Justin Timberlake Will Get His SNL Five-peat While Josh Brolin And Diane Lane Admit Defeat.
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Justin Timberlake Will Get His SNL Five-peat While Josh Brolin And Diane Lane Admit Defeat.

By Jodi Clager | Pajiba Love | February 22, 2013 | Comments ()


Before we get to the links, a quick reminder to join us on Sunday night as Courtney Enlow live-blogs the Oscars, and seriously, no one does it better than Courtney.

Sad news to start today's P-Love: Josh Brolin and Diane Lane have split after 8 years of marriage. That means any of you with crushes on either of them can probably score. So it's good news now! (Celebitchy)

If the idea of crossing Lane or Brolin off of your freebies list isn't making you happy, this Lego Ghostbusters set should do the trick. (Orionpax)

In honor of the 85th Academy Awards, I present the story of two sisters. They were competing for an Oscar on more than one occasion and their feud continues even now, with each woman in her late nineties. Which sisters? (Mental Floss)

Speaking of the Oscars, Seth MacFarlane intends to remind us all that he can sing by closing out the show with a musical number. This breaks the tradition of ending after Best Picture is awarded. Yay? (Evil Beet Gossip)

Justin Timberlake will be the host and musical guest, because he also wants to remind us that he sings, on "SNL" March 8th! This pleases me because this will be his fifth time hosting and, for me, he never disappoints. I hope we get a Digital Short, ohpleaseohpleaseohplease. I've been a good decent pretty okay girl this year! (UPROXX)

It seems that Batwoman #17 was released on Wednesday and the end of the comic has something really big happen. Obviously there is a spoiler at the link, but I had to look because I am nosy as all hell and wanted to know what happened. I guessed correctly and I am as perplexed as the article's author about DC not publicizing this event in the same way they have publicized...similar events. (The Mary Sue)

If, like me, you are not a total Star Wars aficionado who is well aware of the children that could appear in the sequels, I've found a lovely chart to help you out. Well, it will help you with the Skywalkers and Solos. Jar-Jar's family tree was burned to the ground in a mysterious electrical fire. (Chart Geek)

While discussing "Ender's Game" in Trade News, I learned that the book's author is a total wanker. When people like Orson Scott Card or Roman Polanski create something wonderful while being awful people, how can you deal with it ethically? (ThinkProgress)

People seem to think that they can screech whatever brainless, horrifying, blatantly false combination of words that they can think to string together. Then they call "FIRST AMENDMENT!" like some magic incantation that protects them from criticism or things like "facts" or "common courtesy". Aw, idiot-face, that isn't how the First Amendment works. (Jezebel)

Let this be a lesson to all of us that fighting with your significant other over Facebook when they have a Furby and a PS3 controller in grabbing range is Bad Idea Pants. I bet that Furby cackled maniacally and got flames in its eyes when it tasted blood for the first time. (Huffington Post)

What super jerkassed and entirely disrespectful thing did you think Lindsey Lohan would do next? If you guessed "Cut the bottom off of a borrowed $1,750 dress" then you win! (Celebslam)

Photoshop is always fun, right? Here are some clearly Photoshopped pictures of people, some famous and some not. The face swap of John Mayer and Katy Perry will be haunting my dreams tonight! (The Berry)

Speaking of terrifying, I'm late to the Creepypasta party. I was browsing Reddit's front page and clicked on comments where people tried to make a scary story in one sentence. I was then directed to this interesting and actually well-done story called "NoEnd House". (Creepypasta)

I must admit, I am not looking forward to Monsters University. I've seen how Disney treats sequels and Pixar has been getting the stinkeye from me ever since Toy Story 3. However, I do enjoy this comparison of how the monsters looked different in Monsters Inc.. (imgur)

Sure, a 3D printing pen is awesome, but printing working human body parts (not swimsuit parts...yet)? That's amazing! (Geekosystem)

Lego Michael Jackson still enjoys doing the crotch grab in this delightful short done by Annette Jung.

If you still need something to fill the time until the weekend, I suggest you scroll through this Tumblr. It's fun to feel like you are getting smarter until one of the facts strikes you as dubious. (Psychofactz)


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Comments Are Welcome, Bigots and Trolls Are Not

  • RE: the ThinkProgess link...I don't know, I think people might be over-thinking this a bit. I would think that running everything you watch, read or listen to through some sort of political filter and making sure it passes your particular litmus test would get exhausting after a while.

    There are few actors whose politics and/or personal beliefs I would disagree with on a more fundamental level than Sean Penn and Tim Robbins. I was still one of the first people in line to go see 'Mystic River', though, because regardless of their politics, they're still both damn fine actors. I'm not paying to see them do politics(which they suck at), I'm paying to see them act(which they excel at).

    As far as your ticket/book/CD purchase dollars supporting 'the enemy' goes, to be honest I don't think 5 bucks for a matinee ticket or 4 bucks for a used paperbook(or 8 bucks for a new one)is going to make or break a cause, so your conscience can rest easy on that score. And if it bothers you unduly, like the girl in the article said, throw some cash at an organization you do support.

  • abell

    Wow. So. I need to clarify. Being against gay marriage is the same as raping a child? Can someone please explain that? I may not agree with Card, but, come on, that is out of hand.

  • ZombieMrsSmith

    Uncle Orson writes an opinion column for our local right-wing weekly, "The Rhinoceros Times." I despise him, and I will never read Ender's Game or see the movie.


  • F'mal DeHyde
  • F'mal DeHyde

    I've read a few of his more recent books and his odd (to me) world views started seeping in and I've never read him again.

    He wrote: "Even the truly awful filmmakers like Spielberg and
    Tarantino (and there are so many others on that list) think they're
    making "good" movies, on some level. They can't help having no
    integrity. Well, they could help it, but they apparently don't
    associate with people who regard that as a serious standard in artistic

    What a dick.

  • BWeaves

    If the Oscars were shorter, I could see a closing number. But after 4 hours, I'm turning it off after I've seen who won.

  • Vi

    The NoEnd House is alright. If you want to feel disconcerting cold prickles for hours, try reading House of Leaves.

    That book is currently living on the balcony, it is not allowed inside my house. Once I'm done, I'm going to foist it off on some hapless friend and tell them it's a nice book... heh... nice book. *looks around shiftily*

  • rio

    I won't even click the link, is the Olivia de Havilland and Jain Fontaine isn't it? Damn I love those crazy sisters, that's some cheerful unstoppable family hate. I bet it all started when Jain ate the last piece of apple pie. But I'm bias, my family feud started literally over spaghetti.

  • Mrs. Julien

    About spaghetti or over spaghetti being served as a meal?

    Bonus Captiousness: Joan

  • rio

    I don't even know how that happened, this week is being tough on me when it comes to embarrassing typos first I write Elizabeth Bennett and now this.

    And the feud was about how to properly cook spaghetti, as in break them or not. My uncles were for, "yeah!" my dad and my other uncles were screaming, "sacrilege!", the two sides of the family are no longer on speaking terms.

  • emmalita

    Way better than the story of my dad and his brother. The most coherent answer I've ever received is, "he's an a**hole." Can't fix that.

  • lunabelle

    I think that is the most links I've ever clicked out of a P-Love. Thanks!

  • Bert_McGurt

    Hi Jodi - the Psychofactz link looks to be the same as the Geekosystem one. Of course, I suppose we COULD just type in the URL on the photo, but you know, that's just so much typing!

  • Pinky McLadybits

    Ah, poops! Fixed!

  • AudioSuede

    How do people not adore Toy Story 3? It's the movie that teaches children to ACCEPT DEATH! It's mind-blowing. I was in ten million pieces at the end of that movie.

  • Mr_Zito

    I wrote a long comment expressing my adoration for Toy Story but my internet connection somehow made it go away. But in short, the movie is amazing because it deals with the impossible matter presented at the first two movies, which was how to deal with change, and it deals it without offering easy magical solutions, they actually have to deal with it, and they have to face and accept death so they learn that life be worth it even if it's not the way it used to be. I really can't understand how someone doesn't think this is one of the greatest movies of the last few years.

  • Pinky McLadybits

    We saw it at the drive-in and we could hear all of the little kids, ours included, sobbing. Gut-wrenching, body-shaking sobs. My kid is 8 now and still recoils from anything with Toy Story 3 written on it.

  • Idgiepug

    The pug family saw it in the theater, and the film actually BROKE right at the most intense moment, leaving dozens of small children, including the little pug who had already crawled into my lap in terror, sobbing and confused for several LONG minutes until the problem was fixed. Little pug is nearly 8, and this is the only Pixar DVD in which he has no interest.

  • F'mal DeHyde

    You know what movie made me have gut-wrenching, body-shaking sobs at the drive-in when I was about that age? "Ring of Bright Water" Holy shit, thinking about it 45 years later still gets to me.

  • Stina

    My childhood movie trauma was Old Yeller. No, I'm not as old as that makes me sound, my parents liked classic movies. But yeah, I could not make it through the ending. I'd shut it off before the dog got sick and assume it ended happily, because I just couldn't handle the real end!

  • F'mal DeHyde

    I knew it wasn't a happy movie and I've avoided it all my life.

  • $27019454

    Messed with me big. Weeping sobbing mass on the floor of the theater with my 6 (all older than I) siblings on a sunny Saturday afternoon that suddenly became The Darkest Day because of that farmer smashing the head off of darling Mij.

    Of course I showed it to my kids as soon as they hit 7 years of age. Maybe earlier. I dunno. Parenting 101-- "Death comes for us all. "

  • F'mal DeHyde

    It was such a warm, sweet movie up to that point and BAM! Biggest shock of my young life. My poor mother.

  • Kballs

    Yeah, you take it like a fuckin' man, kids. No whimpering, blubbering or begging. Get your doomed ass into that raging inferno and make room for the living.

  • BendinIntheWind

    The incinerator scene was completely heart-wrenching, but I agree that the rest of it was kind of underwhelming. Good setup, good ending, but the majority of the runtime was just a really long escape sequence. Not a ton of story behind it.

  • Mrs. Julien

    The incinerator scene devastated me the first time, and the second, and maybe a little bit now when I'm thinking about it. Unexpected and profound moments of grace in a children's movie will do that to you. I can get through it now, but the scene at the end when Andy hands over the toys and plays with them one more time still slays me.

  • Kala

    My eyes well up the second Andy slightly jerks Woody away from the little girl. That is an exceptional bit of story-telling right there.

  • That header image... unf.

    Is MacFarlane trying to pull an NPH-at-the-Tonys with a closing number at the Oscars? I mean, I happen to like MacFarlane, but he's no NPH.

  • mairimba

    It aparently was the idea of the director who has also directed the Tonys in the past.

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