Let's Make Christina Hendricks' Dream of Wearing Pelts and Horns and Riding Around on Horseback a Reality

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Let's Make Christina Hendricks' Dream of Wearing Pelts and Horns and Riding Around on Horseback a Reality

By Dustin Rowles | Pajiba Love | August 13, 2013 | Comments ()

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Christina Hendricks is looking ahead to the end of “Mad Men,” and for the reasons enumerated above, she would love to be on “Game of Thrones.” You know who else would love that? THE INTERNET. (Vulture)

Here’s a list I put together of the 10 most WHAT THE F**K, Unexpected, Where the Hell Did That Come From Deaths in Modern Television Drama history. (Uproxx)

In spectacularly classy fashion, Miley Cyrus shared her frustrations with Twitter yesterday, asking people to stop reminding her that she’s not black. Wait. SHE’S NOT? (DListed)

Heather on Amanda Seyfried’s outfit: “It’s a dress I would wear to Mass, if I were a member of the Church of the Freaky Shower Curtain Romper of Latter Day Brothels.” I want to join that church. (GFY)

You might not initially think you want to click on this list of 5 Tiny Wording Tricks That Can Totally Change Someone’s Mind, but what if I told you it was shinier, flakier, crunchier than any other link in today’s Pajiba Love and that it dissolves in milk? (Cracked)

Find out the salacious, scandalous, crunchy secrets behind why Jennifer Garner won’t work with her husband, Ben Affleck. (Celebitchy)

This Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle fan art is SO heartbreaking. (Unreality)

After you listen to this week’s Station Agents, you should hope on over to Slashfilm and listen to Joanna’s Breaking Bad podcast, The Ones Who Knocks. It’s fantastic. (Slashfilm)

If you need more, I break down this week’s episode’s colors schemes, explored some theories, and look at some foreshadowing elements in this week’s episode. (WG)

Looks like we know who Vin Diesel will be playing in the Marvel universe. A TREE. (LaineyGossip)

Author Christina Oxenberg has the misfortune of being sat next to Gwyneth Patlrow at a book signing event. It did not go her way, as she writes about (Here)

Seriously, parents: If we want to limit our kids screen time, we have to set a good example, which means less screen time for us, which means, Hey! You wanna play with the iPad, son? (Daily Dish)

Vince over on FilmDrunk spent a few days with some pals at the Gathering of the Juggalos, and now he’s writing about the experience. It’s a greasy, dirty, drug-fueled good time. (FilmDrunk)

Pajiba Love Express
Here's some Daveed Diggs for you. On Daveed Diggs' digs, actually. That man does things with clothes that should not make sense, but are absolutely perfect. (Go Fug Yourself)

Woody Allen has "so moved on" from his daughter's accusations and says he never even thinks about it. He equates her words about him to a bad review he won't read and comments on how wacky it is that Mia Farrow is his mother-in-law. He is the worst. (Celebitchy)

Not The Worst but still very gross: Leonardo DiCaprio and his Pussy Posse Wolf Pack were on the douche prowl in NYC. (Lainey)

Here are 5 under-the-radar shows. I had never even heard of the first two. (Uproxx)

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