Justin Timberlake and a Giant C*ck? ...Oh. Wait. No. A Giant Croc. 'Cause Yeah, That Makes Much More Sense

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Justin Timberlake and a Giant C*ck? …Oh. Wait. No. A Giant Croc. ‘Cause Yeah, That Makes Much More Sense

By Seth Freilich | Pajiba Love | March 25, 2013 | Comments ()

Three nights in Vegas is too. much. time in Vegas. I am not yet recovered. I don't know where all my moneys went. I have no more self respect. Which means I'm in the perfect mindset to dish up some links. Let's do this thing.

You heard of CISPA? It's the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act and, like spending three nights in Vegas, it's seems like a good idea but its looking to be pretty poorly executed. (Wired)

You know what's not poorly executed? "Bunheads." That show is just great, my meathead friends' derogations notwithstanding, and Alyssa Rosenberg is pleading with ABC Family to save the "brilliant, strange, female-centered show." (Think Progress)

If you're not meathead-strong enough to open a persnickety jar lid on your own, duct tape (yet again) saves the day. (Lifehacker)

You know who probably doesn't need duct tape to open stuck jars? Chemical engineering student Gaikuo Captain, who's also a bad-ass artist. (Unreality)

But this Kansas fan probably does. (Source: Deadspin)


I can't really make fun of the kid because right about him in the gif I keep seeing the flashing final score of my own Temple Owls' ouster from the tourney. And it might just bring a tear to the eyes. (But congrats to the La Salle Explorers!)

Doing five shots of tequila in five minutes would also bring tears to my eyes. But not Justin Timberlake. He's clearly a better man than me (and his tequila drinking ability is clearly the only reason this is so). (Warming Glow)

Speaking of things on the other side of the pond, have you listened to BBC Radio 4's audio production of Neverwhere yet? ...Why the f*ck not?! It streams for the rest of this week over on the BBC site and the first episode is also available as BBC's Drama of the Week podcast, with the other episodes to weekly follow thereafter. (io9)

Apropos of nothing, here is a terrifyingly gigantic crocodile.

(Source: io9)

This awesome photo comes compliments of Kristen Bell's Twitter account, with a caption: "Don't worry, Veronica really loves dick."


When I woke up in Vegas yesterday, I actually felt like that crocodile -- swollen and cramped and stuck in a truck in the outback. I'm not feeling that bad today, but I'm not feeling particularly aces, either. So let's cut this thing short and go out with a solid supercut. (Source: Press Play)

Breaking the 4th Wall Movie Supercut from Leigh Singer on Vimeo.

How Mass Effect Helps the Understanding of Unequal Gender Portrayals in Mass Media | Look: The Children of "Cheers" Cast Members Are Actors, Too

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  • Kballs

    The best jar-opening trick of all time is to tap the side of the lid against the edge of a counter top. I tap it in four, evenly-spaced places and it never fails. It takes about 8 seconds and never has to be repeated. However, don't tap too hard or the jar will shatter and your scarred hands will constantly force you to admit that you had to use the tapping technique to open a jar because you have the forearm strength of an armless infant.

  • John W

    Someone please wake me when Justin Timberlake appreciation month is over.

  • Drake

    Listened to "Neverwhere" last week live at lunchtime each day (here in PDT - land). Quite enjoyed it, though I wished it hadn't been quite so abridged.

  • That crocodile link was the only one I felt like clicking on and it's broken. So now I have nothing to do with the rest of my day except sit here and try and get pencils to stick in the ceiling.

  • John W

    Crocodile predation is the reason those Toyota pickups are all but extinct.

  • e jerry powell

    Yeah, I used to have one of those. It got totaled when my Baroque lit professor had a diabetic blackout while driving and made an illegal left turn in front of me. Needless to say, he gave up driving after that.

    I really miss that truck.

  • Is it just me or is that post a lot more interesting if you read it as "Baroque, lit professor"?

  • e jerry powell

    If we're being honest, it works both ways.

  • googergieger

    I've done five shots in two minutes, after a night of Vodka and anything. Not as glamorous as it sounds.

  • e jerry powell

    I've had Vulcan Mind Melds, and that's like eight shots in one shaker glass. It hits really fast.

  • googergieger

    I'm Henry The Eighth I am!

  • e jerry powell

    That's never quite where my brain went, but...

  • Is there any sort of "Save Our Show" campaign for Bunheads? Has it reached that point yet? Because I will buy and mail tutus or whatever to keep it on the air!

  • lowercase_ryan


    These "scientists" kept saying that the crocs didn't attack them when they were under the water because they didn't know what they were and that crocs attack/hunt things close to the surface or shore. Well guess what, I BET THEY FIGURE IT OUT!!!

    OK, I'm calm now. But seriously, why must humans do things like this? While the original rules of nature may not apply to us in the same ways they used to, there has to be a limit. Ignoring your frontal lobe is not to be lauded, it's an affront to nature and evolution. Maybe we need these people to serve as cautionary tales to dissuade people of this ilk from doing similarly stupid things in the future. OH WAIT, WE HAD GRIZZLY MAN!! Enjoy your watery graves assholes (don't take Anderson with you).

  • chump

    Ironic username.

  • chump

    Ironic username.

  • the other courtney

    Gah. We got stuck in Vegas once - went for Valentines day weekend and ended up having to stay for 6. bloody. nights. (Northeast got snowed in - no flights). We literally spent all of Day 4 holed up in the hotel room, checking each other's breathing and at one point were convinced we had died and were stuck in purgatory. Was never happier to get on a plane in my life.

    Justin Timberlake may well be a prized jackass in real life, don't know. He is either really cool and self-aware or is very, very good at presenting an amiable persona. If it turns out he's a complete tool, I have to give him credit for repressing that part and consistently giving the public something to like about him.

  • Sara_Tonin00

    Gretchen: stop trying to make Timberlake happen.

    That basketball ginger just looks like he smelled a fart. Is he really crying?

    I've never watched Veronica Mars, so am not subject to irrational Kristen Bell love, but she is just the most adorable preggo.

  • NateMan

    There's no such thing as irrational Kristen Bell love. All of it is perfectly rational adoration and worship.

  • chump

    Yeah this site loves Timberlake. Seems like a douche to me.

  • BWeaves

    That looks like an alligator, not a crocodile.

  • chump

    Def a crocodile, it's a Northern Territory plate.

  • Brittany

    Nope, it's a saltwater crocodile and one of the reasons I don't swim north of Exmouth here in Australia.

    Sadly, there are other equally terrifying reasons as well.

  • F'mal DeHyde

    You guys have 1,585 different poisonous spiders and nearly that many poisonous snakes. I'm surprised anyone is still alive over there.

  • e jerry powell

    And that coral reef will cut a bitch.

  • hippyherb

    Yes we do, but the one that freaks me out the most, is the Huntsman spider. I can't even post a picture of it. I HATE them so much. Every time i get in the car I check to make sure there isn't one lurking. They are not even poisonous, but they are huge and freaky and gross. Uggghhh.

  • Slash

    Don't forget the blue-ringed octopus. And I guess the jellyfish are also pretty hazardous. Australia: Land of Terror.

  • Sara_Tonin00

    expect US to invade very shortly.

  • Fabius_Maximus

    You forgot about the sharks and jellyfish.

  • chump

    The kangaroos and koalas are our natural protectors and keep us safe.

    Where are you from?

  • F'mal DeHyde

    I'm from Southern California originally but I'm living in Utah for now. I guess that means I'm protected by the Angel Macaroni.

  • e jerry powell

    I thought it was the angel Moroni...

    "There's something that's always bothered me... the name of the angel [was] Moroni... so why don't we call ourselves Morons?" - Harper Pitt, Angels in America (Tony Kushner, 1990)

    (Believe me, I have the sarcasm font installed on my system; I didn't miss it.)

  • chump

    Yeah you guys in the US have about 5 million different types of fatty, sugary foods. I'm surprised everyone hasn't died of heart attacks.

  • e jerry powell

    I'm working on it.

  • Tom

    I think that's a North Carolina fan. I wouldn't want any other school or their fan base to get wrongly tarred with that weepy brush.

  • Kballs

    That fan is reacting to Carolina getting their dicks ripped off in the second half against Kansas. I know. I watched. I wept.

  • MissAmynae

    It pains me to agree. Even if it is to make those KU Jayhawks look better. Seriously, fuck those guys. Once a K-State Wildcat, always a K-State Wildcat.

  • I will never understand you people. I'm Kansas born and bred, but I had the great good sense to go to school out of state. Now I can support K-State, KU, and even those plucky Shockers (even though they beat my alma mater, Gonzaga "We hate to admit we're overrated" University). We're a small enough state population-wise, we ought to figure out how to cheer for each other. Sheesh!

  • MissAmynae

    hah, I should have mentioned I'm Texas born and bred, and got the hell out of here for school, just so I didn't end up at UT like everybody else. I adored my time in Kansas, and will (albeit reluctantly and depending on the team they're playing) root for KU in the Tournament, just not during the regular season. Then its traditional "rivalry" mentality. Love those Shockers- they're just so scrappy. Love your 'Zags, even if they did end up screwing up my bracket this year :-)

    But I do agree, state pride is more important for the most part. I just come from a huge freakin' state with a plethora of schools. I think we can all agree that OU sucks, though. Right?

  • birdgal

    Yup, that's Carolina blue he's wearing all right....

  • e jerry powell

    An entire section of Carolina blue, in fact.

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