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Leslie Knope Bids Us Adieu Tonight, Let's Hope Not For the Last Time

By Dustin Rowles | Pajiba Love | May 2, 2013 | Comments ()


Parks and Recreation has its season finale tonight, and here's why it almost certainly won't be its SERIES finale. (Vulture)

Speaking of Parks and Rec, there's only one real "will they/won't they" relationship remaining on the series (Ann and Chris) (also, what happened to Ron and Lucy Lawless?), but here's an examination of that question through the ages, culminating in the most recent one: Nick and Jess. (Grantland)

Speaking of "New Girl," Zooey Deschanel should probably rethink this dress. (GoFugYourself)

Should NBC decide to cancel "P&R," however, we could play for them this fantastic supercut of movie and television profanities (although, it's not nearly as good as Harry's 100 Greatest Insults of All Time) (MarySue)

While we're on the subject of Thursday night comedies, "The Office" finale is in two weeks, and here's a bunch of still images from the finale which hint at the plot lines. (WG)

For more on "The Office," in this week's Station Agents, Joanna and I debate Jim and Pam, and I win because I have the easier argument to make (Team Jim)

Speaking of podcasts, if you don't get enough "Game of Thrones" from TK's recaps or Joana's spoiler recaps, Joanna also does a fantastic and very popular "GoT" podcast, "Cast of Kings," that you absolutely must listen this very damn second. (Slashfilm)

On the subject of "Game of Thrones," King Joffrey looks awfully damn similar to the Roman Emperor Caligula. Eerily similar. (Buzzfeed)

This super-hot female Riddler cosplay suggests that Christopher Nolan passed up a beautiful opportunity. (Unreality)

Courtney rightly put the kibosh on this site making fun of Amanda Bynes as she hurls along the crazy train of actual mental disease, but I mention it here because someone, finally has at least attempted to get her some help after she tweeted topless photos of herself and the police ended up showing up at her house. (DListed)

Reese Witherspoon is making the rounds today, talking about her arrest, and if anything, it only makes her seem more like a lady you want to party with. (Celebitchy)

Ahead of Iron Man 3's release, the splendiferous Neil Miller and his manly beard explore the art behind the franchise. (FSR)

Wil Wheaton is such an awesome, lovely, sweet, and amazing person, that I'm totally willing to forgive that he appears on "Big Bang Theory." Here he is explaining to a newborn what it means to be a nerd. (Uproxx)

And if Wil Wheaton doesn't pluck at your heartstrings, maybe the week's 10 best animal videos will work the trick. (Videogum)

Ever hear of Cotard's Delusion? It's where delusional people think they are dead. It's mysterious. And creepy. And here are ten real-life examples. (MentalFloss)

Uh. Koreans make the BEST reaction shots. (Kotaku)

Finally, an Austin filmmaker showed his 65-year-old mother The Matrix, then had her explain it to him. The results are Internetastic.

"The Walking Dead" and the Birth of the State | The 12 Most Anticipated Anti-Blockbuster Movies of the Summer Blockbuster Season

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  • therealbeesknees

    FYI, Beware of huge GOT spoiler in the buzzfeed link comments.

  • tmoney

    That Grantland piece on Nick and Jess is excellent. It also makes me want to rewatch the whole series.

  • Sara_Tonin00

    PLove had people yesterday over Wheaton/nerdbaby. Don't Pajiba writers like each other enough to read their stuff?

    ah, Korean soaps. Gotta love 'em.

    what's the countdown on American Gods? When is that happening? That's where my random mind has gone.

  • Mrs. Julien

    Psst. The DListed link also goes to Courtney's most excellent article.

  • mb

    WELCOME TO THE COMPUTER WHATEVER! That is so freaking cute. Moshimo, hehe.

  • Tinkerville

    Moshimo made my day.

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  • DGM

    Holy fonts, Jesus. Was this spam sent from The Matrix?

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