called "Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are undead". Does anybody have seen that one?

  • Three_nineteen

    Don't be too hard on Pattinson. He could be sporting a gold tooth and grill.

  • e jerry powell

    My first impulse was to say "didn't Ethan Hawke do Macbeth already?" and it took me a minute to realize that it wasn't Macbeth, he was siphoning Hamlet off of Kenneth Branagh before.

  • Mrs. Julien

    I don't know if Michael Cera is pulling off creepy, but he is pulleting off Chicken Lady from The Kids in the Hall.

  • TherecanbeonlyoneAdmin

    And we have a winner.

  • John G.

    straight from my body and onto your plate. beetles and grubs...beetles and grubs..

  • annie

    Actually I think Alan Cummin's Macbeth is a three-man production. Fassbender has a movie version coming out, making three, though out of all of these, I'd have preferred to see James McAvoy's in London's West End a few months ago. Or a movie with all of them together, battling it out Big Brother-style on who gets to be THE Macbeth.

  • Sara_Tonin00

    I don't think anyone is likely to confuse Cumming's imported one-man production of Mackers with Hawke's.

    but wouldn't it be something if it prompted a modern day Shakespearean riot?

  • The fact that, without clicking the link, I already have the word for fossilized poop taking up space in my brain makes me question what I've done with my life.

  • Rochelle

    It kind of makes me love you. Which shouldn't stop you from questioning your life choices.

  • I'm less likely to question any reason for being loved, so I guess that solves that dilemma.

  • It's coprolite, by the way.

  • BWeaves

    Which is just a few letters away from crapulite, which is what it should be called.

  • Same root as coprophilia and coprophagia, the knowledge of the existence of which just leads to more questioning.

    Also, I think that root--copro--probably comes from a word for feces. I'm guessing Greek. *quick trip to wikipedia*. Yup. "...derived from the Greek word κόπρος (kopros, meaning 'dung')."

  • Leelee

    Every time I see Magic Magic I misread it as Magic Mike and have a horrifying moment of thinking Michael Cera will be getting down to a man-thong and grinding all over my screen.
    I'm just going to let that image marinate in everyone's brains for a while.

  • Maguita NYC

    Thanks a lot man! Good thing I've bought this after the last Adam Sandler movie.

  • Mrs. Julien

    Plus the horrifying flashback to all the bouncing track team junk in Juno.

  • annie

    I do that, too. It's disappointing every. single. time.

  • simplysarah

    I did that too! Glad I wasn't the only one.

  • kushiro -

    I have the first (and only) album by Death and it is GREAT. I want to see that doc.

  • Lauralyn

    Number #1 on that list is not The Price is Right, therefore that list is wrong.

  • Homestar

    I've seen most of those documentaries, except for Dear Zachary and Best Worst Movie. A Band Called Death does indeed look good, but I was hoping for 10 movies that aren't readily available on Netflix streaming, you know?

  • Michelle Belden

    You've really got to see Best Worst Movie. And then Troll 2. It's a life-changing experience. Exhilarating, really.

  • koko temur

    I always find Michael Cera creepy. This is actually a bit better. Movie creepy, not "i'm so nice, i will apologize to your parents after i brutally murder you" kind of creepy.

  • lowercase_ryan

    you need to see This is the End. That is all.

  • Mrs. Julien

    I always say that I want to see him play a crime lord. He can mumble and look meek and BLAM! shoot someone in the head. The juxtaposition would be hilarious.

  • simplysarah

    Scrooged is unknown? It's always been one of my favorite Christmas movies.

  • Bert_McGurt

    You're right, they should have stopped after number 1. Cause they f*cked number 2 right up.

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