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Happy Birthday Ryan Gosling! You May Be Getting Older, But You'll Always Be Our Baby Goose

By Jasmine Markes | Pajiba Love | November 12, 2012 | Comments ()


Sorry about last week, folks. I was one of many New Yorkers without power a week after Sandy hit. It was madness. Downed trees, no heat, long gas lines, human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together... mass hysteria!

The storm did provide an opportunity to convince a few friends who would otherwise not be interested, into watching (and eventually becoming addicted to) "Game of Thrones". So they at least understood my "Winter is Coming" reference when a nor'easter hit a few days later. Over at MTV, they spoke to George R.R. Martin about how a few of his characters would fare in a fight with some of Tolkien's. Let's be honest, in the game of Sean Bean roles, you die or you die. (MTV)

Celebrate Ryan Gosling's birthday by remembering all he has given to us. Mainly, ladyboners. (Buzzfeed)


The original script for Prometheus has popped up if you want to know if all the characters were just as stupid in Jon Spaihts version or if it was just the Lindelof touch. (io9)

Wonder what the vampires in the I Am Legend would've looked liked had Ridley Scott ended up in the director's chair? Answer: Pretty damn creepy and more believable than the CGI fest they ended up with. (Blastr)

And here's how it would look if Wes Anderson got a crack at the next Stars Wars installment (Team COCO)

I wish Jay-Z would just join Coldplay so that I would finally know the name of one other member besides Mr. Paltrow. (Vulture)

A Barbie that any Whovian male or female would want for Christmas. Just keep an eye on it at all times. (TMS)

If Anne Hathaway insists on keeping her eyes shut, I can't in good conscience, give her one. (Celebitchy)

This has been making the rounds on Facebook and Twitter lately. Writer and White Man, Eric Garland, wants to explain why he didn't and won't vote Republican until they make some changes. (Eric Garland)

Finally an MTV explains why they never play music videos anymore. Hint: You. You're the problem. (Youtube)

Like many of us, President Obama is hooked on "Homeland". Here's Damian Lewis sharing a story about the POTUS blowing off work to watch the show and signing a DVD box set for him. (WG)

Sometimes a client from hell is a creative opportunity. (The Curious Brain)


If you remember Rebecca Black, then you know the work of Patrice Wilson, the writer and producer behind Black's internet earworm "Friday". Well, just as your ears were finally starting to heal, he's back. And this time it's Thanksgiving with which he'd like you to associate driving a railroad spike through your head.

That was almost worth it for this gif alone:


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  • Jezzer

    I would rather George Lucas take the franchise back and make it All Jar Jar, All the Time than let Wes Anderson get his precious little hands on it.

  • Jt

    The Goz has inspired a number of man-boners as well. (Overshare? If so, sorry...)

  • Bodhi

    That essay was flat fucking amazing

  • lowercase_ryan

    The only way that video could be more disturbing is if Patrice was in a Paedo Bear costume instead of a turkey.

    muscular/stylish black guy - cool
    tattoos - cool
    the only adult in a tween dream thanksgiving - fucking paedo

  • Green Lantern

    That MTV message was a bucket full of cold, cold truth.


  • Ash

    It's like, five turkeys had to die just so she could look that stupid.
    Also, that gif is my favorite thing ever.

  • googergieger

    "Self-professed White Guy"

    Holy shit, those still exist?!

  • BWeaves

    Good essay, though. I quite agree with it and I'm not a White Guy.

  • BierceAmbrose

    Sometimes a client from hell is a creative opportunity.

    Not feeling that way right now.

  • Ley

    Wes Anderson can direct the new Star Wars movies all he wants, for as long as he brings Bill Murray on board.

  • Mrcreosote

    Hey, it's a very Logan's Run Thanksgiving!

  • ahh, but did you save the lives of millions of registered voters with your GoT marathon?

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