Joseph Gordon Levitt Won't Dignify Those Gay Rumors With A Response, Snuggles Kitten Instead

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Joseph Gordon Levitt Won't Dignify Those Gay Rumors With A Response, Snuggles Kitten Instead

By Agent Bedhead | Pajiba Love | September 13, 2013 | Comments ()


Happy Friday the 13th! For those of you who suffer from paraskavedekatriaphobia, you may be interested in reviewing the history of this most auspicious day. (Mental Floss)

Did you know that Vince Gilligan wrote the original draft of Hancock, when it was about a superhero who couldn’t climax for fearing of killing his lover? Did you also know that director Peter Berg got into a beef with Gilligan over rewrites? Here’s the lowdown. (Uproxx)

Some sick bastard gave a woman a date-rape drug and branded his initials on her vaginal region. No words. (Gawker)

The Ghost Team One trailer: Because the world needed another ghost-fucking movie. (Slashfilm)

Demi more has traded up, sort of. She used to date Harry Morton (of Pink Taco fame), and now she’s dating his dad, Peter (of Hard Rock Cafe fame). I’d make a lame joke about a restauranteur fetish, but Demi obviously doesn’t indulge in food. (DListed)

If anyone knows what’s going on with this Justin Timberlake shoot, educate me. (Celebitchy)


Joseph Gordon Levitt refuses to answer to your gay rumors. He says an answer would be “tacky.” And you know what? He may have worded his answer in an ineloquent manner, but his sentiment makes sense. (Out Magazine)

In contrast, Jake Gyllenhaal is thrilled that people questioned his sexuality after watching Brokeback Mountain. (E! Online)

Julie Chen says bosses coaxed her into plastic surgery to look “less Chinese.” (Us Weeky)

Willem Dafoe is set to kill Keanu Reeves in an upcoming movie. Whoa. (Film School Rejects)

I love this story about how Sara Gilbert told Johnny Galecki she wanted to reveal how he helped her realize she’s a lesbian. He offered to hold her hand on air while she told the tale. In other news, Johnny Galecki is my new, American-styled boyfriend. (People)

Nicole Kidman got violently knocked to the ground by an idiot paparazzo on a bike. (Buzzfeed)

Rumor has it they decided to rename TIFF 2013 as “The Benedict Cumberbatch Festival.” (Vulture)

Dustin is really quite angry about the final season of “Dexter,” y’all. He’s naming names, and his fury is a beautiful sight to witness. (Warming Glow)

This is an awful dress, but somehow Rose Byrne pulls it off in grand fashion. (Go Fug Yourself)

No one has made this video until now? Presenting Mad X-Men, the advertising mutants. (Kotaku)

Is anyone else completely underwhelmed by this latest trailer for August: Osage County? Great ensemble. Lovely scenery (an hour from my home). I should be drooling, but I’m not.

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