Is This The Era of a Kinder, Gentler Christian Bale? Say It Ain't So
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Is This The Era of a Kinder, Gentler Christian Bale? Say It Ain't So

By Agent Bedhead | Pajiba Love | December 6, 2013 | Comments ()


Let’s ring in this snow-covered Friday with a photo of jizz-covered James Franco dressed as Batman. Is that stuff real? It looks like cinnamon-roll topping to me. (Film Drunk)

Keri Russell ends her already awful week with a divorce announcement. She already dealt with an early morning home invasion a few days ago. Damn. (DListed)

People, please don’t tweet yourself into unemployment. 140 characters are not worth your livelihood. (Mental Floss)

I hope this hasn’t been linked yet (I checked), but I love this compilation of unintentionally erotic moments during Catching Fire. The tree spigot scene with an eager Finnick really takes the cake. (Vulture)

Am I unnecessarily contributing to some girl-on-girl hate by posting this story about the (alleged) Jennifer Lawrence/Kristen Stewart feud? Maybe. But damn, it’s a slow news day. (Celebitchy)

Dustin performs a side-by-side comparison of The Walking Dead mid-season finale and the comics. Did you know The Governor originally looked a more Danny Trejo than David Morrissey? (WG)

Here’s a list of “gifts” for college football fans, but it’s really a highly detailed viewing guide. This shit is so complicated — I don’t know how you guys (and girls) do it. (Grantland)

Is Dwayne Johnson made of teflon? Very sexy teflon. That’s an actual question. He makes so many cheeseball movies but is always forgiven. (Slashfilm)

DiGiorno pizza live-tweeted NBC’s The Sound of Music remake, and they really got into it. Weird. (Buzzfeed)

Gwyneth Paltrow scared Vanity Fair enough that they’re turning their “takedown piece” into fan fiction. Tsk, tsk. (Radar)

If you were upset that Family Guy killed the family dog, there is hope on the horizon. (EW)

Christian Bale has gone really soft for his latest press tour. Whatever happened to him going balls-out ballistic on journos while ranting, “I can’t stand havin’ my photo taken. Can’t fuckin’ stand it. What I’m tellin’ you is that I will not ever be a model. If I’m ever modeling, you’ll know I really fucking need the money.” This new Bale is a PR construct. (Details)

In case you were wondering about the love life of Jennifer Aniston, she picked out a Christmas tree with Justin Theroux. And he paid for it! Swoon. Thanks, Huvane. (People)

I don’t know why everyone thinks Amanda Seyfried is so boring. She looks like a dream here. (Go Fug Yourself)

Is there internet in Heaven? This gravestone seems to think so. (Kotaku)

When I first heard about Nurse 3-D, I figured it would be Paz de la Huerta’s one-way ticket into VOD oblivion. This trailer doesn’t disprove that theory, but I think they’re trying to market it as a real movie. Hmm.

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  • ian mcgrinty

    What happened to your career assessments?

  • Ben

    The Rock is made of charisma and muscles. There is no film he can do trashy enough to make me not love him.

  • e jerry powell

    I dunno, Maybe Christian Bale has been having quality conversations with his stepmother...

  • e jerry powell

    I forgive Dwayne Johnson nothing.

  • Ben

    I'll forgive him for everything.

  • e jerry powell

    He doesn't care about my opinion anyway; he's got checks to deposit..

  • Ben

    man now that you say that, I really hope movie stars get paid in cheques. So that like The Rock or RDJ gets to walk into a bank and be like "I'd just like to deposite this 6 million dollar cheque thanks"

  • e jerry powell

    Rather, he has checks for his assistant to deliver to his accountant for deposit, assuming that the production company didn't wire the money directly to the bank.

    He likes to keep it real...

  • ellie

    "Is Jennifer Lawrence worried that trampire Kristen Stewart will steal Nick Hoult?"
    Why do we love to make females into villains and pretend like males have absolutely no control when it comes to women "seducing" them? I'm quite sure Nicholas Hoult has the ability and common sense to say no and realise that cheating isn't cool.
    And sure Kristen Stewart cheated and that also isn't cool, but the blame is so one-sided it's disgusting. Rupert Sanders was the married one. It was just as much his choice as it was hers.

  • BlackRabbit

    And any guy who leaves JLaw for Stewart is clearly braindead anyway.

  • John W

    Is Nurse 3D autobiographical?

  • stella

    I had a nightmare about Patrick Bateman last night... weird coincidence.

  • Repo

    That was totally Judd Nelson in that Nurse trailer. I won't see it, but JUDD NELSON.
    Also, Katrina Bowden reminds me of how much I love Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil.
    That is all I took away from that trailer. Sorry.

  • laylaness

    I've come to the point where I roll my eyes every time I read or hear James Franco's name (eye roll x 2). I mean, Daniel Desario, cool. This art-house construct? I can't.

  • Pants-are-a-must

    One day, someone will do an article about all the professional tweeterers for big companies, and the red bull-infused lives they live.

  • BlackRabbit

    "I live my life 140 characters at a time! On the edge!"

  • Parsnip

    Love me some Bale. One of the few actors that I actually look forward to seeing, not only is he a fine actor he's also very interesting to watch. Re-watched American Psycho recently and was blown away not only by how the film improved upon the book, but how Bale fleshed out and created a darkly comic character.

  • carrie

    “I can’t stand havin’ my photo taken. Can’t fuckin’ stand it. What I’m tellin’ you is that I will not ever be a model. If I’m ever modeling, you’ll know I really fucking need the money.”

    Bale talked about to be the face of a brand .Actually almost A list actor does some ads (even Matt Damon for Nespresso)

    i can't wait not to see NURSE 3D

  • loo shag brolley

    Keri Russell getting a divorce? This is why I never laminate things.

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