In Honor Of Comic-Con We Present Pajiba's Favorite Geek Couple
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In Honor Of Comic-Con We Present Pajiba's Favorite Geek Couple

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | July 10, 2012 | Comments ()


The San Diego Comic-Con, that bastion of unrepentant geekery and spandex clad bosoms, is right around the corner. The great Josh Kurp has a list of 25 Important Pop Culture Questions we can expect to have answered at the Con. Chief among them: "Twilight...why?" (Uproxx)

And, for no reasons other than we'd eat them up, we love them so, here are Nathan Fillion and Joss Whedon having a snuggle. Joss really loves that shirt. (Reddit)

Both Frank Ocean and Tom Waits gave killer musical performances last night on Late Night television. You can watch both or either here. (The Awl)

And if you like what you hear from Frank Ocean, you can stream his new album "Channel Orange" in its entirety. (Frank Ocean) Or, if you prefer your music a bit more swoosh/heroic, you can stream the new Dark Knight Rises soundtrack here. (Empire)

Speaking of heroic swooshes, Scientists explain why superhero capes are a bad idea. Uh, Scientists, we already knew that, darlings. (Blastr)
No Capes .jpg

Speaking of physics, XKCD breaks down the super fastball. Spoiler alert: it goes plaid. (What If)

If you haven't seen Prometheus, scroll on down the page. But if you have, check out this weird story wherein a ticket taker felt the need to spoil a major plot point for, presumably, political reasons. (Cinema Blend)

I'd never wandered over to What Culture before, but they've got a pair of great lists with 10 Film Miscastings That Ruined Our Favorite Characters and the companion 10 Creatively Different Film Castings. Great stuff.

Some things, once seen, can never be unseen. If you end up spending all day on this Tumblr, I'm sorry. (Face Math)

Here's a brief tutorial on how to make the best Iced Coffee. She forgot my favorite step which is making your ice out of coffee. When it melts, instead of watery coffee you just get MOAR COFFEE...and the jitters. GET ON IT! (Death And Taxes)

If you've followed the legal battle over on The Oatmeal, then this photospread of all the cash he raised for charity will make you smile. The picture below? That's the very definition of winning The Internet, no? (The Oatmeal)

Finally, I don't know if it's because I've had too much iced coffee, but I found this whimsiquirkilicious prank where a dude freaked out his friends and family with a wig of his own hair pretty damn charming. Enjoy.

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  • munigant

    Joss/Nathan's bromance is adorable and epic. That's all.

  • Vangie13

    Coffee Ice cubes in iced coffee is great, but Vanilla ice cubes in iced coffee is HEAVEN. That's right: Vanilla Ice. Ice, ice baby...

  • Kiddo

    Wait, what? Vanilla ice cubes? Is this possible? How do I make them?!

  • Vangie13

    2 cups of milk (I use soy, cause I can't handle the lactose, so whatever
    milk is your favorite), 1/3 cup sugar, 1/2 to 1 tsp Vanilla extract
    (you'll have to figure out your taste needs).

    Combine them all in a pot and warm until sugar dissolves: freeze in cube trays.

  • I am not good with numbers, but the face math certainly looked correct to me and they showed their work.

  • Renton

    I always thought Matt Smith looked exactly like the chap from Mask.

  • Holly

    omg, I'm having a heart attach from the wig prank video and I didn't even had coffee today. I think it's the fact that this guy is so adorable and fun-loving that makes it so funny. Also, the friend who thought he was his brother reminded me of my mother. She'd think that.

  • John G.

    Is Pajiba sending someone to Comicon?

  • Jezzer

    They were going to, but no one wanted to hang out with googer and his damn zen tapes.

  • Jezzer

    "What Culture" needs to change its name to "What Editor." By the time I was done reading, I needed a red pen and a shower.

  • Sara_Tonin00

    oh, yes. And he was obsessed with hair dye. Almost to the point where he thought the actors would choose/do it themselves.

  • googergieger

    I'm going to be doing security for this years Comic Con. Marks the first year I am not going just to go. To be fair it is getting shitter every year. If it wasn't for the over priced bar at the hotel and me living like fifteen minutes away, I probably wouldn't have bothered the last three years. Still security this year. Standing around looking pretty while listening to my zen tapes, I reckon. Either way come on by and say hi.

  • TheOriginalMRod

    I saw an ad for Brand X and I was thinking, "Damn Russell Brand looks like Skeletor..." of course I was watching Louie... but now I see I am wrong he looks like, if Rocky Dennis and Nigella Lawson had a baby.

  • The Oatmeal is the best. So is iced coffee. Stupidity and humidity are the worst. The no capes thing made me think of Bronn's no gold cloak spiel in GOT.

  • Bert_McGurt

    And poor, poor Dollar Bill and those damned revolving doors.

  • e jerry powell

    Coffee ice effing rules.

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