Lena Dunham Says Her Feminism Remains Intact Despite Dodgy Terry Richardson Connection

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Lena Dunham Says Her Feminism Remains Intact Despite Dodgy Terry Richardson Connection

By Agent Bedhead | Pajiba Love | December 23, 2013 | Comments ()


Depending on how you look at it, 2013 has been an excellent year for butts. Here’s a cheeky peek back at the pop-culture posteriors of the past several months. (Vulture)

Speaking of asses, Dustin put together a fetching list of television characters that were most likely to get naked in 2013. (WG)

“There was a time when 22 million people watched super cool Fonzie on Happy Days each week. Nowadays the cool belongs to Don Draper on Mad Men, whose top numbers peak at 2.7 million viewers. But no one is saying television is dead.” (Tony Pierce)

Surprise, surprise. Tom Cruise settled his lawsuit against Bauer publishing for their story about Suri being “abandoned by daddy.” One can argue all day against the existence of tabloids, but the fact remains that Tom didn’t see Suri for 100 consecutive days last year. (DListed)

This nightmare sounds like a Law & Order: SVU episode: A woman in Las Vegas was tortured while her kidnappers demanded “a Playstation gaming system” for her release. (Kotaku)

On a brighter note, a little girl uses sign language to deliver the most adorable version of “‘Twas the NIght Before Christmas” ever. (Mental Floss)

Vin Diesel will play Groot in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. Meh. (Slashfilm)

Lena Dunham criticizes Lady Gaga for professionally associating with R Kelly and Terry Richardson. Then Lena tries to defend her own professional and personal ties with Uncle Terry. I don’t think the discussion works out so well for Lena. (Celebitchy)

Everyone knows about how Janis Joplin gave Leonard Cohen a blowjob at the Chelsea Hotel, but here’s a discussion on the other fascinating women who once resided at the infamous inn. (Bookish)

There are set pictures of the 50 Shades of Grey movie. Do Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson bring the steam, or are they just as cheesy at the book itself? Not that I’ve read the book. A … friend told me about it. (Lainey)

Skeleton gummi bears are just as creepy as they sound. But how do they taste? (The Mary Sue)

This interview is about two months old, but no one has mentioned it here. For shame on all of us! Bill Murray discusses the different types of vodka and what he enjoys about each of them. (Esquire)

Details are spilling forth about how Charles Saatchi planned the smear campaign against ex-wife Nigella Lawson during the weeks leading up to the fraud trail of their former assistants. (Page Six)

Is Yeezus simply Kanye West “getting all the cokey bad vibes and fisting jokes out of his system before holding his daughter for the first time”? That quote sounds so gross, but it’s probably true. (Grantland)

Y’all can stop crushing on Loki and Katniss right now. It’ll never work out. Here’s why. (Buzzfeed)

A woman and mother of four delivered a gift to her husband from the grave — two years after her death, to be precise. Don’t worry, this isn’t nearly as creepy as that awful Gerard Butler romcom.

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  • Jezzer

    I am absolutely shocked to my core that Lena Dunham said something that illustrated she is completely up her own ass.

    Flabbergasted, I am.

    One might even say gobsmacked.

  • I'm not sure why anyone would bother to pick apart Lena Dunham's feminism, so she should probably relax. She has a show on cable about herself and other young women like her. As far as I can tell, that's her contribution. So we can probably skip discussing the integrity of her feminism as though it affects anybody else's life.

  • Ben

    How is Vin Diesal as groot not fucking amazing? Dude has a tallent for voice acting huge imposing animated monsters of few words. Just look at the Iron Giant.

  • manting

    also this was announced like 6 months ago.

  • John W

    I wonder how much money Cruise has spent through the years suing people?

  • manting

    I think very little - many of his lawyers are fellow scientologists. They work for 500 theatans an hour.

  • Patrick Garcia

    I am highly offended and appalled by Vulture's 2013 butt list. Particularly because Tatiana Maslany was nowhere to be found. She has an amazing tush in "Orphan Black", and there were plenty scenes to choose from.

  • By everybody knows about Janis Joplin blowing Leonard Cohen, you meant everybody but me. I'm sure that's what you meant.

  • emmalita

    And me.

  • And me.

  • frank247

    And my AXE!

  • emmalita

    Well played!

  • cweise01

    How can you be meh-ing Vin DIesel as Groot? This is the man that made the Iron Giant one of the greatest animated characters ever. I think he will do an excellent job with the vocal work, despite his dodgy real film experience. To add on to that, he is a real life nerd as well.

  • emmalita

    I was wondering what to watch tonight. Iron Giant it is.

  • Ben

    Seriously if you'd told me before I watched Iron Giant, that Vin would be able to make me cry like a bitch with a single word I would have just laughed at you... but hten.... superman...

  • BWeaves

    The Fonz was the epitome of cool. How many thousands of people got library cards the week following the episode when the Fonz got a library card?

    Never, in the history of the world, has a dark haired, Jewish guy, pretending to be an Italian Christian guy, affected the actions of so many people. Um, OK, that didn't come out the way I planned.

  • manting

    upvote the above post you humorless sonsabitches

  • I love this so much. And just in time for Christmas too!

  • emmalita

    What I take away from the whole Nigella Lawson thing is that Charles Saatchi is a terrible person.

  • laylaness

    Can we all just agree to never talk about Terry Richardson again, please?

  • Sirilicious

    I would agree if you want to ignore stupid talentless (reality) fame whores. But this man needs to be actively shut down, and that does not happen if we all look away and are silent.

  • laylaness

    Normally I would agree with you, but for every person that brings up his harassment and abuse of underage models, there is a celebrity who insists he is an *ARTIST* and is *MISUNDERSTOOD* and would *NEVER* take advantage of his subjects. And it just makes me so sick and angry that he continues to get attention out of it, and he continues to have celebrities defend him (even Lena Dunham did not actually criticize him in her tweets in the linked article) and all of the voices that do criticize him are effectively shut down anyway.

  • Sirilicious

    There's quite a few voices now that speak against him, i would rather add to that.

  • MrMinion

    I consider "killed 80 people in two days" more a good start than a deal-breaker so Loki is still on the "If I ever change teams"-list. However, he still loses to the glorious chest that is Brit Superman.

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