Look Which Dreamy Eyed Douchebag The Halfwits At "Entertainment Weekly" Chose As Best TV Actor Of The Year

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Look Which Dreamy Eyed Douchebag The Halfwits At "Entertainment Weekly" Chose As Best TV Actor Of The Year

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | November 29, 2012 | Comments ()


Yes yes yes, I was railing against EW's choice of Entertainer of The Year just yesterday. Now that I know it's basically a "Viewer's Choice" type of contest, the whole thing makes a lot more sense. And the choice for Best TV Actor? Don't get me wrong, I let "The Vampire Diaires" guilty pleasure the heck out of me on a weekly basis, and Ian Somerhalder is always enjoyable, but Best Actor he is not. (EW)

It was, however, quite easy to find an image of him befitting this Pajiba High Holy Day.

Speaking of Somerhalder, there is a fascinating long read on Grantland today about the origins of his previous series, "Lost." (Grantland)

There has been a lot of flutter this week over the new Guardians of The Galaxy franchise and, more specifically, the bafflingly incendiary comments from its director James Gunn. In case you, like me, are somewhat comic book ignorant, it'll help you to know that this group of (alien?) superheroes are sort of like The Avengers Adjacent. Check out the wicked fancy casting pool that has already assembled. Lee Pace in spandex? Make it so. (Zap2It)

And in other spandex-y news, here we go 'round the Batman rumor mill. Tuesday the word was out that JGL might be playing Batman in The Justice League franchise. Yesterday the rumor was emphatically denied. Today, apparently, it's "official." *Sigh* (HitFix)

Go ahead, internet, hit us with your sh*tty photoshop.

The folks over at We Love Fine Tees have cooked up some great new Star Wars designs. Oh, Han, you're a delightful jerk in any language. (We Love Fine)

What what WHAT was Mariah Carey wearing last night? It's fine to get older and a little rounder with age (and motherhood). But should you wear the same clothing you did nearly 20 years ago? (Celebitchy)

Let's remember fonder Carey Christmases.

Liz Lemon and that grey fox, James Marsden, are getting hitched tonight on "30 Rock." In celebration, Josh has collected Liz's ex-boyfriend's finest moments. Oh, Michael Sheen, I think I love you most of all. (Uproxx)

I am beyond excited for Tarantino's newest. Here's a great story and photoshoot with the comely cast. Including Kerry Washington who is, by far, the comeliest. (Vibe)

You can also listen to the Django soundtrack. Say what you will about Tarantino, the man makes indisputably great soundtracks. (/Film)

As "Sons Of Anarchy" wraps up, the only character I care about surviving the inevitable blood bath is Donal Logue's Lee Toric. The man is injecting new life into the show. (WG)

Many thanks to Drake for this adorable video.

And, finally, courtesy of Josh, it's the "Girls" opening credits done "Gilmore Girls"-style. I'm currently dancing around my house like Lena Dunham. You're welcome for that image.

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  • Sirilicious

    So, vintage is totally hip&hot, unless it's your own?

    I am far from a Carey fan, but this sounds like celebs getting ridiculed for wearing a pair of pants twice.

  • NateMan

    Somerhalder is a freaking national treasure. That man makes ham like no one's business. And can I just say how splendid it is to have a vampire in popular culture who acts like a goddamn predator? None of this whining "Oh, poor me, I have to be young and pretty forever! The agony of it!" Fuck that noise. Particularly if you live in the CW universe which, as we all know, is the prettiest of the universes. Angst is overrated. Give the vampire me a different tasty sorority chick every day of the week without the guilt seasoning, thank you very much.

  • Sara_Tonin00

    I'm confused. Mariah's outfits don't seem any more boobtacular than a typical Hendricks ensemble, and she's rocking a fine pair for a mother hitting 40.

  • Ugh. JGL couldn't get those muscles if he stuffed three pillows into his chest. He's built like a 12 year old. 12 year olds can't be Batman. UGH.

  • I love sweet, nerdy Joe but you are absolutely right. No Batman he.

  • I absolutely love Kerry Washington - even when they gave her that stereotyped young single mother role in Save the Last Dance. She kept my sanity during that screening. Oh and the jams. Definitely not Ms. Stiles dance moves. *shudders*

  • pissant

    Go ahead, internet, hit us with your sh*tty photoshop.


    Seriously though, what about the last ten years of JGL's career except a barely recognizable role in G.I. Joe* makes people think they're going to see him as Robin or Nightwing or pretty much any "superhero" character? Do these people know nothing of Brick?! Mysterious Skin!?! Well...yeah, they probably don't.

    * - a role he didn't even reprise for the sequel, which I think is more telling than even being in the movie in the first place

  • zeke_the_pig

    Fucking Kerry Washington, fucking fucking fuck! Oh, what's that? More words needed? None left.

  • Three_nineteen

    Sorry, Michael Sheen, but Dennis Duffy will always...something something beeper-related sex pun.

    I am so bad at this.

  • alwaysanswerb

    I will not hear of anyone dissing Somerhalder in my presence... nope nope nope! Not even when the debasement concerns dubiously selected acting awards! I SAY GOOD DAY

  • Leelee

    I'm right with you. Smolderholder may not be the greatest actor of this generation, but he's so PRETTY (although I will not make excuses for that mess of a hairstyle in the header picture) that I can't hear a word against him.

    Oh - and he rescues puppies. And kittens. A LOT.

  • His eyes are too close together and if he keeps blue steeling so hard they're going to pop out of his head one day.

  • alwaysanswerb

    Also, in the interest of a substantive comment:I have nothing against JGL, but this casting reminds me of all of the fancasting at Tumblr that essentially just involves casting the same 5 people into every new upcoming role. I can see it now: "Hey, wasn't he in that other Batman movie? Also, my teenage daughter claims that he makes her panties explode. I think we have our guy"

  • Pants-are-a-must

    HOLLYWOOD, WHY U NO GIVE ME NIGHTWING JGL. I WAS SUCH A GOOD BATFAN THIS YEAR. I didn't make nearly as many Bane impressions as I wanted.

  • Slash

    Even Donal Logue can't make me watch Sons of Anarchy. It's just unpleasant viewing. I want everybody on it to die. None of them are redeemable. I know that just from seeing the promos on FX.

  • Drake

    You're welcome. I think a dancing Dalek is my new favorite thing.

  • Atoz15


  • JoannaRobinson

    ...and Honey Boo Boo.

  • Bert_McGurt

    Jesus, that dichotomy is like showing up to a party where the beer choices are Fat Tire and Bud Light.

  • InternetMagpie

    I mean, Jensen Ackles should have been the pic, obviously, right? If we're talking about prettyboys with unexpected depth?

  • e jerry powell

    I prefer Somerhalder's balls.

    Need proof? Netflix Tell Me You Love Me.

  • AudioSuede

    Why is Nate Fillion not the entirety of that casting rumors list? Dress him up as every character, and say "Action."

  • AngelenoEwok

    I like the way you think.

  • Jezzer


  • Artemis

    To be fair, it's "favorite" TV actor, not best. And while Ian Somerhalder is several miles away from, say, Bryan Cranston in terms of skill, I might give him the edge on being the most entertaining. Dude deserves some kind of award for all of the work his eyebrows are doing on a weekly basis.

  • Long_Pig_Tailor

    Does the botox to his face someone gave him to counteract the impact all that action might have on his forehead count as a reward? If so, I think he's got about three Emmys-worth by now.

  • googergieger

    In hindsight. That cute asian kid that went to middle school with me that was obsessed with Mariah Carey, was very obviously flamingly gay. Ah well. Carry on.

  • Donal Logue is on Sons of Anarchy now? Shit - am I going to have to watch this thing now?

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