Jason Sudeikis Discovers Greatest Weight Loss Secret Ever: Marathon Bang Sessions with Olivia Wilde

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Jason Sudeikis Discovers Greatest Weight Loss Secret Ever: Marathon Bang Sessions with Olivia Wilde

By Dustin Rowles | Pajiba Love | July 18, 2013 | Comments ()

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In a rare interview on one of my favorite podcasts, Bullseye with Jesse Thorn, Rick Moranis — the world’s best all-time celebrity dad — talks openly about his retirement from acting to become a stay-at-home-dad. I cannot emphasize enough what a great all-around guy he is. (Uproxx)

I don’t know how much the rights to Breaking Bad and Mad Men costs, but I do know that House of Cards costs Netflix $100 million. And yet, it was the former shows that were streamed more often on Netflix. (WSJ)

If you’re still interested in the behind-the-scenes drama over on Community, here’s a pretty great profile and interview with Dan Harmon, where he basically admits that he’s a selfish child and that his firing was his own damn fault. (THR)

Meanwhile, Joel McHale — who Dan Harmon has to thank for getting him his job back — will be throwing a welcome back party for Harmon in August. (Vulture)

If you missed Jon Hamm’s charming ESPY’s monologue, WATCH IT NOW. In the meantime, Tate Donovan was there, too, and I always liked to think of him as a tall dude. Either he isn’t, or the woman towering over him, Kerri Walsh, is just super tall. (GFY)

The amazing unpublished art of the Harry Potters books is NEAT. (Unreality)

Jason Sudeikis admits that he gets much of his exercise from marathon bang sessions with his girlfriend, Olivia Wilde. Is that something we can order on QVC? (Celebitchy)

I literally never get tired of videos featuring veterans returning home to surprise their kids. Getch’er Kleenex. (Hypervocal)

If you haven’t caught the Emmy nominations yet, do that now! Then you too can realize how sad it is that Kerry Washington is the first African American woman to be nominated for an Emmy in the lead actress category since 1995. Really? (Indiewire)

Reese Witherspoon is the latest to join the “I need to go someplace exotic and find myself” genre, and this movie — weirdly — is being adapted by Nick Hornby. (Slashfilm)

There’s a reason children of the 80s used to think moustaches were cool, and that reason is Lionel Ritchie. (Underscoopfire)

Mary Louise Parker is contemplating quitting the business because she is sick and tired of the bitchy, cynical, mean-spirited people on Internet. Get in line, lady. (NYMag)

Here’s a Comic-Con teaser for Spider-Man 2 showing Jamie Foxx’s transformation into Electro. WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO GIVE THAT AWAY IN A TEASER? (Filmdrunk)

Finally, many of you may be excited to learn that a Sherlock and Doctor Who vet is joining the cast of Game of Thrones. Who will he play? (I don’t know. I really don’t.). (WG)

How Interface Matters More than Genre in Video Games | 25 Emmy Snubs and the Nominees They Should Have Replaced

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  • Bell Swerve

    I actually hate the videos of veterans surprising their kids as it means the kids have been lied to (and it's a big lie) and on subsequent tours will have no idea when their parent is coming home and not be able to trust whoever tells them it's not for another month. Other kids will also wonder if the same thing will happen to them. My bro did 3 tours and I really needed to know when I was going to see him. I would have hated having a camera shoved in my face and a whole school watching me. It also hits home how goddamn awful it is for kids to have their parents away for months and months. So surprise the dogs, not the kids :)


    On the Mark Gatiss thing, the Mace Tyrell shout is a good one and based on his Sherlock work I think he could pull off some buffoonery. But after watching him play a very old supernatural thing on the UK Being Human I'm thinking his character might be a lot further north than Kings Landing and have a pretty cool steed...

  • DeltaJuliet

    I agree with the "soldiers coming home" videos. The first few I saw really tugged at the heartstrings, but now they feel so....exploitative. I just know how we all felt when my brother in law walked though the airport returning from Afghanistan and it was so raw (and that's from me as an adult, knowing he was coming home). It's hard for me to think of these children whose hearts are being torn in two (even if it is with happiness/relief). It's just too much.

  • Ruthie O

    Aw, the Harry Potter artwork made me realize how sad I still am that they are over. I can't wait to have kids so we can read them together, and I can experience the stories again through their eyes.

    Until then, I should just find some kids on the corner and ask if they'd like to come to my house for some candy and wizard stories. Nothing could go wrong with that plan.

  • Doric

    Game of Thrones speculation - Spoilers!

    I think they're hiring Mycroft to play Mace Tyrael. Makes sense Margery's father comes in for the wedding.

  • That's kind of genius. I bet you're right.

  • Fabius_Maximus

    So Gatiss has to wear a pillow or two under his doublet, then?

  • It must not be too terrible for at least Joel McHale working with Dan Harmon. That or he's like us and it was really tough to watch last season.

  • John W

    If sex with Olivia Wilde is something we can order from QVC I'd like to open a tab....

  • BWeaves

    "I don’t know how much the rights to Breaking Bad and Mad Men costs, but I do know that House of Cards costs Netflix $100 million. And yet, it was the former shows that were streamed more often on Netflix."

    House of Cards was Netflix's foray into original programming, so I'm not surprised it hasn't been streamed as much as well known regular TV programs that have been on the air for several seasons and have name recognition. I think you're comparing apples to oranges.

    I can't stream, so I had to wait for HoC's to come out on DVD. Plus, the only reason I picked it was that I loved the old British version.

  • Captain D

    I didn't see mention of the fact the multiple seasons of Mad Men and Breaking bad have far more episodes than the one season of HoC.

  • Sara_Tonin00

    Ok, MLP - it makes more sense to quit the internet, rather than your chosen profession.

    Here is my contribution to crazy links today - the twitterrage at Marc Anthony singing God Bless America at the All-Star game.


    Lastly: I don't get the hate for the "go someplace exotic to find yourself" thing. A lot of people like to travel. A lot of people like exotic places. And it's been demonstrated that it can be very helpful to breaking bad habits/starting good habits to get out of your day to day, because your current day to day has built inertia. It wants to stay the same. It triggers that same snack/cigarette/coffee craving every afternoon. There's a reason writers undertake retreats. There's a reason athletes are sent away to sports camps for intensive training. AWAY can be a very helpful thing. Why begrudge a person who wants to make the most of the one life s/he is given, and thinks that taking a break to somewhere far away and amazing will help her live that life? the whole "harumpf, must be nice to be able to get away/afford it" is whiny bullshit.

  • Maguita NYC

    I read it more as snark towards Julia Roberts' efforts in Eat Pray Love... As in yet another vehicle for another "America's Sweetheart" trying to find herself... Non merci.

    Other than that, I agree with your assessments on the benefits of retreats. And would be much grateful if Pajiba would send me to one with my wifeys.

  • firedmyass

    Can I volunteer to be the token male attendee to said retreat? You know, to open jars and kill spiders and such...

  • Maguita NYC

    Well now, I can always use a handy jar opener. Not afraid of spiders though. *flexes puny muscles.

  • Sara_Tonin00
  • John G.

    Hey Mary Louise Parker, it's not our fault Weeds sucked so hard after Season 3.

  • Tom

    I find it surprising that she reads comments on on stories. That's just asking to read ridiculous and intentionally mean things about yourself. It's so easy to avoid and 100% worth avoiding.

  • Mrs. Julien

    ...There’s a reason children of the 80s used to think moustaches were cool, and that reason is Lionel Ritchie Sam Elliott.

    If it is a question of moustache, the answer is always Sam Elliott. The judges would also have accepted Tom Selleck.

  • Mitchell Hundred

    I once tried to find out what teenaged Sam Elliott looked like by taking some of his genetic material and growing a fetus in a cloning tank. It didn't work; he started growing a moustache before the gestation period was even finished and despite all my efforts to slow his growth he emerged from the womb looking around 30 years old (and even that seemed to be a strain on the fabric of reality). Tragically his body could not cope with the stress of being so young, and he died of excess temporal whiplash about a week after being born. I still feel guilt to this day about his suffering.

    Anyway, the moral of the story is: Don't try to screw around with nature. You'll only end up hurting yourself.

  • Captain D

    What about Tom Skerritt?

  • Mrs. Julien

    What about him?

    Sam Elliott has pushed all of my buttons since I was about 11 years old. Others have come and gone, Elliott is the Eternal Unf.

  • TheOriginalMRod

    I mustache you a question, but I will shave it for later?

  • Maguita NYC

    That was very funny in the silliest of ways. Brava!

  • Fredo

    I always thought that if I grew up to look like Sam Elliott looked in "Road House" when I got to his age, I'd have lived a pretty sweet life.

  • Sara_Tonin00

    And if yes, can we have your number?

  • Maguita NYC

    Have him send a picture first.

  • Maguita NYC

    And did you?

  • Ian Fay

    I was going to mention Freddie Mercury, but the dulcet tones of Sam Elliott certainly apply.

  • Mrs. Julien

    And the head tilt.

  • logan


  • Slash

    Oopsie, sorry, I guess I didn't read your whole comment. Duh. But I guess it does bear repeating.




  • Maguita NYC

    ahyeaaaah. Selleck is right up there when thinking of mustachioed hunks.

    Also, in my dreams, he gives the best all-engulfing-furnace-hot-wet-dream-worthy hugs.

  • Mrs. Julien

    Also, [waving] "Hi Chanohack's avatar!"

  • Mrs. Julien

    Let me get my velvet crampons...

  • Slash

    Actually, I think the reason is Sam Elliott AND Tom Selleck.

    I'm not a giant fan of the 'staches, but they do work on some dudes far better than others.

  • Some Guy

    My vote goes to Alex Trebek. Jeopardy really came into its own in the 80s, in no small part thanks to the mustache. Let's not forget the national furor that went down the day after he shaved it off.

  • Mrs. Julien

    You are wrong and that makes me sad (for you).

  • Tom

    Kerri Walsh is a volleyball player so she is probably 6 feet tall. And she's wearing heels.

  • Long_Pig_Tailor

    If Google is to be trusted, Kerri Walsh is 6'2'' and Tate Donovan 6' even.

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