Michelle Obama Likens Herself To A Single Mother & All Hell Breaks Loose

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Michelle Obama Likens Herself To A Single Mother & All Hell Breaks Loose

By Agent Bedhead | Pajiba Love | August 19, 2013 | Comments ()


Lindsay Lohan pulled one over on Oprah by not dropping anything resembling a bombshell in her super-mega interview. Surprising? (Vulture)

The best cancelled-too-soon show since Terriers is now on Netflix. (WG)

Fergie and Josh Duhamel are eagerly anticipating their first child, and Fergie has thrown herself three separate baby showers. Weird. (Us Weekly)

Good gawd. I don’t know what kind of movie Channing Tatum and Mila Kunis signed onto, but he looks worse by the day on set. (Go Fug Yourself)


It turns out Austenland contains a sexual assault. Stephenie Meyer is a producer of this movie. Coincidence? (Buzzfeed)

Poor Harrison Ford still can’t get over not being asked back for the next Star Wars movie. Dude needs to accept that he dodged a major bullet. (Slashfilm)


Uh-oh. Benedict Cumberbatch has had it with being adored by the paparazzi. Is that an inevitable chink in his Cumberarmour? (DListed)

The Operation Genoa arc in The Newsroom fascinating for how close it tracks its real-life inspiration. (WG)

Lady Gaga and Perez Hilton are feuding, and I can’t bring myself to care about the outcome. (Digital Spy)

Katie Couric hurt Kim Kardashian’s feelings by making a joke about “K” names. (E! Online)

Good news, parents. Disney’s new gaming system, Disney Infinity, is here to grab even more of your money. (Kotaku)

Also, Walt Disney once kidnapped Richard Nixon, which is worth a look back in time. (Mental Floss)

Shall we throw Ashton Kutcher under the bus for the outcome of Jobs? Sure, why not. (Film Drunk)

Michelle Obama dropped the term “single mother” while discussing her daily routine while her husband serves as POTUS. Naturally, the comment section has gone wild. (Celebitchy)

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  • John W

    "Fergie has thrown herself three separate baby showers. Weird."

    In what way? That she stopped at three?

  • e jerry powell

    Good to sse that the Woz is still adorkable.

  • RilesSD

    The best cancelled-too-soon show since around the same time as Terriers is on Netflix too: "Chicago Code".

  • F'mal DeHyde

    Oh my god, someone else that actually watched the show! I loved Jennifer Beals character and that ending infuriated me. She went from a squeaky clean, high ranking police officer brimming over with integrity that was paranoid about her public image to... you know. What the hell?

  • rasputinreborn

    the Dlisted link goes to a Pajiba 404 page

  • Sara_Tonin00

    But...Michelle Obama made the single mother comment over a month ago, I thought. The brouhaha is over a follow up question about it?

  • Three_nineteen

    Despite my better judgement, I went and looked at the Celebitchy comments. I have to say, there were nice discussions about the uneven duties a lot of married couples have. There were a few comments about how "awful" Obama was to "compare herself to a single mother" (quotes because I don't believe that is what Obama did), but the replies to those comments were reasoned and respectful. And there were also some commenters who respectfully disagreed with what Obama said. I wish all comment threads looked like that. When you can count the assholish comments on one hand, in my book that's a win.

  • Bodhi

    That was an amazingly calm comment thread, considering how insane some of those folks get over Princess/Dutchess/whatever Kate

  • F'mal DeHyde

    Have you ever seen the Jennifer Aniston threads? Holy moly.

  • Bodhi

    Yes, they get INSANE. I used to post over there all the time, but lately I just lurk. It used to be fun, but now most of it is either dumb or just plain mean

  • Jezzer

    That's no fun. Someone should go over there and punch things up a bit.

  • Robert

    A follow up question to a misstatement she corrected immediately before even finishing her sentence, yes.

  • mrsdalgliesh

    "Lady Gaga and Perez Hilton are feuding, and I can’t bring myself to care about the outcome."

    The outcome? I can't bring myself to care about the feud. I can feel my neurons shriveling up in despair as I typ,firglmmbrt....

  • Wait, Ford wasn't asked to cameo in the new Star Wars?

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