Is Jennifer Lawrence Feeding Answers to January Jones to Make Her More Likable?
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Is Jennifer Lawrence Feeding Answers to January Jones to Make Her More Likable?

By Dustin Rowles | Pajiba Love | March 20, 2014 | Comments ()


Cameron Diaz is so cynical and untrusting in her belief that, invariably, everyone will be cheated on. No, Cam. Not EVERYONE. Just celebrities (except Rita). (Jezebel)

Did you know that Bob Saget wasn’t originally cast in Full House, or that another guy played Sam Malone before Ted Danson? It’s TRUE. Here’s 12 Notable TV characters that were recast after the original pilot. (Uproxx)

Pamela Anderson chopped off her hair, and now she thinks she looks like Anderson Cooper, because a piano may have fallen on Pamela Anderson’s head. (Dlisted)

Pick anyone, alive or dead. Who would you sleep with January Jones? What’s that Rihanna? IS JENNIFER LAWRENCE FEEDING YOU ANSWERS TO MAKE YOU MORE LIKABLE? It’s working. (E!)

OK, Shailene. You’re great. You really are. But maybe dial it back just a scooch with the new age enlightened “get pregnant with the world” business. (Celebitchy)

Maggie Q’s dress at the Divergent premiere looks like a really fancy sandwich board! (GFY)

Fails are just FALLING OUT OF THE SKY over at D.C. comics. (Unreality)

Margaery and King Joffrey’s engagement photo is almost cute, if only it weren’t for the sword in Joffrey’s hand and the bloodthirsty grin on his face. (The Mary Sue)

Is Pixar out of ideas? Ummm. Maybe? (Flavorwire)

Here’s 6 Filmmaking Tips from Lars Von Trier. #4: “Have your subject think of a number between one and ten, and while he’s doing that, remove his genitalia. It’s an artistic expression of the randomness of life, and it makes for a wonderful movie poster.” (FSR)

I just want to note for the record that, I like Jason Segel, but he’s not the guy who should be playing David Foster Wallace, and I don’t like the look of him in this role at all. (Slashfilm)

A preoccupation with safety has stripped childhood of independence, risk taking, and discovery, so says Hanna Rosin. Not my kids! I let them jump on the bed sometimes, WITHOUT HELMETS. (The Atlantic)

Fred Phelps is dead. I don’t like to speak ill of the dead, but he was a terrible, awful no-good person, and I hope that hell exists, so that he can rot there. (Salon)

Traveling Mercies by Anne Lamott helped The Chancellor to renew his faith in God and good writing. He’d "…highly recommend this book whether you’re a spiritual, religious, agnostic, or atheist. Even if you disagree with her journey, you can still appreciate the scenery along the way." (Cannonball Read 6)

'The Americans' - 'A Little Night Music': Send In The Clowns | New on Netflix: The Most Profound, Captivating, and Disturbing TV Series of the Last Year

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  • "I think that’s really beautiful beauty advice, like, close your eyes and think about all of the other women out there who aren’t in positions to be on a red carpet in Hollywoodtonight enjoying this beautiful weather and all of these beautiful smiles and put those women in your womb and be pregnant with them and send them love.”

    What the fuck does that even mean? I suppose, if nothing else, at least it's entertainingly harmless hippy nonsense, as opposed to screechy, burn-down-society hippy nonsense.

  • chanohack

    She's adorably psycho. I dig it.

  • What was it Mark Twain said, 'I have never celebrated someone's death, but there have been obituaries that I have read without shedding a tear.' I may be paraphrasing.

  • e jerry powell

    Clarifying data: Rita is a second wife whose husband married his first wife way too young (relatively speaking).

  • Wigamer

    Who will NOT be cheated ON. Or I will have no faith left.

  • e jerry powell

    Something in me has the sense that Tom can't move quickly enough to catch a trophy, and he's just too darn nice to attract a fortune hunter.

  • barcia

    Lots of gossip linking him to Amanda Seyfried floated around last year.

  • e jerry powell

    After the way she behaved with "Big Love?" I doubt that quite a lot.


  • Davis

    JLAW wooooooooo

  • Muhnah_Muhnah

    Oh please, everybody wants to sleep with Rihanna. She's like the new Angelina Jolie. I would have been more impressed if she wanted to sleep with Steve Buscemi.

    Fred Phelps...I'll paraphrase Mark Twain: "he should not have been allowed to die a natural death".

  • e jerry powell


  • Muhnah_Muhnah

    Do you not?

  • Yeah, I'm not really inclined to jump on board the Rihanna train, either.

  • e jerry powell

    And you're even straight!

  • e jerry powell

    I do not.

  • Dumily

    I think Cam meant that everyone will have a partner that cheats, not that every relationship will experience adultery. While I'm sure there are still exceptions, I find it totally plausible that an overwhelming percentage of the adult population has cheated or been cheated on at one point in their romantic careers.

  • e jerry powell

    And you're not wrong.

  • BWeaves


  • BWeaves

    "12. Doctor Who fans might appreciate this: Howard Attfield was originally cast as Donna Noble’s father, but he died during filming and was replaced by Bernard Cribbins (who would be a Who companion during a Christmas episode)."

    Bernard Cribbins actually played Donna's grandfather. The part of her father was not recast. However, they basically gave the father's plot lines to the grandfather instead.

    Fun fact. Bernard Cribbins was in one of Peter Cushing's Doctor Who movies in 1966.

  • They opted to use Cribbins as the grandfather because we saw Howard Attfield as her father in The Runaway Bride.

  • BWeaves

    On one of the DVD's I have, they show the scenes that Attfield shot as the father, but they didn't use, because he died before shooting all his scenes. It was interesting to compare how he played the scenes vs. Cribbins as the grandfather. Both were very sweet, just different.

  • jthomas666

    Wow, blood supply still recovering from that header pic. Damn!!


    Will Westboro Baptist picket Fred Phelps' funeral?

  • BWeaves

    They might. They excommunicated him.

  • Arran

    Maybe this doesn't count because I don't think they actually shot a pilot with her, but Lisa Kudrow was originally cast as Roz in Frasier. I only found this out, like, last year.

  • sherryb23

    Joffrey remains so deliciously punchable. 'Nuff said.

  • VonnegutSlut

    This is awful & not my finest "love thy neighbor" moment but I just can't help myself...

    Wouldn't it be just blissfully appropriate if, when Fred Phelps walked up to the pearly gates, St. Peter was standing there with a sign that said "God Hates Fred Phelps"?

  • Ryan Ambrose

    I have never wished harm upon a fellow human being, no matter how despicable, but I read his obituary with grim pleasure.

  • Davis

    Or just an enormous gay orgy

  • John G.

    no, because like all fanatically anti gay bigots, that's exactly what he really wants.

  • e jerry powell

    I think I can make a dildo from a cactus to oblige.

  • BWeaves

    Well, Phelps was excommunicated from his own church which he founded, so it's a possibility. Karma's a bitch, Fred.

  • e jerry powell

    There's a possibility that the excommunication could have been done in advance of financial recoupment following Fred's death. He was sick for at least a year, and it's not unthinkable that somebody would come after the church's resources to pay that debt, were Fred still connected to the church in any way.

    So it's nice to think that it's karma, but it's probably more about money.

  • Sara_Tonin00

    Unless the church was considered a self-owned business (and I'm not even sure then), I don't think that's a legal possibility.

  • e jerry powell

    Just a theory...

    Even though Shirley's an attorney, I don't give the members of that familychurch much credit for intelligence in any case.

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