Jonah Hill Talks About the Time Joe Pesci Got a Little Too Up Close & Personal

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Jonah Hill Talks About the Time Joe Pesci Got a Little Too Up Close & Personal

By Agent Bedhead | Pajiba Love | January 24, 2014 | Comments ()


Amber Heard seems like a cool girl, honestly. She’s been pounding the Hollywood pavement for over a decade, but a lot of people didn’t know who she was before last Friday’s announcement of her engagement to Johnny Depp. I don’t wish to bag on Amber for this relationship because Johnny’s the one who looks like a damn fool. Still … is she really the next Katherine Hepburn? (Lainey)

A match burning in slow motion looks surprisingly disgusting. For real. (Videogum)

Ralph Lauren’s newly designed Team USA Olympics uniforms: “Behold, this mess. It looks like the result of an Old Navy, NASCAR and Tommy Hilfiger outlet bukkake party.” (DLIsted)

Here is a blow-by-blow recap of all of the latest Justin Bieber antics involving yesterday’s release. I really think he (at least subconsciously) wanted to get arrested to prove his street cred. Oh little boy, there are much better ways to do that than a rap sheet. (Celebitchy)

Two-time Oscar nominee Jonah Hill visited Jimmy Fallon and recounted a very bizarre story about the time Joe Pesci stuck a finger in Jonah’s booty. Yes, you read that correctly. (Warming Glow)

Since The Hateful Eight has been ruined already, new script details are leaking all over the place. I won’t spoil here, but you can go to the link if you want to see them. Would you be surprised to learn that the screenplay is ultimately a story of revenge? Ha. (Film Drunk)

Scarlett Johansson is really pushing her SodaStream endorsement really hard. Which is fine, because that’s her job. Has anyone tried the product? I am oddly curious. (People)

We don’t talk about Kelly Brook here, right? She’s not usually notable stateside for anything pop-culture related. She did, however, wear a sheer dress on the red carpet last night. (The Blemish)

Her and Before Midnight have more in common than one would guess. (Unreality)

J-Woww says her first two months of pregnancy were exactly like a hangover. Except that she wasn’t sitting in the Jersey Shore house and listening to Pauly D. wax rhapsodic about “t-shirt time.” (Us)

How much box-office money can be expected as a result of an Oscar nomination? Much like everything in law school, the answer to this question is “that depends.” (Moviefone)

Kim Kardashian sure pays a whole lot of money to look this cheap. (GFY)

Narfna gives five stars to Helen Wecker’s debut novel The Golem and the Jinni.  Even though she says it grabbed her in the guts, she’s careful not to oversell this book for fear you might come after her with knives! (Cannonball Read 6)

David O. Russell is not content to rule the Oscar world for consecutive years. He’s now heading to television, and ABC picked up his series. (Slashfilm)

The “Black Widows” threatening the Sachi Olympics are no joke. (Mental Floss)

This video demonstrates how Beliebers aren’t giving up on their man. Hundreds of them gathered outside his Miami Beach hotel to support the blatant injustice of Bieber getting arrested like everyone else when he broke the law.

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