If a Woman Can't Escape Judgement for Dressing as a Slutty Mouse On Halloween, We Have Failed as a Society

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If a Woman Can't Escape Judgement for Dressing as a Slutty Mouse On Halloween, We Have Failed as a Society

By Dustin Rowles | Pajiba Love | October 10, 2013 | Comments ()


The LEGO Golden Girls kitchen really captures Blanche’s floozy-ness. (Underscoopfire)

The fall television season has laid waste to its second casualty. The world will never be the same. *cry cry* (WG)

Have you see Kate Upton’s Hot Pockets ad with Snoop Dog? When Kate Upton starts lip-synching Biz Markie your erotic fantasies about Upton, buttery crust, and a bed of pepperoni transform into a sweaty nightscape of naked, sweaty Larry King clones tearing through your abdomen with his teeth. So, it’s good! (HappyNiceTimePeople)

Mischa Barton is an attractive woman, but this dress? It makes her look like a truck stop waitress gettin’ gussied up for a fancy dinner party at the local honky tonk. (GFY)

The headline here speaks for itself: “Don’t You Just Hate It When You Eat Food Off The Floor And Find Out It’s Really Dried Cat Barf?” Kind of? (Dlisted)

Lena Dunham milked her cow on the middle of Manhattan yesterday. NO. THAT IS NOT EUPHEMISM. (Celebitchy)

It’s time to stop your Halloween slut shaming people, and just appreciate the goddamn (eye) candy. (29 Secrets)


Important: What is a Leitmotif, and Why Should You Care? (Unreality)

Is this not the most heartbreaking image you’ve ever seen in your whole entire life today? (Gawker)


The list of new words the Oxford Dictionary is considering for inclusion is the opposite of LOLarious. (Jezebel)

“Hell yes! ‘Secret of the Ooze’ is the highlight of my life and I’ll never top it!” Likewise, that sentence will never be topped for the most depressing thing I’ve ever heard. (Videogum)

The original 1976 teaser trailer for Star Wars makes one wonder why anyone ever went to see Star Wars. (The Playlist)

You know what Disney is great at? Scaring the bejesus out of little kids with their terrifying cartoons. Did you know that, in “Betty Boop’s Halloween Party,” bats fly out of her cleavage? TRUE FACT. (Flavorwire)

Here’s a very cool oral history of Evil Dead 2. I thought I knew everything about that movie, but somehow it escaped me that Greg Nicotero was the make-up effects guy on it. Of course, he now supervises the make-up effects on The Walking Dead (THR)

Seeing Joaquin Phoenix laugh on the red carpet is rarer than a pregnant unicorn leaping over a leprechaun. (Vulture)

30 Super Adorable Behind The Scenes Photos from the 'Harry Potter' Series | What We Learned From The Sloppy Little Witch B*tches In Last Night's 'American Horror Story: Coven'

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  • **I AM** NotTheOne

    Stop saying "slut shaming" and I will give you anything you want. And if you start saying "body snarking" I will burn this place to the ground.

  • Scorptilicus

    Is there any other reason to go OUT on Halloween? It's like Christmas come early for of age dudes. Almost fully sanctioned, completely impractical clothing on a chilly fall night. Few things make you realize how much better you have it that almost every human in our species' history.

  • Picture from the future below. Apparently the government shutdown goes on for quite a while.

  • Forgot to add in the picture because I'm old and don't know how the Internet works.

  • Yocean

    I used to vehemently bored by sexy blah costumes. Now I just appreciate. Although I would prefer some creativity and originality and horror. Then again, I'm the guy that over com

  • Yocean

    I do complicated, over thought costumes that no one gets it but scared of. "I don't know what you are but you are scary" is the general response I get.

  • Josh

    When I look at the picture of the kid at the fence of the National Zoo, I don't think of the sad kid, which does suck for him, but I think of the parents who obviously set this up for photo op reasons. Unless these parents live under a rock, which would suck too because they have a kid, then they knew about the shutdown, and seeing as how just about every knows or at least believes that even soldiers are going to go without pay, then why would they ever think that the National Zoo would escape the "lay-off" block. I feel like they went to the gate, told their kid to stand on it and then took the picture. Want to make a political point? Fine, but instead of saying, "zoo is closed today, we have to go some other time.", their kid only really found out when they get there, after his hopes were probably as high as they could get with Zoo related issues. Granted, it could have been a random person taking a picture of a random kid, but then that's still weird.

  • donnasaurus

    Snoop Dogg is the baker, he's baking, he's baked! Ha, even an old person like me gets the joke--Hot Pockets are for the munchies.

  • Sara_Tonin00

    Who's the jackass parent who took their kid to a shutdown zoo and then publicized a photo of it?

  • emmalita

    That's the National Zoo in Washington DC, which is in the middle of a densly residential area. So it's possible to be just a resident wandering by with kid and taking a picture.

  • BlackRabbit

    So you can live next door to a lion? Awesome.

  • PerpetualIntern

    My friend wakes up to the sounds of the elephants in the morning. It's pretty damn cool.

  • emmalita

    You can live next door to a lion. Earlier this year a red panda tried to expand his territory outside the zoo.


  • bastich

    And why isn't that kid at home playing GTA V?

  • Ferrous Bueller

    That is one stunningly ugly cow.

    And the Holstein is looking pretty rough too.

  • SugarSmak

    The fact that Jim Gaffigan was nowhere to be seen in that Hot Pocket video is an abomination.

  • Xander

    Am I the only one wondering if the government is shutdown who pays to make the government is shutdown notices?

  • Justmerogue

    These signs have been made in advance for God know how long. I work at the Smithsonian, and every end of fiscal year, we have the threat of a shutdown over our heads, but, always at the last damn minute, a continued resolution is passed and we dodge the bullet.

    But I work for the only Smithsonian facility/institute outside of the US (STRI) so I'm cool. Though it sucks.

  • foursweatervests

    Zoo Kid obviously needs Leslie Knope: http://parksandrecandshutdown....

  • Al Borland's Beard

    Slut-shaming be damned, I'm still going out as a sexy M&M.

  • Ben

    The green one... cause I find her weirdly sexy and I'm not sure if that's healthy.

  • Fredo

    I'm going as the peanut one. Helps to have the body shape.

  • I saw the teaser for Star Wars in the theater before Black Sunday. My brother and I went back to see the movie again the next day just to see the teaser again.

  • Etaoin_Sherdlu

    Same here. Told all my friends about it and we went together the next day. We had absolutely no idea who any of the characters were or what the story was, but we knew this unknown movie with an unknown cast was going to be something amazing.

  • oilybohunk7

    I was a slutty DHL package once. We had these giant DHL sacks at work so I cut it down, taped it tied it, etc. My costume was under $5 and it was water repellant. I'm still proud of that costume.

  • lowercase_ryan

    I suppose I would care about slutty Halloween costumes if I actually did anything besides open the door for 8 year old mutant ninja turtles and asshole teenagers in a mask and jeans.

  • Captain D

    Well let me share some free advice then. When a group of teenagers shows up and one of them is obviously not wearing a costume, tell them it's the best "Justin Bieber" costume you've seen all night.

  • Teens in my town dress up, but most of them are accompanying siblings, cousins, neighbor kids, etc. They tend to eschew the candy, but they like it when you figure out which video game character/rock star/magic using stereotype they are. Oh, wait, they will take Twizzlers, for some unknown reason. They love those things.

    We get lots of princesses and soldiers and the occasional serial killer/zombie/mutant thingee. Very small children are superheroes or animals (bears are popular). I haven't seen a ninja turtle in years.

  • Bea Pants

    Teenagers in half-assed costumes get Werther's Originals or some other crappy candy. If I could find individually wrapped circus peanuts, they would get those.

  • bastich

    I think if the kid's costume is crappy enough, they should owe you candy.

  • JenVegas

    You can buy individually wrapped prunes now, you know.

  • Bea Pants

    I'm not against slutty costumes. I just wish there were more options for women in the prefab costumes beyond "slutty [insert vocation here]". I've rocked a mini-skirt and platform boots as Harley Quinn (Arkham Asylum version) and I've gone with a full length peasant skirt and top as a gypsy fortune teller. But you shouldn't have to be an amateur costumer to have choices. Feminism is about CHOICES.

  • missbisque

    I'm not against sluttiness - in practice or in costume. But I think that if you want to dress sexy, be something that is inherently sexy. It's Halloween! You can be anything you want to be! Be a reality TV star, be a Bond Girl, be a Playboy bunny, be a prostitute. That makes sense! You can be both slutty and true to the spirit of the holiday. But why take a decidedly non-sexual (often even a non-human) costume idea and make it sexy? The cowardly lion was not sexy. A squirrel is not sexy. A pizza (seriously?) is not sexy. Trying to sexualize those kinds of costumes will certainly get you attention. Good! But they look silly and, yes, I will judge you-- not based on your sluttiness but based solely on your unwillingness to commit fully to dressing as something that is actually sexy and instead trying to unnaturally infuse sexy into a non-sexual costume.

    Meanwhile, I'm going to go put the final touches on my Bea Arthur on a Bender costume. Which is, obviously, the definition of slutty.

  • emmalita

    I looked up slutty in the dictionary and this was the picture they showed:

  • Ben

    God forbid you look silly dressed up in a costume on Halloween right?

  • BWeaves

    This is not new. 100 years ago, Jerome K. Jerome (of "Three Men in a Boat" fame) wrote an essay about wearing costumes to parties. He talked about how to impress the opposite sex by wearing tight fitting costumes that make you look like a hero. He wrote about being surrounded by women when his costume consisted of very tight pants and an elaborate military jacket, while the guy who showed up as a beer bottle was standing alone in a corner.

    There was another incident, but I cannot lay my hand on the correct book in my library at this very second, that involved a Victorian lady (a duchess, I believe) who showed up to a costume party topless. She truly believed she was wearing an authentic ancient costume of some famous priestess of antiquity. Another society matron made some comment about how the priest would have no problem inspecting her entrails.

  • Kate at June

    And when they try to make men's costumes sexy, it is usually in a tongue in cheek way. The outfit will be skimpy, but there is a humor element to it.
    With women's costumes its just: Sexy. Everything sexy. All the sexy forever in the costume of these...children's...heroines...

  • Bea Pants

    My least favorite men's costumes come with the fake boners; priest with a boner, doctor with a fake boner and viagra bottle accessory. Anyone who showed up at my party in one of those would be denied entry.

  • PDamian

    Not to mention all the sexy inanimate objects. I saw an article online the other day about a costume that was a sexy slice of pizza. Pizza, for crying out loud. A tan minidress with a yellow triangle and print "toppings" on the front, and a sort of roll or wad at the neck for a crust. Jeebus.

  • I choose my Halloween costume for the same reason I choose all my clothes: to get laid. This year I'm going to be wearing a dashing, but sinister military uniform. With an eye patch. Chicks dig eye patches.

  • Try to throw in a Scottish accent too. Chicks dig eye patches and Scottish accents. Do you ken?

  • bastich

    So you're dressing as Nick Fury?

  • Yeah, pretty much. But white and blue-eyed.

  • Ben

    So OG comics Nick Fury?

  • But bald with a goatee.

  • Fredo

    I never shame on Halloween. I appreciate. Bring on the slutty nurses, nuns, lawyers, firefighters, astronauts, mice, schoolgirls, witches, devils, janitors, ninjas, convicts, skeletons, murderers, bounty hunters, desperados, mugs, pugs, thugs, nitwits,
    halfwits, dimwits, vipers, snipers, con men, Indian agents, Mexican
    bandits, muggers, buggerers, bushwhackers, hornswogglers, horse thieves,
    bull dykes, train robbers, bank robbers, ass-kickers, shit-kickers, and

  • How about Sexy Osama?

  • emmalita

    Is this for real? /runs screaming from the internet........

  • There are also 'Sexy Chewbacca' and 'Sexy Big Bird' costumes as well.

  • emmalita

    A) everyone knows Chewbacca was the hot one of the Han/Chewbacca duo.
    B) anyone who shows up at my door as sexy Big Bird should be prepared to be deep fried in my scorn.

  • bastich

    "Slutty mice"? "Slutty pugs"?

    When did this become a Furry site?!?

  • Billybob

    Tell me more about these slutty Methodists.

  • TK

    But we don't want the Irish!

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