Kate Winslet Would Like You To Stop Judging Her Husband-Hopping, Baby-Making Habit

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Kate Winslet Would Like You To Stop Judging Her Husband-Hopping, Baby-Making Habit

By Agent Bedhead | Pajiba Love | January 3, 2014 | Comments ()


As someone who earns a living writing on the internet (crazy, I know), I can’t even begin to recall the world before high-speed access. So my mind is blown by this trip back in time to 1993 when big media tried their hardest to wrap their heads around an “electronic-mail transaction.” (The Week)

The northeast with get hit hard by this weekend’s winter storm, so here’s 8 creepy-ass snowman to inspire any and all creative efforts in the resulting nightmare wonderland. (Mental Floss)

Cannonball Read 6 is only 2 days in, and they already have their first one-star review (i.e. a terrible book). Scootsa1000’s was once again disappointed by the third volume in a trilogy, The Shade of the Moon by Susan Beth Pfeffer. (Cannonball Read)

This is just a great story about what happens when you rent your apartment to Axl Rose. He’s probably the best tenant ever. (Vulture)

Martin Scorsese really loves the word “fuck.” He loves it so much that, with The Wolf of Wall Street, he broke the record of how many times “fuck” is used in a movie. After adding in the f-bomb quotient of Casino and Goodfellas, little bow-tie Scorsese has even left dirty dog Quentin Tarantino in the dust. (Variety)

Speaking of Wolf of Wall Street, here’s a very well-thought out response to the movie’s controversy. It seems that perhaps both Scorsese, writer Terrence Winter, and Leonardo DiCaprio have all misunderstood the true nature of the film’s source material. (Film Drunk)

The return of Justified couldn’t come at a better time, and I’m glad Dewey Crowe and his four kidneys will be front and center this season. Dustin also discusses other highly anticipated shows that shall soon reappear too. (Uproxx)

Hot chick and a douchebag alert: Charlize Theron vacationed with Sean Penn in Hawaii to ring in 2014 together. God, I hope they’re just friends or were talking shop together the entire time. A girl can dream. (NYDN)

Here’s another terrible, no-good couples update. Selena Gomez took back Justin Bieber again. She even took him back after he was photographed lurching out of a Brazilian brothel. A million guys would kill to be with Selena, and she’s riding down the street on a segway with the douchiest of them all. (Celebitchy)

I don’t know much about football, but I caught the impressive opening play of last night’s Sugar Bowl. Things only got more kick ass from there, and of course there’s a highly detailed analysis at the ready. (Grantland)

Kate Winslet is on the defensive after the media and general public have called her out for having three kids with three different men. Eh. I honestly don’t see why people are jumping all over her ass for this. Lots of men in Hollywood have many children with many different women, and no one cares. Plus it’s not like Kate was hopping randomly into bed with anyone. She married all three of these dudes. (DListed)

Good god. Is this what living with psoriasis is really like? There are so many other afflictions that must be so much worse, but it still sounds like a relative nightmare. (CNN)

Beyonce lost 65 pounds after giving birth to Blue Ivy. Some people still think that’s a bit of a stretch for an allegedly fake bump, but you can’t deny that Bey looks damn good now. (Us Weekly)

The first day of Colorado’s recreational marijuana sales topped $1 million dollars. Is pot really that wonderful? Everybody must get stoned. (Buzzfeed)

Robert Downey Jr. must be crazy if this rumor is correct. RDJ allegedly wants Marvel to hire his good buddies Mel Gibson and Jodie Foster for Avengers: Age of Ultron or Avengers 3. No. (Slashfilm)

Victoria Beckham guest edited Paris Vogue and put herself on the cover. She’s air kissing Becks, and those floppy bangs just kill me. The dude’s voice makes my ovaries scrunch up in fear, but those bangs slay me. (Go Fug Yourself)

I don’t know why I keep laughing at this news anchor falling into the snow during her broadcast. She handles it well.

Bedhead lives in Tulsa and misses her dog. She can be found at celebitchy.com.

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  • mograph

    About Ms. Winslet: that's her business. If we judge her about it, we're just feeding into the publicity machine that distracts us from real issues.

    I live for the day when we care about things that matter and effect meaningful change.

  • Jezzer

    Can we still judge Kate for marrying someone with such a stupid name?

  • The only thing about Kate Winslet's babymaker that I care about is whether or not I have a shot at it. Crude, but true.

    Sad thing is, that statement is more respectful of her privacy and choices than any of that hand-wringing bullcrap ever will be.

  • Yocean

    The article on The Wolf of Wall Street pinpoints exactly the discomfort I had withe the movie, as much as I took it as satire and laughed and loved. The creators behind the move failed at making the angle different enough from the Jordan Belfort ( especially that last scene of Agent Denim in subway).

  • googergieger

    So I'm working on a CatDog prequel. This is what I got so far. It opens with a cat and dog having sex with each other.

    All I got so far.

  • The way people are carrying on you'd think it'd never snowed anywhere before. I guarandamntee you that if it was happening here in MN or in the Dakotas no-one on the East Coast would care, or likely even notice.

  • NateMan

    Well yeah, but if it happens in the Dakotas who's going to notice, the Presidents on Mt Rushmore? I kid a bit, of course, but a ton of snow and sudden negative temperatures in NYC and Boston impact a lot more people.

  • hippyherb

    I thought my psoriasis was bad, but I have never seen it as bad as that woman in the story. I can empathise with the long clothes in summer and leaving flakes of skin everywhere. Not being able to shave my legs in a pain in the arse. Hairy, scabby legs are so attractive. And the itch in summer drives me bat shit. I have had kids and adults point and laugh at me, and a person serving me in a supermarket hesitated to take money from me because my hands and arms were so bad. I had to suck it up and ignore the looks. There are worse things in life than looking scabby.

  • mograph

    Ouch. I'm so sorry. My case is very mild by comparison: elbows, inside the ears, with small patches in spots on my body. They itch sometimes, and if I don't moisturize, they grow thick and white. People do ask me questions at times, but for some reason, they accept it on the knees and elbows.

    Two clues: it started after a had a febrile seizure at age 12, and it increased when I was under a lot of stress.

    Good luck.

  • John W

    That news reporter is a trooper.

    Mel Gibson no. Jodie Foster...the voice of Jocasta? Karnilla the Norn Queen? The Enchantress? Hela?

    Kate Winslet had three children with three different men?
    "How cute" says typical NBA player.

    Selena is getting back with Justin? Check their record sales.

  • TacoBellRey

    It probably is a publicity stunt. I read that his documentary did terrible in the box offices.

  • Bodhi

    You live in Tulsa & didn't watch with hand clutched over heart? For shame!

    I read & watched my husband watching the game, FWIW

  • Fabius_Maximus

    An unrelated question: Am I the only one seeing layout problems on the main page?

    I'd upload a picture, but Disqus asks for an account verification (however that would work).

  • PerpetualIntern

    Yup. My view is all jacked up too. It has been all week.

  • grr arrgh

    Oh thank god. I wasn't sure if it was an issue with my browser or not. The pictures aren't lining up with the headline like they normally do. Same for you two?

  • PerpetualIntern

    Yup, same for me.

  • BlackRabbit


  • crackblind

    She didn't fall, she passed out. Look at her eyes just before she fell and at the panic on the guys face as he drops down to try to help her. While she handled it wonderfully, I think it was a bit mean of the director to stay with her, especially after she asked to throw it back to the studio. That (I'm sure the bug in her ear told her to go on with the remote), plus the split with the anchors laughing, really bothers mean.

    That said, I did laugh.

  • Sara_Tonin00

    It's pretty clear, since the video title is "reporter passes out." Though I'll cut the other two reporters slack, because they probably did think she fell.

    Her voice is really, really high for a reporter. I was wondering if maybe she was a newbie and nervous, and that's why she passed out. (she could also have been locking her knees in the skis) But she doesn't sound like she's trained her voice at all.

  • dizzylucy

    I too think she passed out or something, she just went over with no attempt to stop herself from falling or even catch herself. Good for her for sticking with it.

  • Some Guy

    She suffers from a condition where she faints in the cold. Some kind of low grade narcolepsy. She handled it well because she does it fairly often.

  • F'mal DeHyde

    Seriously? I wonder why they'd assign her to a story like this with her medical condition.

  • Three_nineteen

    Mel Gibson hired RDJ when no one else would, for the American version of The Singing Detective (not nearly as good as the UK version, but still decent). I think RDJ just wants to return the favor, which is nice. Not sure why wanting to hire Jodie Foster is so crazy.

  • Judge_Snyder

    For a crazy racist drunk, Mel Gibson's got a lot of friends. Loyal friends.

  • I get the feeling that Mel is a very loyal, supportive and generous friend to those within his circle of intimates.

  • Stephen Nein

    Jodie Foster as . . .


    No, I'm not fucking kidding. She'd be awesome as Jennifer Walters.

  • Wigamer

    What the hell...Kate Winslet married a dude named Ned Rocknroll?

  • Wigamer

    Did I get a downvote for not liking "Rocknroll" as a surname? If that's the case, then cheers to you, downvoter!

  • Guest

    I'm not sure what's worse, Ned Rocknroll or Ned Branson, as in yes, THAT Branson.

  • BWeaves

    It's not his original name. He changed it to that as a grown man, which means, in his mind, he's still 18.

  • mswas

    And he DIDN'T change it to "Ned Ryerson"? What a wasted opportunity - Bing!

  • Al Borland's Beard

    I feel like not changing it from "Ned" kind of contradicts the new last name. It would be like if I called myself "Nigel Hasalotofsex".

  • Some Guy

    Nigel Tufnel would like to have a little word with you. And I don't mean "little" as in, a literal tiny word that you two share like some sort of pudding, or something like that, but "little" as in a pointed conversation or discussion whereas he explains to you how and why Nigel is in fact a name that goes all the way to 11, and should not be so summarily dismissed.

  • BWeaves

    His original name was Abel Smith, so he chose Ned.

    I wanted to change my name for the longest time, as my real name is hard for American and British people to pronounce and spell, although I think it should be easy. It's not a common name. I finally gave up because everything I came up with either sounded too cutesy or just not me.

  • Sara_Tonin00

    I don't want the Best Sex Ever Every Time. That sounds exhausting. Like eating the Best Meal Ever Every Night.

    I like that article on Wolf of Wall Street. I haven't seen it yet, but I have been hearing some friends debate those points about it. And Leo's ad for Belfort as a motivational speaker is icky.

  • How about "Best Sex We Could Have Given The Circumstances" Every Time?

  • Sara_Tonin00

    How about "exactly the sex we wanted to have every time." I'd even settle for "being on the same page as to whether now is a good time for a blowjob."

  • 9 out of 10 guys will tell you that any time is a good time for a blowjob.

  • Need we ask why the tenth one can't talk?

  • NateMan

    His mouth is full.

  • That's in there mostly to avoid the Internet's inherent tendency to gleefully pounce on any absolute and declare it invalid because they knew this guy who did the complete opposite once.

  • Ahhh....the Fifth Dentist Rule. 'nuff said.

  • Sara_Tonin00

    Yes, therein would lie the difficulty. It's the being on the same page part...

  • Al Borland's Beard

    I thought it was some kind of sub-genre of sex due to it's awkward phrasing. Mine tends to fall in the "Awkward and Clumsy, but Grateful" category.

  • Wouldn't it have to keep getting better in order to qualify as the Best Ever? Otherwise, it would become the same sex every time, right? So how does sex become exponentially better? One would think that sort of breakthrough would be actual news.

  • Sara_Tonin00

    So true. Now it sounds even more exhausting.

  • BWeaves

    I thought that news anchor was amazing to keep going like that after fainting. She's a pro.

    My uncle had psoriasis. The first time I found out, was when we were going to the beach. I asked if he'd been in a fire, and he said, "No, it's psoriasis." Then I finally understood those old "heartbreak of psoriasis" commercials.

  • Wigamer

    Psoriasis seems terrible, but those commercials make me laugh with the actors always referring to their "moderate-to-severe" psoriasis. 'Cause that's what you'd say instead of "painful, somewhat disfiguring pain in my ass" psoriasis.

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