I Think We Figured Out A Way To Bring Sexy Back To The Oscars
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I Think We Figured Out A Way To Bring Sexy Back To The Oscars

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | September 19, 2012 | Comments ()


Stop the presses...or whatever it is we use on the internet. Stop the servers! I know a lot of you read XKCD on the daily, but if you haven't checked out the world's best online comic today, do yourself a favor. Oh and kiss your productivity goodbye. (XKCD)

You people had one job...ONE JOB. To send me all the dinosaur related humor you see. I had to find this one for myself. COME ON. (TDW)

Sure sure sure the idea of Justin Timberlake hosting the Oscars is just wanton speculation at this point but I believe our children are our future, I believe the truth is out there and, most of all, I believe in the power of us to harangue The Academy until they make it so. (Lainey Gossip)

This "Game Of Thrones" special effects video has the moldering walls of Harrenhal, the ghost ship of Blackwater and, also, dragons.

These two are, quite controversially, my favorite Disney friends. I don't blame this chica for tattoo-ing them on her calves.
Fashionably Geek

Dustin's link round-up on Warming Glow today has an 18-year-old Sofia Vergara in her first commercial. (WG)

Mine, on the other hand, has a tumblr about things that are organized neatly. One of us is winning the internet. I THINK YOU KNOW WHO. (Things Organized Neatly)

Unreality makes an excellent point when they say that though many folks will want to dress as Ryan Gosling in Drive, it takes a very special dude to carry off the Scorpion jacket. This might just be that dude. (Unreality)

Listen kids, with your hip hop and your Lindsay Lohans, back in my day the abhorrent sex scandals involved PRESIDENTS and CIGARS. That's class. We all get to relive the whole classy Lewinsky affair because good ol' Monica is writing a 12 million dollar memoir. Oh joy. (Celebitchy)

Mental Floss has ten famous folks who also worked as spies. I knew that about Julia Child (Meryl Streep sequel, yes? No annoying Julie/Amy Adams this time?), but the rest come as a surprise. (Mental Floss)

Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson are big guys, right? They don't look so big in a NFL locker room. Everything is relative, right? (Ugly Fours)

Look, Katie Holmes is on the cover of a magazine. LOOK SHE IS ALMOST SMILING. (Celebitchy)

I'm surprised that this 2001 Monolith "Action Figure" didn't rank on this "The Worst Things For Sale" site. But oh so many other treasures did. (The Worst Things For Sale)

Finally, this girl KILLED "I Will Always Love You" during a karaoke session. Just murdered it.

It took such a village today to build Pajiba Love. Much love and taco flavored kisses for Mrs. Julien, Daniel Carlson, Tomas353 & Nate.

Also, if you have no soul, this is how you can cheat on the XKCD comic. But don't do it. At least don't do it until you've poked around a bit yourself.

Stolen Review: Surprisingly, Not a Terrible Version of 'Taken' | Internet Manages to Make Advertising Even More Annoying

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  • googergieger

    People like Timberlake? Well, fauxhipsters liking fauxhipsters. Makes enough sense.

  • BiblioGlow

    Wait, Timberlake is a hipster now? Does this mean that every teen girl from 1998 gets to say they liked him before he was hipster?

  • googergieger


  • laylaness

    XKCD so good. Lost real language skills.

  • Mrs. Julien

    Is Katie Holmes wearing a burlap sack encrusted with broken shells and squid eyeballs?

  • Close, it's actually the remains of Marvin Sugg's muppaphone after they asked for decent working conditions. This is what happens, people...

  • Sara_Tonin00

    Oh, that xkcd. After 15 minutes, I thought "how cruel" because I knew there was still more. I'm not geeky enough to figure out a cheat so....going to check that out now. Thanks!

  • Erin S

    Clearly Katie's smile says "I wrapped myself in flypaper and rolled around and you people are only going to focus on my divorce. Priorities, people."

  • anikitty

    Katie's dress looks like someone glued candy on it. They didn't know what to do with the leftover wrappers and said what the hell, we've got more glue.

  • See, I think Katie's look is more, "I got away from that Scientology freak and I'm wearing a dress of his shredded gold cards."

    Also, it's only a matter of time before Glamour or V does a series of famous actresses wearing their version of "The Dress" to celebrate the publication of Monica's memoirs.

  • msjennijennjenn

    Katie's almost smile seems to be saying "What is on this dress and who put me in it? Great, now I'm going to end up in this weeks edition of what were they thinking on yahoo."

  • damnitjanet

    Make it so, #1. They. Must. Host.

  • Jezzer

    That header pic reminds me to remind Ryan that Mila Kunis is fucking Ashton Kutcher.


  • mswas

    Wow, that girl can SING!

  • Fabius_Maximus

    I don't know. I have the impression that she's just lip-syncing.

  • Rooks

    And she's holding a cheap-as-shit shitty karaoke microphone and is being recorded with a substandard camera while doing it. Imagine her in HD...

  • F. Robert

    I had literally JUST stopped scrolling on that ridiculous comic to come read Pajiba. And back I go.

  • e jerry powell

    Which gay goddess is Kat supposed to be channeling, Judy or Audrey? The plastic face is obscuring everything in the way of clear markers.

  • ShagEaredVillain

    Call it spoilers if you want, but for those who NEED to return to productivity:

  • ShagEaredVillain

    Oh, look what you already did there...
    *scoots awkwardly out of the room

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