Jennifer Lawrence Gets Her Hairs Cut, Wears Pink Heels, Internet Loses Its Damn Mind
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Jennifer Lawrence Gets Her Hairs Cut, Wears Pink Heels, Internet Loses Its Damn Mind

By Dustin Rowles | Pajiba Love | May 21, 2013 | Comments ()


Our friend an occasional contributor, Angelina Burnett (who just landed on the writing staff of "The Americans"! Congrats!), feels so passionately about a wronged actress friend who was beaten up by her stage-actor boyfriend that Angelina has outed him in a skewering piece about the unfair treatment her friend received from her employer after she was hit. Gender politics, y'all: Still totally f*cked. (All Up in the Kitchen in My Heels)

Maybe you haven't heard, but "Arrested Development" comes out this Sunday. Ahead of its release, here are 25 Hilarious Blink-and-You-Miss It Gags from the first three seasons. The painstaking detail that Mitch Hurwitz took with this show is eye-ball popping. (Uproxx)

Look, y'all! Jennifer Lawrence got her hairs cut and put on some pink heels because she knew the Internet would love her for it because the Internet would jump on a land mine if it meant keeping all of her hairs in place. (GoFugYourself)

Speaking of fashion, January Jones criticizing her style critics, despite WHAT IS THAT STUFF AROUND HER EYES? (Celebitchy)

On the subject of crazy eyes, there are rumors, y'all, that Jonathan Rhys Meyers may join the cast of Star Wars: Episode VII. He'll play the guy who stares J.J. Abrams down with those piercing blue eyes every time Abrams does something fanboys will not appreciate. (Den of Geek)

Here's an adorable behind-the-scenes photo from Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind that I got just for you to make up for the hyperbole in the headline.



Will Smith has caught the "rap" bug from Kanye West, and I just want to know if its contagious, because I'm really trying to increase my street cred with my kids, and I'm thinking a few freestyle verses about the hardscrabble life of a Maine blogger is just the ticket. (Vulture)

With all the tragedy and destruction in Oklahoma today (thoughts and prayers, y'all), we can still celebrate the little things, like an elderly woman finding her dog amidst all the rubble. (Buzzfeed)

Here's the latest on the Zach Braff Kickstarter kerfuffle, because I know despite all of you who keep saying, "Damn, dude! Let it go!" what you really mean is, "Please, continue to get a bug up your ass about something that no one is forcing you to participate in." (FilmDrunk)

What if I were to tell those of you that still hold a grudge against "Lost" that Damon Lindelof is returning to series television with yet another series riddled with the unexplained, and that it's absolutely perfect for the writer, and that you will love it despite yourselves? (WG)

Speaking of Lindelof, I like to twist the headline here to make it appeal to my own prurient interests: "J.J. Abrams Is Using the Mystery Box All Wrong." Please deposit your own "That's what she said jokes" here. (FSR)

The latest "A Cast of Kings" has arrived. Come for the "Game of Thrones" discussion, stay for the ... uhm, "Game of Thrones" discussion. I mean, come on, people. That is the point. (Slashfilm)

Fun! "Lars Von Trier's 'Nymphomaniac' Will Use Digital Technology To Put A-List Heads On Porn Double Bodies" (The Playlist)

Oh, Gillian Jacobs. I love you. (Vine)

Here's 5 Non-Whedon shows that could be rebooted, and I love that they specify "non-Whedon" because it allows you to say Whedon without actually doing anything Whedon related, because these guys know that the Internet is fueled by Whedon, Jennifer Lawrence, and Anna Kendrick (see, e.g., the headline above). (Unreality)

"Daily Show" Co-Creator Learns the Hard Way that Political Jokes Are Not Appreciated During Tragic Events | The Station Agents Ep. 22: Munch A F*ck, Moffat

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  • John W

    That woman finding her dog is amazing.

  • "He'll play the guy who stares J.J. Abrams down with those piercing blue eyes
    every time Abrams does something fanboys will not appreciate." If that's his new gig, he's not ever going to have time to do anything else with his life.

  • K11Win

    Had to quit Cast of Kings. JoRo is soo awesome but David Chen is soooo terrible. He turns whiny, pedantic and bitchy (not in a good way) into an art form.

  • Don Juan de Markup

    I love January Jones' comment:

    “I’m not trying to sell myself,” Ms. Jones said matter-of-factly. “I wouldn’t know how.”

    That is unless you're a producer or director and then everything has a price tag on it.

  • Salieri2

    As a dog person, I want my cockles to be all warmed by the lady finding her dog but all my warm fuzzies are swallowed up by rage at the interviewer. "Can you comprehend what's happened?" is a condescending, insulting, manipulative, media-narrative-driven piece of shit nonquestion trying to gin up Victim Drama, and God bless Tornado Survivor for her blunt and solid "I know exactly what happened." WTF kind of gall does it take to talk down to a woman standing in the ruins of her home & try to make her into your idea of what Disaster Porn TV looks like? Let me ask you this. If she'd been wearing a business suit, would you still have asked that question?

    AND TWO. Kudos for spotting the dog in the rubble! Good eye, production assistant or whomever said "The dog!" Know what would have been even better? Helping the elderly woman dig her probably-injured dog out of the storm debris that used to be a house BEFORE she has to ASK YOU TO. You should have already been digging, you bright young things, you! Who the fuck raised you?. I forgive the camera beast because it at least had its hands full of camera plus probably years of "hold the shot, hold the shot" wired into its reflexes, but what's up with the at least two other people present? Were they armless?

    In short, this video made me stabby.

  • Lemon_Poundcake

    THIS! Exactly. That poor dog, and that idiot reporter. I loved they way that woman just answered her stupid questions so matter-of-factly. And they should have jumped into action the second the spotted the dog. Jackasses.

  • BigBlueKY

    Wow. That video of the lady finding her dog in the rubble during her interview is incredible. Thanks for that. It warmed my heart.

  • TherecanbeonlyoneAdmin

    “Please, continue to get a bug up your ass about something that no one is forcing you to participate in.”

    Just make sure that if someone offers to pee in that particular bug that you make sure they've been tested first.

  • Mrs. Julien
  • Ian Fay

    So, lemme preface this by stating I'm a straight male, and this is my (admittedly) completely uninformed opinion.

    Question for the ladies (and those into fashion):

    Why the hell do they keep designing high fashion dresses with pockets?

    Every time I see some amazingly glamorous woman on the red carpet with her hands in her pockets, I get annoyed.

    It completely ruins the line of the dress. It turns "work it girl!" into "standing in line at the DMV".

  • I'll get on the no-pockets bandwagon the day male movie stars stop posing with their damned hands in their damned jacket pockets. It makes them look lazy and ruins the effect of a perfectly nice suit.


  • If I were a chick, I would totally want pockets on all of my dresses. Of course, if I were a chick, I probably wouldn't be the type of chick who wears fancy dresses, so it's probably a moot point.

  • Sara_Tonin00

    I don't understand how pockets ruin the line of a dress any more than they do the line of tuxedo pants, except that you aren't used to seeing them. Pockets are useful. Clutches are annoying. I find pockets on ball gowns to be playful.

  • alannaofdoom

    Because we are tired of the straight male hegemony having a monopoly on pockets! [grabs pitchfork and torch, gathers angry mob]

  • Ian Fay

    See, I completely understand it in normal, everyday wear.

    But for a formal occasion?

    It'd be like a guy wearing a baseball cap with a tuxedo.

    (Which has probably happened. But is still insane.)

  • Bert_McGurt

    It has happened, and it WAS insane. Oscar-worthy insanity even! String tie here for extra wackiness.

  • BigBlueKY

    JLaw can do no wrong.

  • JJ

    “Please, continue to get a bug up your ass about something that no one is forcing you to participate in.”

    To be fair, we say that about pretty much everything on the internet. Especially commenting.

  • Guest

    Pah! Is JJ even your real name?! Where are the vowels?

  • logan

    But really Pajiba could stop talking about this any time last week now.

  • Sara_Tonin00

    This little blurb about it was actually informative from an indie-producer point of view though.

  • Sara_Tonin00

    Context, my friend. January Jones was on her way to the Met ball, with a punk theme.

    I like JLaw's colorful shoes, but those Dior dresses suck and her feathered hairstyle is bad. Better in the later shows with the hair off her forehead.

    Rocky Richter-Wang. Good name for a racehorse.

    There's more than one Scott Shepherd out there acting, so Angelina should be more specific in her shaming before she screws with someone's good name. I'm guessing it's this random guy:

    But there's a Scott Shepherd who's a downtown NYC theatre darling - Elevator Repair Service, Wooster Group - and he's the one who comes up more when googled.

  • stardust

    Yeah, the eye makeup is cray for just any ol' normal event, but it's fitting for the theme of the Met Ball this year.

    Also, fuck Scott Shepherd. The two close friends that she mentions in the story? In college, I was that female friend to the group of friends we shared. Not a nice position to be in. They didn't believe that my boyfriend at the time was the horrible person that he is (was/is). None of them were worth keeping, so I dropped all of them and preemptively blocked them when Facebook became widely popular and they started sniffing around some other friends on the fringe of that group that I kept. So, yeah, fuck him. I hope he spends some time in the Chinese Hell of 1,000 Fire Ants.

  • Sara_Tonin00

    If Shepherd's girlfriend is who I think it is - it's crazy that she feels she would need to keep quiet (and crazy that producers wouldn't take her side, either, from a business point of view).

    I think your scenario is not uncommon. And having to cut friends who don't understand suck - but when you are left with two shitty options, you have to pick one and commit to it. Losing friends in the short term - but gaining self respect. I know someone who was in a similar position (almost molested while sleeping at a party). She continued to try to ride it out with friends who didn't cut the guy out of their circle and she is still bitter & hurt about it.

  • Jennifer Schmennifer

    They were together for a long time. I wonder if that had been going on the whole time. Fucking hell, what a dick.

  • Sara_Tonin00

    She's brilliant, too. Gorgeous, brave artist. One of my top theater experiences was the show she did at The Public in Nov 2010. It's BS, but I also understand if an artist doesn't want her life to become the story rather than her work (like Rihanna's neverending saga)

  • pajiba

    She hyperlinked to the guy in her piece, and yeah, it was that NYC theater darling.

  • Sara_Tonin00

    Oof. I missed that hyperlink! Unfortunate coincidence that the other Scott Shepherd happens to be a martial artist....

  • JJ

    She hyperlinks to the specific Scott Shepherd that she is talking about right in the article.

  • lowercase_ryan

    Very thankful we get another season of Gillian Jacobs. I thought she was the best part of last season.

    "Will I?"

  • Even Stevens

    God, I hate having to upvote you

  • lowercase_ryan

    I just printed this screenshot and taped it to the wall of my cubicle.


  • Even Stevens

    That's fine, I still have a screenshot somewhere in which you told me how terrible Caroline was and no way would you ever like her

  • lowercase_ryan

    you play the dirtiest of pool.

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