Let's Sit, Stay, and Speak About This Year's Puppy Bowl Lineup

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Let's Sit, Stay, and Speak About This Year's Puppy Bowl Lineup

By Jasmine Markes | Pajiba Love | January 24, 2013 | Comments ()


The Puppy Bowl IX lineup has dropped. This year will be especially gritty as the newbies will go up against former allstars. (Animal Planet)

Cyclops is not allowed anywhere near the kitty halftime show. (PhilDesignArt)


Here's an updated video of every "Bitch" Jessie says on "Breaking Bad". (Screen Junkies)

A man aboard a flight to New Zealand was asked to change his shirt when some of his fellow passengers complained that it was threatening. But it didn't mean what they thought it meant. The shirt in question?


That's right the famous quote from The Princess Bride. They never did get around to making him change. I'm guessing, because someone clued them in about the reference and they counted their fingers and realized they were safe. Morons. (Blastr)

This is exactly what Tumblr was made for: Kanye West Wing. (Tumblr)

It appears that "Ben & Kate" is the latest comedy to get nixed. (WG) I'm not torn up over it. If anything, this frees hope Lucy Punch (the best part of B&K) to find a show of her own or, at least one more deserving of her talents. For now, let her lead you on a journey of British accents. (I admit, I'd be tempted to stop and talk to My Cocaine.) (Vulture)

Taylor Swift is Rapunzel in the newest entry in the Disney Dream Portrait series shot by Annie Leibovitz. Where's Jaime Lannister when you need him? (US Mag)


Stock up on your no-no juice and kettle corn (it's a fun-time snack), "Community" which returns February 7th so sayeth these promos. (Jezebel)

A full sketch from Movie 43, the movie starring everyone ever, has made it's way online. Hmmm, tired jokes in a bit that runs way too long. Judging from this skit, I for one can't wait to flip past this on TBS in a few months. (Bleeding Cool)

Ashton Kutcher is starring in jOBS, the film based on the life of Apple founder Steve Jobs. Kutch certainly looks the part, but he still sounds like that douche from "Two & a Half Men." (EW)

Tired of regular Facebook and interacting with all those people you don't want bang like a gavel? Bang with Friends is the app for that. (High Definite)

The military is removing the ban that prohibits woman from serving in combat. I can only imagine the many ways politicians are going to stick their foot in their mouths over this. (ABL)

I'm sure it won't be anywhere near as cute as these gay guys thoughts on vaginas:

And they could always handout MRE's with yogurt that has birth control in it to stave off any unwanted surprises. (Laughing Squid)

Last but not least, Charles Dance (Tywin Lannister, "Chuck D.") reads Fifty Shades of Grey.

"Inside Llewyn Davis" Trailer: The Coen Brothers Made the Only Movie About a Folk Singer with a Cat That I Will Look Forward To | 18* Upcoming Films by Female Directors

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  • BlackRabbit

    And hedgehog cheerleaders! They are not shelter 'hogs, though.

  • e jerry powell

    I dunno. They could have gone all Terelle Pryor and snuck into the shelter through a side door...

  • c


    11 goddamn years and not a single wheaten terrier puppy?



  • e jerry powell

    Again, how many purebred wheaten terrier puppies are there IN SHELTERS?



  • Lovezoid

    I'm not gay but I'd also like to thank vaginas for being so accomodating over the years.

  • space_oddity

    Is it wrong that I now want to see Charles Dance read the whole fucking book to me?

  • I kept waiting for a horse to unceremoniously shit while he read. Kinky fuckery

  • Mrs. Julien

    I read historical romance novels (owning my shame) and even I won't read that crap. Charles Dance however...

  • jM

    This is the ONLY way I could make myself endure that book.

  • Sara_Tonin00

    Is it wrong that they finally found a way to make "50 Shades" sexy?

  • becks2point0

    Agree about Lucy Punch. Ben and Kate is cute but she's the best part by a long shot. They should make a show about a really self absorbed, anti-Poppins nanny for her to star in because I love watching her snark at that child.

  • FrayedMachine

    Fuckwhat. Tangled was one of the best Disney Princess movies that they came up with and they shove Swift in the role of playing her? Yes, I am all for someone shopping Jaime Lannister into that picture.

  • janetfaust

    "The things I do to protect pop culture..." {shove}

  • As a Brit the accents made me happy even if they weren't quite spot on.

  • Skyler Durden

    Another year, another corgi snub.

  • Heather Mooney

    This is my corgi, Ellie. She's suspended for a year- got caught up in "Bountygate."

  • Pajamas

    I, too, have a Corgi named Elli. She is also a red-headed tri. She is currently the best player on the Jets roster. Impressive as she does not have thumbs.

  • e jerry powell

    How hard is it to be the best player on the Jets roster?

  • Pajamas

    Not very. Though Mangold gave her a run for her money.

  • e jerry powell

    Yeah, but Mangold is one of those not-quite-pretty-ish right-wingers, whereas Corgi puppies aren't.

  • e jerry powell

    Are you sure it wasn't for performance enhancing treats?

  • e jerry powell

    How many purebred corgi puppies are there in shelters?

  • Monica


  • e jerry powell

    I mean, jeez, a Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppy is anywhere from $375-$800 (!!!!!!). If one ended up in a shelter, clearly whoever bought it should never be allowed to own a dog again.

    And with a guaranteed contract that big, that leaves no cap space, even under the mid-level exception.

  • Bert_McGurt

    Rumour has it they had to take Niles the corgi out of the starting lineup after it was revealed that his inspiring "dead girlfriend" was a Pound Puppy all along.

  • e jerry powell

    What would twitter for dogs be called?

  • BlackRabbit


  • Groundloop

    What the shit? My co-workers Golden Retriever, Dutch, initially gave the starting lineup two woofs up, but then amended his opinion with a raised eyebrow and cocked head for the lack of a Corgi.

  • Pajamas

    I am going to write a strongly worded letter to Animal Planet. I do not approve of their discriminatory tactics when selecting teams for the PB. And everyone knows that Corgis are the best runningbacks in the game.

  • e jerry powell

    They don't really have the foot speed with those short legs. Better than dachshunds, but still not great.

  • Pajamas

    Common misconception. My Pembroke, Elli, is damn fast. And she corners like a pro.

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