Jennifer Lawrence Dares America to Call Her Fat One More Time. ONE MORE TIME
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Jennifer Lawrence Dares America to Call Her Fat One More Time. ONE MORE TIME

By Dustin Rowles | Pajiba Love | November 8, 2012 | Comments ()


Jennifer Lawrence is taking umbrage with "critics" who are calling her "beefy"? Who are these people, and why haven't they all already jumped up my ass? OPEN INVITATION. (Celebitchy)

Here's my impassioned plea to consider dropping Netflix and adding Amazon Instant Prime in its place: The 15 Best TV Series on Amazon Prime Instant. (Uproxx)

Hey! Remember Alexa Vega, the 12-year-old from Robert Rodriguez' Spy Kids? She grew up, and she looks great in a bikini and chaps while wielding a gun. (FilmDrunk)

Vincent Kartheiser, who plays that weasel f*ck on Mad Men, waxes philosophical on getting punched in the face. If it indeed is a male rite of passage, I've come of age at least two dozen times in my life. What can I say? My face is very punchable. (Vulture)

Hey, if you like watching other people get punched in the face while getting your own face be-shitted upon, check out this fantastic collection of action-movie drinking games. (Unreality)

Speaking of drinking games, one of our wonderful readers, Laura, designed her own for "Parks and Recreation." Snake juice sold separately. (Click to Embiggen)


I guess I have mixed feelings about the sudden mainstream success of fan-fic: I want to support writers, but I also want to support good writing. I'll reserver judgement on Beautiful Bastard --a re-imagined the Edward Cullen-Bella Swan relationship as a steamy love/hate romance between a boss and his assistant that's just signed to a lucrative publishing deal -- until the Pulitzer is handed out. (THR)

While I always find it interesting when actors/directors reveal that they turned down so-and-so role, I find it equally off-putting. "Oh, you turned down your chance to do The Avengers, huh, Sam Mendes? Too good for the biggest action movie not directed by James Cameron of all time, are you? I'm totally sure they would've picked you." (Slashfilm)

Oh sure, Kevin Smith is excited for Star Wars VII, but what he REALLY wants is a standalone film for Bobba Fett. (FirstShowing)

What's better than math-wiz wunderkind Nate Silver? Drunk Nate Silver. (Buzzfeed)

You can't actually say "f*ck" on network television, but that hasn't stopped the networks from developing four (4) new shows with "f*ck" in the title. How edgy. (Deadline)

Taco Bell is selling a new product that will consist of a loaded baked potato wrapped in a tortilla. I believe they are calling it "Natural Selection." (OC)

That skeevy Terry Richardson, who photographs all the celebrities in smutty provocative ways, takes a whack at President Obama, and somehow he manages to capture the President at his least adorable. At least he doesn't have a gun in his mouth. (Terry Richardson)


Serial killer much, Prez?

Speaking of politics, my favorite new Tumblr today is "White People Mourning Romney." It's funny because it's sad. Or because they're white. I DUNNO, IT'S JUST FUNNY, OK? (WPMR)


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  • Devlin

    Merciful Zeus....Jennifer Lawrence is so, so lovely and talented.

  • Jezzer

    I like Netflix Instant because I have a pretty slow internet speed ("best effort" DSL; I live in the boonies), but can still stream Netflix without any interruptions, unlike YouTube or Hulu. Anyone know how Amazon Instant Prime is on slower connections?

  • Jezzer

    President Obama has the weirdest reaction face to Terry Richardson's erection I've ever seen.

  • BlackRabbit

    FATTY FATTY TWO-BY-FOUR! There, I said it. Come make me take it back. Please? (It might work.) Also, Alexa Vega? Wow, you were...gifted, weren't you?

  • dizzylucy

    Looking at the tumblr, I thought two things -

    1) it must suck to work really hard for and believe in a candidate, and watch them lose.

    2) many of the people commenting on social media that ended up on that site seem unaware that Obama has already been POTUS for 4 years, acting like this election is suddenly going to change every aspect of their lives. The world didn't come to an end in 2008, and it won't now, just like it didn't when Bush got re-elected.

  • Rochelle

    I'm using the P&R drinking guide and I've lost count of the drinks I've taken. Fortunately I'm drinking soda water. Who needs alcohol when you've got Jonathon Banks?

  • q

    Seriously, who gives a fuck what Kevin Smith wants? A no talent pot smoking uber plumper utterly untalented filmmaker who manages to make Ed Wood look like a combination of DeMille/Scorcese/Spielberg/Fincher/FFCoppola. Stick to running your comic book shops, and eating out your wifes stinking, greasy, stinking, oily, stinking, hairy, stinking butthole.

  • Quatermain

    Good Lord, what did Kevin Smith do, sodomize your puppy while pouring sugar in your gas tank? How about you take a breath and relax?

  • Mrs. Julien

    Frankly, I'd be impressed by that level of multi-tasking.

  • Clancys_Daddy

    May I be the first to say, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm beefy.

  • Long_Pig_Tailor

    I want to caption that Obama pic, "I like Huey Lewis and the News, Tagg. Bring it."

  • Haystacks

    I can only assume that these people are confused on the meaning of "beefy" and are thinking that Jennifer Lawrence probably tastes like a delicious hamburger.

  • in those pics, Jennifer Lawrence's thighs don't touch when she she's standing straight. that's still need a second helping territory. beefy? what madness.

  • pcloadletter

    Further investigation required.

  • Artemis

    The fact that her thighs are visible to the naked eye is what makes them Hollywood-beefy.

  • marya

    I was going to post that I'm ambivalent about that "white people mourning romney" tumblr, but you know what? I'm not ambivalent.

    It's smug and it's mean-spirited, and I want Americans to be better than that. Especially liberal Americans.

    There are some truly horrifying right-wing pundits and politicians out there, and they should be mocked - often and loudly. But most of these photos are of ordinary voters and volunteers, and someone posted pictures of them on the internet for the purpose of making fun of their disappointment. I remember what it feels like to have someone in the White House that I vehemently disagreed with, and you can bet your ass I will feel that way again, because history tells us the left/right pendulum will swing back again.

    About 57 million people voted for Romney. Yeah, I think they made the wrong choice, but they're not all nutjobs and racists.

    Take the high road. Show some class, Democrats.

  • Zen

    I prefer to look at photos of people celebrating the newly discovered right to get married. More gladness, less sadness.

  • pcloadletter

    Sorry, I'm a democrat and I'd also laugh at a tumblr with bummed out liberals if Obama had lost. What I'm saying is that I laugh at everyone's sadness.

    And where does it say that the people in the pictures on that blog are racists or nutjobs?

    I do agree that there is way too much classless gloating going on this week, and while I laughed at that blog, I wouldn't share it on facebook. I would (and did) privately send it to some like-minded friends.

  • Haystacks

    Let's face it, Classy is not one of America's strengths. That's why we go for offensively amusing.

  • sherlockzz

    Thank you for saying that. For the most part, people left of center have been happy about the results and been able to be classy about it. But, there has been a disturbing minority, including some friends of mine, who can only be described as very poor winners. Not classy at all.

  • Pessimistic Optimist

    Just curious how it would have been perceived if Obama lost and there was a tumblr titled "Black People Mourning Obama".

  • Jerce

    You actually saying you believe there wouldn't be such a thing if Obama had lost? How naive are you?

  • Salad_Is_Murder

    Ye gods, you are stupid...or you're trolling at the kindergarten level and we don't have time for either brand of idiocy.

  • Pessimistic Optimist

    Um, okay ... Not sure how my comment warrants personal abuse, but it was a genuine question relating to Dustin's description "It’s funny because it’s sad. Or because they’re white. I DUNNO, IT’S JUST FUNNY, OK?" if the word "white" was replaced with the word "black". If you could explain what exactly was wrong with my comment, I would be most grateful. And for the record, I was actually agreeing with marya.

  • Maroon

    I am assuming it's the VASTLY different roles black stereotypes and white stereotypes have in today's America.

  • Three_nineteen

    Well, I remember "Sore/Loserman", so if Tumblr had been a thing back then I'm not sure we would have to imagine it.

  • Bandit

    Jeniffer Lawrence has a body built for sin.

  • ,

    If that's fat, give me a heapin' helpin' of THAT.

  • John G.

    "I have a head for business, and a bod for sin", Oh Melanie Griffith, no you don't.

  • Long_Pig_Tailor

    Nah, when you're that blessed by god, everything you do with it has got to be cool beans.

  • FrayedMachine

    That Tumblr account is the best. thing. ever.

  • Artemis

    Here’s my impassioned plea to consider dropping Netflix and adding Amazon Instant Prime in its place: The 15 Best TV Series on Amazon Prime Instant.

    I'm pretty sure at least 13 of those shows are also available on Netflix, so that might not be the best argument for switching.

  • phase10

    Yes, but the argument is that Amazon gives you the bonus free shipping if you're into that.

  • BierceAmbrose

    "I too, turned down a spot on Numfar's The Revengers."

    I noticed something strange while listening to the commentary track for this movie. Numfar's commentary sounded like he was doing the biggest script doctoring assignment of all time. How could it not? You have about a billion imposed elements to resolve or reconcile. "These people don't belong together" is probably the easiest one to fix.

    I started noticing something different when I realized how much Joss was saying "they" would let him, wouldn't let him, wanted, didn't want, and even did on their own... on *his* movie. Yes, he wrote it, and yes, he directed it, but really it wasn't a pile of money to make a Joss-y obsession. It was a near-impossible exercise as part of a going franchise machine, so they called in the best script doctor in Hollywoodland.

  • Jackseppelin

    That's from the Vibe Cover in 2008.

  • BierceAmbrose

    Do you think maybe they're just calling Jennifer Lawrence "beefy" to inspire her to refute them? At any rate, do carry on with that. Her refutations have excellent form.

  • Marcela

    Drunk Nate Silver absolutely destroyed me. My abs! My abs! They hurt so badly now.

  • Miss Laaw-yuhr

    Is it ok the Drunk Nate Silver is my newest geek crush? I'm sure the fact that's he's gay is a mere mathematical disparity.

  • Long_Pig_Tailor

    He's gay? I mean, I'm not, but he's definitely on the shortlist of guys I would totally consider switching teams for. So yay for me, kinda.

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