Look! Tom Hiddleston Got You "Buckets Of Love" For Christmas! Just What You Wanted!

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Look! Tom Hiddleston Got You "Buckets Of Love" For Christmas! Just What You Wanted!

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | December 27, 2012 | Comments ()


If you're looking for something to help with your Holiday hangovers, here's a remedy I'd never heard of. Bonus? It'll make you smell absolutely delightful. (io9)

One of the most hauntingly great children's books ever, The Giver, is finally being made into a film. And in the lead? Well just about exactly who you would expect. (FSR)

Did anyone get these Labyrinth knocker earrings in their stockings? What was that you said? SPEAK UP. (Neatorama)

Vulture has a rather long piece on why the Romantic Comedy genre has been suffering at the box office. How about this, Vulture? They're all utter shite now. Seeing When Harry Met Sally compared to The Five Year Engagement nearly made my head fall off. (Vulture)

Odd but fascinating story on the "sworn virgins" of Albania. Apparently in the Balkans some women can choose to dress and live like a man for the rest of her life if they swear off sex. Awww, American lesbians, isn't it nice to know you can lumberjack it up and still get some? (Laughing Squid)

Top Tenz has a round-up of the weirdest fashion trends from around the world and, with all due deference to various cultures, this Mexican footwear is just the boot tip of the WTF-berg. (Top Tenz)

Completely lacking any deference or respect to other cultures? This "Make Me Asian" app. Yeah. This is a thing. (ABL)

Flavorpill has the 30 Most Anticipated Books of 2013. That's right, Cannonball Readers, new Neil Gaiman!!! (Flavorpill)

If you haven't seen Django Unchained yet, cold comfort yourself with this round-up of highly quotable Tarantino gifs. Ah, Fassbender, that's when you first winked your way into my heart. (Uproxx)

Pajiba fav Kate Winslet got married over the weekend and Leo walked her down the aisle. Awwwwwww. (People)

Even more awwwww-ful is this photo of Channing Tatum snuggling his wife's baby bump. (Life&Style)

And, finally, to tip you over into saccharine territory, here's a fun gallery of the photos Norman Rockwell based him most famous paintings on. (NPR)

Here are those buckets of Hiddleston love I promised you.

For the cheap, homebodies among you, here's a mash-up of all the movies you didn't get around to seeing in the theater this year.

And, finally, to get the last bah-humbugs out of your system, here's everything that's wrong with The Dark Knight Rises in under three minutes.

Santa John Mayer Was In Your House While You Slept: A Pajiba Holiday Tale | Fifty Shades of Grey by E. L. James

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  • Annapurna

    Oh Tom is blowing kisses to me... *SIGH*

  • Yocean

    You know why Rom Com is failing, because they fucked with us too fucking long with all their force feeding lies and false romance. The Apartment was perfect because it was true and poignant. And it's not like there are no good Rom Coms. Crazy Stupid Love was amazing and so was Searching for a Friend at the End of the World. And This is 40 was quite honest and good. But I guess those wont be counted as traditional Rom Com because they fucked with traditional Rom Com, hallowed it out into a vaglittered romance reapers. Dan Harmon was right. Money ruins everything.

  • denesteak

    OMG! OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!!! The Giver into a movie?! I'm so excited about this, but also really, really scared for how it badly could turn out! JoRo, you shoulda prepared me better for that link because my heart stopped from sheer excitement.

    This is awesome/worrisome to me.

  • Jack of All Hazards

    Has anyone else read SPECIAL TOPICS IN CALAMITY PHYSICS and been waiting for its follow-up for like Fucking Ever? Because a sequel to THE SHINING is awesomeballs and all, but I love the crap out of STiCP. I'm constantly having to reshelve it into Fiction at my local Half Priced Books because the idiotheads there keep putting it in Science/Physics, where it will never be properly found. Read that book, Pajibans!

  • Guest

    Also: Flavorwire has some amazing lists of random shit. I also loved their Photos of Famous Authors Playing in the Snow, mostly because DFW is in there: http://www.flavorwire.com/3588...

    Sigh. Oh, DFW.

  • TheOriginalMRod

    Oh Loki you are the god of mischief.

  • googergieger

    "Did anyone get these Labyrinth knocker earrings in their stockings?"

    Should I be worried that is exactly what my nipples look like?

  • BlackRabbit

    Must make dates awkward.

  • F'mal DeHyde

    Hell on clothes too...those little horns would rip right through a t-shirt.

  • Skyler Durden

    I only got through 1/2 of that Hiddleston video. For some reason it made me super uncomfortable. O_o

  • Puddin

    Buckets of love would be a good song. Or sending my love in a bucket. But that sounds too much like The Simpson's "Sending Our Love Down A Well".

    Full disclosure, I have had a raging fever for three days now, so my thought process might be a little off.

    I SAID, "What knockers!"

  • lowercase_ryan

    Neil who?

  • Carlito

    I do not think "ski boots" means what they think it means.

  • Natallica

    Tom! You'll see me in the new year? Where? London or my city? My city is chaotic and full of smog, but we have the most amazing chorizo sandwiches ever. But London IS London, after all.

  • bleujayone

    Just imagine how many poor, innocent rocking chairs were mercilessly hunted down and slaughtered to make those Mexican elf boots. Not since collars were popped almost into extinction has such there been such an obvious outcry for fashion police intervention.

  • PDamian

    The Mexican botas puntiagudas (pointy boots), a.k.a. botas mutantes (mutant boots) and botas picudas (boots shaped like a pick), are specific to San Luis Potosi, not to the whole of Mexico. And they're made by flattening lengths of PVC pipe and attaching them to regular boots. The guys who use garden hose just don't have the cash for the real deal. The boots are just a part of the look; you have to pair them with skinny jeans, a fitted shirt and a cowboy hat for the full effect. They're used for dancing tribal guarachero style, not for everyday wear, although some fashion victims wear them all the time.

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