Miley Cyrus Is Racist: In Retrospect, Not So Surprising?
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Miley Cyrus Is Racist: In Retrospect, Not So Surprising?

By Agent Bedhead | Pajiba Love | October 14, 2013 | Comments ()


New York Comic Con happened over the weekend. Cosplay, anyone? (Kotaku)

Shia LaBeouf decided to use his Fury downtime in London to film a drunk woman puking in Leicester Square. The woman asked him to stop, and he refused. A bystander punched Shia. Twice. (DListed)

Dustin bullet points 12 things to expect from Season 4 of The Walking Dead. (WG)

What do Julian Assange, Winnie Mandela, and David Letterman have in common? (Mental Floss)

barrowmanpl1.jpgJohn Barrowman pose harded his way all the way through NYCC. (Buzzfeed)

Kermit the Frog as Vincent Van Gogh (The Mary Sue)

Julian Assange would prefer you watch There Will Be Blood instead of The Fifth Estate, which he says will bomb at the box office. (Vulture)

Benedict Cumberbatch hits back at Assange. (Page Six)

Whatever happened to Lucy Deakins from The Great Outdoors? (UnderScoopFire)

Is there any group that Miley Cyrus has yet to offend? She’s messed with Asians, black people, little people, the mentally ill, and “the olds.” Now she’s dropping anti-Semetic quotes like they’re hot. (Celebitchy)

Damian Lewis lovers can look forward to some extra Homeland narration from the man himself. (Slashfilm)

Madonna was banned by the Alamo Drafthouse for texting during a movie. Good. (The Blemish)

Does Tilda Swinton ever get fashion wrong? No freaking way. (Go Fug Yourself)

The blame game has commenced for the failure of Runner Runner. Ben Affleck says the movie was felt up by way too many people. Just like Gigli, right? (Film Drunk)

Here’s some more crazy-ass NYCC cosplay action:

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  • Limbo

    If you leave ANY movie in Justin Timberlake's hands, regardless of quality (which in this case there doesn't seem to be any) it's going to be awful. Justin Timberlake's awful.

  • I wouldn't be at all surprised if Assange put together his own movie(with blackjack and hookers) to try and tell 'the real story' and 'correct all the lies.' He seems like the sort of guy who would do that.

  • Misomaniac

    i really need to get to work on my plan to put both Shia and Beiber into Thunderdome. I figure they'll starve before either one is eligible to leave.

  • bastich

    "Two celebutards enter, one celebutard leaves!"

  • John W

    Used to have a huge crush on Lucy Deakins. Kim Richards, Mary Stuart Masterson, and Deakins. My original "Pajiba" three.

  • Xander

    I don't get it. How is this anti semitic? Because she mentioned he was jewish? I mean sure I can understand if Miley was an European where such a thing would be more common but americans seems to be obssesed with labeling things based on ethnicity or religion so this seems kind of normal

  • Ben

    Yeah I'm a little perplexed by it too. Is describing someone as jewish now anti Semitic?

  • F'mal DeHyde

    Miley Cyrus's comment about a 70 year old Jewish man struck me as strange, wouldn't "middle aged African American man" be more accurate as far as who's running the music industry?

  • Robert

    I'm waiting for more of the NYCC cosplay galleries to pop up from yesterday. I got quite a lot more play than I expected out of my updated Fry cosplay. The jacket was closer this year but still not quite right. A couple of my fellow press pass holders took my shot (and more wanted to in the press room, but that's where I shut down immediately and had granola and coffee for 30 minutes because shut up, that's why) so I'm interested in seeing where they wind up.

  • zeke_the_pig

    I was incredibly drunk on Friday night. I was also stumbling around London somewhere. So let's just assume it was me who let fly with the righteous fists.

  • Tinkerville

    One should never pass up the chance to take credit for punching Shia LeBeouf.

  • bastich

    Went all Drunken Master on him, eh? Well done.

  • Martin Jensen

    *Leicester Square

  • Sara_Tonin00

    Hahaha. That little blurb about Shia LaBeouf reads like the teleplay for a black and white movie made by Shia LaBeouf.

  • jmd

    I went to high school with Lucy Deakins - it was incredibly surreal to be handed absence notes signed by her directors or whoever...

  • I would have LOVED to have gone to school with her.

  • lowercase_ryan

    I find Madonna exponentially more offensive than Miley. I used to look up to her, respect her, I was even fascinated by her. Now she's just an asshole.

  • **I AM** NotTheOne

    You are NEVER too big to have respect for your surroundings.

    *And now, having become an elderly person, I retire to my chair by the fire, my cup of cocoa and my Werther's Originals.*

  • e jerry powell


  • Some Guy

    Anyone with an ounce of brains knew something like Runner Runner was going to suck. The man is not a strong dramatic lead, or comedic, for that matter. I don't dislike him personally, but I think the reason he was initially cast as a smarmy douche early in his career is because that's what he best represents.

    And to this I say: See? This man should not be Batman. Affleck is just not a strong dramatic actor and he has far too many outright bombs on his resume to preclude his job as the Bat. How anyone thinks they will be able to watch the new movie and see anyone other than Ben Affleck in costume hamming it up is beyond me.

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