Leonard Nimoy Reveals COPD Diagnosis, Urges Fans to Stop Smoking

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Leonard Nimoy Reveals COPD Diagnosis, Urges Fans to Stop Smoking

By Agent Bedhead | Pajiba Love | February 7, 2014 | Comments ()


I’m sorry to start off this edition of PL with some sad news, but Leonard Nimoy has revealed that he suffers from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. He’s begging all of his fans to stop smoking, like, yesterday. Read to what he has to say. (Warming Glow)

Conan O’Brien allowed himself one joke last night about Jay Leno’s last night as host on The Tonight Show. A very well-deserved shot if there ever was one. (Us)

Hot damn, Alan Cumming was easily the best dressed at the latest amfAR gala. He’s probably the best undressed too. Rowrr. (Go Fug Yourself)

Were you one of the people who harbored hopes that The ExpendaBelles would somehow be a movie that empowers its female characters. HAhahahaha, Suckers. (Film School Rejects)

Time for another misconception: I bet you thought Hollywood was done with Russell Brand after that little Arthur remake debacle, right? Think again. Rusty Rockets will rise once more from the ashes of his unwashed, vegan-friendly pleather pants. (Slashfilm)

MTV finally did something worthy of mention. They named Bill Murray their Sexiest Man Alive (suck it, Adam Levine). George Clooney and Matt Damon are handling their joint rejection well. (Celebitchy)

Murray isn’t messing around when it comes to promoting The Monuments Men and Grand Budapest Hotel. His brand of deadpan comedy is in full force when it comes to answering dumb questions from unimaginative journalists. (Deadline)

Here’s some more gruesome-ish details about Philip Seymour Hoffman’s final days. Apparently, he introduced himself as “a heroin addict” to a magazine publisher. (Film Drunk)

Matt Damon talked to Dave Letterman about George Clooney’s notorious habit of pranking. Matt describes George as “a child in many ways.” Are we surprised? (Lainey)

Kevin Bacon in a disguise mask will undoubtedly make you notice him more than a plain old Kevin Bacon. Even though he’s always a pretty rad dude. (Videogum)

Look at Scarlett Johansson without makeup — maybe, it’s debatable — and Brad Pitt “looking like a former Fabio impersonator turned train track drifter.” These pictures make you feel very pretty in comparison to Brad, right? (DListed)

This anti-piracy campaign starts off well and ends in an unwitting glorification of prostitution. Or it teaches a lesson about corporate pimping. I’m not sure. (Unreality)

Handsome werewolves might not be so bad after all, according to scootsa1000. She read Written in Red by Anne Bishop and found that trying a book outside of her usual genres might be a good thing. (Cannonball Read 6)

Apropos of nothing, here’s a primer of what it was like to give birth 100 years ago. That, son, is what we call instant birth control. (Mental Floss)

Holy shit, y’all. A new horror video game will measure your heartbeat and grow more difficult as you grow more scared. *pee* (Kotaku)

Hopefully, none of the winter sports fails in this video will take place at Sochi, which has enough sh-t going on already. Also, why were people performing ski stunts while naked?

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  • chanohack

    I don't know why I watched that video. omg.

    (I do know why. It was to see the naked skier.)

  • BiblioGlow

    That Expendabelles news made me so angry I couldn't even finish the
    article. Of course the only way to justify showing audiences a team of
    women kicking ass is if the team of ass-kicking men were somehow
    disqualified from the situation, right? Because they need to pose as
    prostitutes and use their feminine wiles for this mission! Only women can handle it, because men don't have vajayjays and also all the men are dead so there is literally no recourse! Hopefully,
    while they're in the villain's island lair, in between seducing bad guys and kicking ass they
    can all find themselves some husbands, amirite? Let's hope they all remembered to bring their bikinis to this island lair! I'm sure they did!
    I'm going to light something on fire.

  • e jerry powell

    For as much as I adore Cumming (pun intended), I wish stylists would quit pushing the Dolce&Gabbana Spring 2014 menswear collection. It's relentless government cheese.

  • logan

    I will be very sad when Mr. Nimoy dies and that time is probably close.

  • ScienceGeek

    Not necessarily. What the Warming Glow article didn't mention is that COPD is a really complicated condition that can include some pretty nasty muscle wasting, long before the sufferer passes away. This could explain why Nimoy said he was okay, but couldn't walk distances - it's a common problem. The available treatments are far from perfect, but they can give victims a reasonable quality of life, especially if, like Nimoy, they quit smoking a very long time ago. There is reason to hope that he'll be around for a good while yet.
    (FWIW, COPD is the primary focus of the lab I work for, and this news has hit this Trekkie very hard).

  • e jerry powell

    COPD vs. Lung Cancer.

  • ScienceGeek

    COPD is always fatal, but it takes a lot longer (my grandfather-in-law has had it for about 15 years and he's still going fairly well, ya know, for a 96 year old). Okay, you don't die specifically from COPD, it's like HIV in that pneumonia or the flu is what goes on the death certificate, but the COPD is responsible.

    That said, lung cancer is an evil bastard of a cancer. It grows faster than any other cancer (the tumors double in size in a month), so it kills you faster and you're more likely to get that than COPD if you're a smoker.
    (I'm basically a show bag of lung disease facts - lots of weird and useless shit).

  • thatstrangewoman

    I concur with logan. I would like to think otherwise, like ScienceGeek, but history shows that when serious illness is disclosed (although usually by a publicist) within a couple of weeks we receive word of the celebrity's passing. Maybe it's different this time since it's Nimoy himself disclosing. I hope he is with us a long while longer.

  • Bob Genghis Khan

    Love Nimoy...but I think the world was pretty much aware already that smoking probably isn't such an awesome idea.

  • kinoumenthe

    Due to an unfortunate typo, I think the news about Bill Murray doesn't mean anymore what you think it means.
    Ah, that's much better. One man reputation is restored !

  • lowercase_ryan

    KEVIN BACON FOREVER UNCLEAN!!!! #thefollowing

  • John G.

    If that god damn William Shatner outlives Leonard Nemoy, I'm going to riot.

  • Tinkerville

    Not Nimoy! And I was hoping for good news today..

    Not to get off topic, but please tell me the LEGO Movie review will go up later today. I'm dying to talk about it with someone.

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  • Mrs. Julien

    Was that in Esperanto?

  • mswas

    now it's in invisible ink

  • BlackRabbit

    Someone squeezed a lemon on their computer? Messy.

  • Salieri2

    Is that what the kids are calling it now?

  • Ozioma

    Grandpa Leonard :(

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