Lindsay Lohan Blogging From Rehab Will, In Fact, Be the Best, Most "Adequite" Thing That Ever Happened to Me

By Courtney Enlow | Pajiba Love | May 1, 2013 |

Hey, trolls perpetuating that "fake geek girl" bullshit: Aisha Tyler will cut you with her words. And her hotness. And her general fantasticness. (Policy Mic)

Jet Blue posted a very sweet tribute to Jason Collins, which was incredibly impressive, as they were among the first brands to come out in support of Collins. I wanted to say that first, because the punctuation is actually killing me. "Thanks Jason, today we're all on the same team." You may not be able to tell by the nonsense I write here, but one of the biggest parts of my real life job is copy editing, and I want to write on the screen with my big red pen SO BAD, YOU GUYS. But that's not the point. The point is yay, and equality, and togetherness, and *attempts to pinch out comma with fingers* what was I saying again? (AdFreak)

We all know Shane Black is awesome, which is why I quote Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang on the daily (at work, usually. It's amazing HR hasn't been called yet.) But have you ever seen his actual scripts? They're super fun. (Vulture)

I adore when James Hughes writes about his father, John. Here he is talking about his dad's NHL fandom. (Grantland)

Guys, when did Joey Lawrence become gay Pinocchio? (Dlisted)


What does it mean to be a nerd? What makes it such a magical thing? Wil Wheaton explains it to an infant girl, and I bookmark the link forever to show my Boodge when she's older. (The Mary Sue)

Okay, seriously, how does this mush-mouthed, dead-eyed foolio keep winning best dressed lists? She dresses like Downtown Julie Brown had a baby with Fiona Apple's Single White Female ex-roommate and then dropped it in a gutter (and I am specifically referring to this abortion right here). (Celebitchy)

The fifty most pertinent questions about the "Parks & Rec" porno parody, and he just about covers all my most pressing concerns. (Warming Glow)

Breakfast tacos? Is it TK's birthday? (Buzzfeed)

You know how people can be all, "oh, all girls love shoes. Shoes, shoes, omgshoes. Loubatins (however the fuck you spell that) and such." I'm not this person. I can get down with a nice pair of flats, but then I see shit like this and I DO NOT understand shoes, you guys. (Go Fug Yourself)

Finally, there's really only one way I could leave you, today, May 1st. Because it's gonna gonna gonna gonna gonna...


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