Halloween Brings Out the Racist in All Of Us, and Katy Perry Ironically Slams the Use of Sexuality to Sell Music
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Halloween Brings Out the Racist in All Of Us, and Katy Perry Ironically Slams the Use of Sexuality to Sell Music

By Agent Bedhead | Pajiba Love | October 28, 2013 | Comments ()


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Lou Reed has been remembered by his fellow musicians on Twitter. (Buzzfeed)

A certain young lady working at a Hampton Inn really knows how to put customer service first. Or at least, she realizes when her hotel is being pranked by Reddit. When a visitor made an online request for a bedside photo of Alfonso “Carlton” Ribeiro, the hotel delivered. Beautiful. (Happy Place)


The producer of The ExpendaBelles — and I really hope that’s only a working title — is in talks to get Meryl Streep onboard. Seriously? (Slashfilm)

NBC’s decision to quietly remove Parks and Rec from the Thursday lineup has been disastrous. Dustin pushes forth some renewal news too. (Warming Glow)

Michael Bay’s Hong Kong woes are not coming to an end anytime soon. He’s still filming Transformers 4 over there. Dude’s no longer fighting off brick-throwing assailants, but a suspected triad member is trying to extort money from his crew. Weird. (Film Drunk)

Julianne Hough has met more controversy in one weekend than during her entire lifetime as a whole. She dressed in blackface for an Orange is the New Black-themed Halloween costume. Julianne claimed she meant no offense, which is probably true, but she still should have realized what the hell she was doing. (Vulture)

But if that wasn’t bad enough, there was this truly tasteless costume featuring a guy in black face dressed up as Trayvon Martin. You in the middle in the green dress? Honey, you’ve hitched your wagon to the wrong doucherats. (Gawker)

ku-bigpic (1).jpg

There is a Game of Thrones pr0n parody, and it has a trailer. (The Mary Sue)

This is a truly amazing photography portfolio from a woman who (I guess?) got bored during her baby’s naptimes. Some of the pictures are very cool, but I have to wonder what kind of issues this poor kid will have as a future adult. (Bored Panda)


Katy Perry’s wondering why so many female pop stars feel the need to use their sexuality to sell music. “Everyone’s so naked,” she ironically laments while hoisting her jubblies to the moon and lustily licking her lips. (DListed)

Japan censored the hell out of the latest Grand Theft Auto release. The end results are probably the same anyway. (Kotaku)

Are we done sniggering over Lady Gaga’s sense of “style” yet? She’s a forever troll. (Go Fug Yourself)

Ridley Scott might not have had a raging weekend at the box office, but this retrospective about his career shows that no one can ever count him out as a true player in the Hollywood game. (Grantland)

Agent Bedhead lives in Tulsa. She & her little black heart can be found at celebitchy.com.

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  • GDI

    Glad to see that UNESCO's efforts have gone down in vain, with advocates of political correctness really just shitting on them with equal fervor as the asshats promoting discriminatory values.

    *Implicating FrayedMachine*.

  • e jerry powell

    Having seen what some parents do to their kids all over youtube, I think the infant is getting off light, because at least its mother is being creative about it.

    Ever since Bamboozled and several Texas frats/sororities hosting their very own special "Party in the Projects" nights, I am so immune to blackface that it's frightening. Jada Pinkett is probably hiding behind my apartment door with a Ruger, waiting to take me out.

  • Faye Volcy

    Will the fake Zimmerman stand his ground on Halloween to the fake Martin?

  • Jifaner

    How the hell did she keep the baby asleep for those pictures? It looks like most of the set-up was premade, but there still had to be some level of shifting and positioning. My kids would have never, ever just passed out on the floor and let me pose them as I pleased.

  • Yossarian

    There is a huge difference between the Crazy Eyes costume and the Trayvon Martin costume. Julianne Hough showed a lack of awareness and a lack of sensitivity but there doesn't seem to be any attempt at all to exaggerate or mock racial differences or any of the other aspects of what blackface historically is and why it was offensive. It's hard to believe it never occurred to anyone in the group that darkening your skin for a costume was a little fucked up, but she was trying to portray the character positively. That context ought to at least inform our response. (Which should still be disapproving. It's still an ignorant and insensitive costume choice.)

    As for the people defending blackface in these comments? All people, not just privileged white people, will resist absolute limitations on their freedom of speech and expression. Which is what these arguments are essentially boiling down to (albeit in the name of sensitivity to very serious racial issues and the legacy of certain words and actions. It's not at all a trivial thing).

    And it's a dumb thing for them to argue, and they argue very poorly, but the conversation (for them) stops being about race and it becomes about absolute restrictions on expression. "You can never under any circumstances say that word/ make that joke/ wear that costume." And that's a very problematic position to take. And the people arguing against it aren't completely wrong (just, mostly wrong)

    Absolute restrictions on speech or expression are not only bad, they are impossible. It has to be ok for Quintin Tarantino to say the N-word. And Louis CK. Some rape jokes in some context are ok. And there are even examples where blackface can be used where it is self-aware and addressing or subverting the racial history and does something interesting and we might be ok with it. (The clueless white girl's Halloween costume does not fit this criteria, but something else might.) Context always matters. And you can't restrict thoughts, which is the whole point behind free speech & expression (yes, yes, I realize we aren't talking about criminalizing blackface. I'm not talking about that kind of freedom)

    So the arguments against them can get pretty sloppy, too. So they dig in and argue back. Poorly. Stupidly. With a lack of sensitivity. With poor logic and awful analogies. And I'm sure that part of what compels some them to argue is that they don't like having restrictions placed on them in the name of being sensitive to race and racism and privilege. And they almost always reveal themselves to be assholes and not worth defending at all. But the counter arguments can be flawed, too. Or too aggressive. Or more concerned with scoring points than making them. And everyone digs in and we end up further apart then we were before.

    Blackface is bad you guys. For reasons that you better make damn sure you understand very, very well before you even think of dismissing or marginalizing. And if you think you understand but you still think it's ok to dismiss or marginalize it you are almost certainly wrong. So just accept it and round the 99.9% up to and even 100 and just stop. You're way better off. And if you want to talk about why we can talk about why. But it's going to be other people talking and you listening.

    Free speech is good, but with great freedom comes great responsibility. Irresponsible speech, even unintentional like Julianne Hough, should be criticized. Antisocial and hate speech like the Trayvon costume should be treated much more harshly. Unfortunately Julianne Hough is probably going to get much more blowback than the dumbasses who did that.

  • Do you even need to really 'make' a GoT porn parody? I would think all you need is a little judicious editing of the actual show and you can knock off early that day.

  • APOCooter

    Jesus fuck. Context and intent matter. Those Trayvon Martin dickheads? Those guys are racist and tasteless. Julianne Hough? I'm willing to give her the benefit of the doubt.

  • AngelenoEwok

    I do want to say: it's kinda sad that the awesome Hampton Inn employee got lost in the shuffle here.

  • cgthegeek

    Dear White People: You don't get to tell Black people what they should and should not find offensive.

    And if you decide to try to so do anyway by trotting out a handful of Black Friends who might agree with you, then you are the worst kind of person on the planet.

    I swear, some of yall are more care more about defending someone from being called a racist than calling racist behavior out for what it is.

  • Less Lee Moore

    That second sentence expresses a sentiment that I shouted out loud, many times and with much added profanity, during the whole Paula Deen debacle.

  • HerringGull

    Dear Everybody: You don't get to tell Anybody what they should and should not find offensive. You do, however, have the right not to care what anybody finds offensive and do whatever you want (even if you are being a real jerk about it).

  • I am only posting a response because I can't upvote you a thousand times. That is the absolute perfect response, and I wish everyone could read/hear/understand it.

  • TK

    Succinct, accurate, scathing, and eloquent.

    Madam, I would like to buy you a sandwich and perhaps even the beverage of your choice.

  • John W

    "Hey we'll air Parks & Rec", Say the Univision execs to the NBC execs.

  • Matt Baen

    Julian Hough's blackface may be the unintended result of the dilution of the taboo by nonracist 'meta-racism' humor like the blackface/jew-face episode of The Sarah Silverman Program and Robert Downey Jr. in Tropic Thunder. The Trayvon Martin costume, in contrast, is simply the cretinous brainchild of uber-racist filth.

  • BWeaves

    While the sleeping baby pics are cute, WHAT MOTHER IS BORED DURING THEIR CHILD'S NAPS? That's the time of day when you can do chores, take your own nap, etc. Why would need to invent something to do?

  • emmalita

    I think you have missed her point. This is taking procrastination to new highs. Fuck the laundry, food-making, and taking a shower! I'm taking pictures of the baby.

  • BWeaves

    I guess my point was, if it were me, I'd be taking a nap, too.

  • emmalita

    I was being silly. Obviously too silly.

  • BWeaves

    Nah, you can never be too silly. I was being silly, too.

  • I dunno. I did a fair amount of procrastinating when my babies were sleeping, because it was the only time I had to just skive off.

  • TK

    This is no joke. When I put my kid down for a nap, it's a mad scramble to get as many chores done as quickly as possible so that I can catch a few precious moments of napping. I don't have time to fuck around with cameras and Photoshop.

  • Mrs. Julien

    Dear Dustin,

    Please see above.

    I love you.

    Yours in Christ,
    Mrs. Lysander Julien

  • pajiba

    I hear you, Ms. Julien. I see a couple of very heated, very antagonist debates going on down thread, and while there is CLEARLY a side I agree with, and CLEARLY a side I think is way off base, the side I disagree with is provoking some pretty thoughtful comments about the side I do agree with. They are being kind of jerky to each other, aren't they? But the discussion is a worthwhile one, yes? I don't think it's crossed the line into douchebaggery.


  • L.O.V.E.

    -- "I don't think it's crossed the line into douchebaggery."

    Challenge Accepted.

    So, does this mean that Julianne Hough hasn't been playing the white girl on OITNB this whole time? #Allblondskinnywhitegirlslookthesame #douche #IzIHypocrite? #SometimesImissPookie /emoticons

  • Mrs. Julien

    That's not what I meant at all, but as long as you know I greatly esteem you for some reason, I'm okay.

  • FrayedMachine

    Left without serious commentary


  • JustOP

    I guess my point of view that as a reader, I'd rather see some form of debate than a string of comments agreeing with each other: so I try to generate that debate.

  • Less Lee Moore

    So trolling, then?

  • dizzylucy

    ...those baby naptime photos are amazing.

  • NateMan

    I'm very glad to see SOMEONE focus on what's really important. :)

  • dizzylucy

    :) I try.

  • Bea Pants

    They keys to effectively costuming across race seem to be the following:

    1. Don't change your skin color...ever. Yes even if you don't "mean it that way." Just don't. There's too much ugly history involved.

    2. Dress as a distinctive character and not a personification of racial stereotypes. Of course there are exceptions to this which you should be able to figure out using common sense (e.g. Don't dress as Aunt Jemima and DON'T DRESS AS TRAYVON FUCKING MARTIN YOU FUCKING RACIST TOOL. GOD I WISH YOU HAD SHOWN UP AT MY HALLOWEEN PARTY JUST SO I COULD HAVE THE PLEASURE OF KICKING YOU THE FUCK OUT!!)


    Following these guidelines, you should have a racism free Halloween.

  • emmalita

    I was going to post and say that in recent years there has been a lovely trend in cos play of people ignoring race and gender to dress up as their favorite characters. Most of what I have seen has been positive and boundary expanding. Blackface has been unnecessary.

  • Sars

    The middle one is the one that posted the pic- and she explains her costume as "Robbin the hood"... this fucktard.

    By the way, I don't hate this because its racist, I hate this because these VILE people are making fun of a MURDERED TEENAGER, and wouldnt be doing so if it was a white murdered teenager. The people who defend them are even worse. No one would be jumping to defend these fucktards if they dressed as one of the victims of the Boston shooting, or a 911 banker who jumped out of a building... This is "funny" to some people because the Treyvon saga involved two ethnic people in a poor neighborhood, and when ethnic people in a poor neighborhood get in a fight and one of them gets killed its TOTES funny because OMG it reinforces all the stuff we already knew... ugh

    Also Julian Hewes is an idiot but she is nowhere NEAR as bad as these guys. She dressed up as a character who happens* to be black. To complete the costume she had to be black herself.... she isnt so she painted her face. To me this is no different than if she had purchased a "crazy eyes" mask... would she still be offensive? if you say yes then really I think you are the one with racism problems. She intended no harm. What she did, to me, is no different than me dressing as Oren Ishi.

    Now THESE fuckers, they are a different fucking breed and they DESERVE every piece of bile coming their way.

  • Cree83

    The thing is, this issue comes up every year. Every Halloween. If you live in 2013, and you still don't know that wearing blackface is offensive, then you have reached a level of ignorance that is so willful, that it's almost as bad as intentional racism to me. Not quite as bad. But almost.

  • NateMan

    Very well said. I think Hewes made a bad decision, but made it from a well-intentioned place, and she apologized for it well. While the Thundercocks dressed as Martin and Zimmerman need their asses kicked. You've given great examples. The one I thought of was the kids in the Newtown shooting.

  • George Tarleton

    White people shouldn't put on blackface for the same reason they shouldn't dress up as slaves. I don't understand why this is hard.

  • Maguita NYC

    I don't get how in a society where quite obviously xenophobia is prevalent, where prejudice is once again on the rise, and where inequity is reflected in new ordinance whether in regard to voting, or health care access, there are still some who do not understand how inappropriate it is to don a blackface.

  • Michelle

    That whole series of pictures with that baby actually kind of creep me out.

  • I don't find Katy Perry sexy at all. She's objectively attractive, but not sexy. Lady Gaga on the other hand is incredibly sexy, especially when she takes off her wigs and lets her real hair out. Sometimes you just have to look beyond the ridiculous fashion choices.

  • bastich

    When that sleeping baby starts dating in fifteen years or so, I hope that someone warns him not to bring his dates home. I'm sure his mom *will* drag out those pictures.

  • duckandcover

    Neighborhoo Watch

  • bastich

    I don't know, hoo?

  • duckandcover

    The shirt.

    Next to the guy.

    Dressed as Trayvon Martin.

    It says "Neighborhoo."

    .. the comments in this article just seem to be very off-point today. Obvious comment on a shirt and questions about whether or not blackface is appropriate is just WHOOSH.

  • bastich

    Yes. "Whoosh" indeed.

  • Pawesl

    I'm black and honestly I didn't find anything wrong with Hough's costume. I thought it was really good.

    As for the other, Martin and Zimmerman, its tasteless not just because of the blackface but because it was someones REAL life that was ended and they are making it into a joke. But Internet justice is swift and social media will be the death of people. I've read the woman in the middle is the mother they found her place of employment and flooded it with complaints and got her fired (reportedly).

  • Because that's a reasonable response. You might be the first person I've ever heard use the phrase 'Internet justice' non-sarcastically.

  • Sars

    love you

  • logan

    Just a really slow news day huh Pajiba?

  • JustOP

    There is no intent to be racist in her costume. People are just looking to be offended with this.

  • emmalita

    Nope. Nuh-uh. No way. No. Not true at all. One of my daily goals in life is to not be required to think about a certain class of celebrity. Whatsherface up there is one of the people I try to ignore. I am not looking to be offended by her. I am looking to ignore her and she made it impossible by being ignorantly offensive. I'm sure she didn't mean to offend, but the history of white performers in black face outweighs her intent. Her ignorance doesn't excuse her massive insensitivity. She shouldn't be hanged for it, but I sure hope she is educated.

  • JustOP

    I'm sorry, but this isn't blackface. I'm not going to be offended by something that isn't what people are claiming it to be - and I don't see how anyone else could be. Is she supporting black face - no, is she 'being' racist - no, is her intent to offend, marginalize, or be prejudice against any black person - no. Manufactured outrage at its finest.

  • emmalita

    You are not required to be offended. No one has to feel a certain way. I am offended because when I look at that picture, I see an ignorant girl who doesn't understand the history of the industry in which she works. She is wearing black face. Black face isn't just Amos and Andy.

  • duckandcover

    Do you know what "blackface" is or are you just trying to ask troll questions in every thread on this article about the topic to get people riled up?

  • JustOP

    Blackface was used to stereotype and caricature black people in the 19th century, often within 'minstrel shows'.
    They played a large role in proliferating racist views, images and perceptions.

    What this women did is wear a costume of a television character.

    There is a difference.

  • Sara_Tonin00

    I am dipping a toe in almost against my better judgment, but I do agree with you. I get why people are reacting badly to this, but there is a difference between historical exaggerated black face and using makeup to portray a character of another race. I know that people are uncomfortable with Peter O'Toole as TE Lawrence or Anthony Hopkins as Othello, but that is not done in a disrespectful or mocking fashion as blackface was (is, bleah)

  • Cree83

    It's not the same thing, and for sure there are different levels of racism. But most people of color in America are pretty agreed on the fact that we don't like it when white people dress up as a caricature of what we look like. Different people have different reasons for taking offense. Some may object due to the roots of oppression and cultural appropriation. Some might just have negative childhood memories of white people teasing them by "doing black lips" or "asian eyes." Some might just think it's offensive for a person to haphazardly smear poop colored makeup on one's face and declare that they now look Black. Regardless of the reasons why we take offense, we don't like it. We're fairly united on that front, maybe not universally, but mostly. So it would be nice if white people would stop trying to excuse and justify the behavior, and would just stop doing it.

  • emmalita

    I'm not attacking. I'm not sure why people would be uncomfortable with Peter O'Toole, a white British man, playing TE Lawrence, a white British man.

    And it could be argued that hiring a white man and putting him in black face in 1981 was racist. They didn't want to hire James Earl Jones, because he was American, but they couldn't be bothered to find a black British actor.

  • Sara_Tonin00

    oh yeah - Alec Guinness is who I should've said.

    I don't know what it means, but for some reason I thought the header pic was Miley related. Like that was either Miley in costume or someone dressing up as Miley.

    I think Hough lacks awareness and sensitivity, definitely (especially if she's surprised by any of the reaction). I also thinks it's no way as bad as the Trayvon blackface. Which is not only insensitive in theme but in manifestation.

  • duckandcover

    Thank you for the quote from Wikipedia, but I was asking if you actually knew what it was.

  • JustOP

    Thank you for your non-constructive argument - you contribution to the discussion has been invaluable.

  • FrayedMachine

    My skin color isn't an accessory. Do not treat it as such. To try and trivialize it is pretty sickening. This is black face in it's newest form. The ignorant ideology that you can don another person's skin color and suddenly be a 'true' representation of that person.

    But let me guess, you 'don't see skin color/race'?

  • humour

    dave chappelle put on white face and made fun of white people. i guess i should be offended by that, but instead i just laughed. bc it was funny

  • Bea Pants

    Sorry, but I equate this argument with whites who equate being called a cracker with black people getting called n****r. Because of the history and power dynamic involved, you just can't flip the argument. Historically (and in modern times) blacks and whites don't have the same experience.

    Also, I know I said in an earlier to avoid changing skin color at all when costuming across race, I'll cut Chappelle some slack since he's a comedian who's sort of made a career out of pushing racial boundaries and not just some dude in whiteface on Halloween all "White people! LOL!"

  • FrayedMachine

    Yeah, it's pretty easy to not be offended when you live in a society that actively favors you and makes the attempt every. single. day. to remind you that you are perceived as an actual viable human being within this society and culture.

    When you live in a world of stereotypes, you don't have that leisure.

  • Sars

    Do you think people dressing in Arab Garb are racist? do you think white people wearing belly dancer outfits are racist? do you think a white person wearing a kimono is racist? do you think a white person wearing a Toga is racist? because let me tell you, I'm middle eastern and while belly dancing and those traditional garbs (minus the bomb) are part of my culture, I dont fnid that shit racist... someone is just dressing up. My culture is not an accessory to be used but meh.. who really carse. Also, by your logic, if you've ever watched an episode of Homeland, or 24, or even Die Hard, without turning it off as soon as you saw the appropriation of arab culture and the stereotypical (and sometimes offensive) portrayals of my people as terrorists, then I have news for you, you are RACIST!!!

  • Bea Pants

    There were Arabs in Die Hard? I thought it was Ze Germans.

  • Sars

    I think the last one were Arabs or Iranians-- I should have also mentioned Ironman... that one was amazing... they had the father and son speaking two completely different dialects and the music was in literal jibberish...

  • FrayedMachine

    > Do you think people dressing in Arab Garb are racist?

    Cultural Appropriation is not okay, so yes.

    > do you think white people wearing belly dancer outfits are racist?

    As belly dancing is something that has become widely produced and shared and is not restricted to a specific race, no.

    > do you think a white person wearing a kimono is racist?

    Cultural appropriation - Yes.

    > do you think a white person wearing a Toga is racist?

    As Greeks tend to identify and be considered a part of the Racial group of "Whites", ..no?

    > because let me tell you, I'm middle eastern and while belly dancing and those traditional garbs (minus the bomb) are part of my culture, I dont fnid that shit racist...

    That's nice. The great thing about being an individual in a group is that you're allowed your opinion. However, there are a plethora of people out there who would wholly and excitedly disagree with you.

    > Also, by your logic, if you've ever watched an episode of Homeland, or 24, or even Die Hard, without turning it off as soon as you saw the appropriation of arab culture and the stereotypical (and sometimes offensive) portrayals of my people as terrorists, then I have news for you, you are RACIST!!!

    Good thing I have never seen any of those movies or TV shows. I guess your argument is heavily flawed.

  • Sars

    Also just because you* think something is racist, doesnt make it so. The first step to stopping the hate, is changing yourself. :)

  • Sars

    You need to relax and stop being the Halloween Grinch.

  • Hollyg

    Seriously, how come your argument is coming down to "My feeling are these, everyone should feel them! Yours are silly, they should be disregarded!"? You don't get to dictate how people feel.

  • JustOP

    'My feelings are these, everyone should feel them! Yours are silly, they should be disregarded!' is the exact argument Frayedmachine is making.

  • Hollyg

    Actually, Frayedmachine is trying to explain why blackface and cultural appropriation are terribly offensive to minorities (even if it's not for every.single.person.ever. belonging to this minority), and your response is that we should ignore said feelings and just "chill".

  • JustOP

    Yes - but you yourself agree that it's not offensive to 'every single person ever'. Her offence is just that - offence, a feeling. I'm not saying its not justified, or there is a solid reason behind why she is offended - but being offended is a feeling. You argue that FrayedMachines feelings overide Sars' own - despite their method of argument being the same.

    My response to these things isn't just chill. It's look at the situation, take in the relevant facts, and come to an informed decision.

  • Hollyg

    It's not "just a feeling". It's a fucking FEELING. Feelings are not irrelevant. Especially in a conversation about race and oppression. It's extremely easy to ignore someone's argument because you claim they are "too emotional", "too sensitive" - when discussing something that affects them directly. My point is that you don't need every person to have the same feeling in order to respect a single person's feelings.

  • Sars

    the question then is, do you have to ACCEPT a person's feelings as fact? even if you respect it, doesnt mean you have to accept* it. I understand how someone is offended by JH...you can be offended by a non-offensive act.

  • Hollyg

    Oh god, why am I still here? What do you even mean by "respecting but not accepting a person's feelings?". I don't accept nor do I respect a racist person's feelings that it's ok to dress up as a murdered black teen for laughs, why the fuck would I? And how can you be offended by something that is not offensive, jesus christ? You need to rephrase that to "you can be offended by what *I* think is a non-offensive act". It's clearly way too hard for you to see that feelings are important as your facts (what "facts" you are talking about I don't even know since you haven't mentioned any), and you've given me a migraine, so congratulations, I'm out.

  • FrayedMachine

    Awwww, I'm sensing that someone's feeling sensitive over someone not sympathizing with their privilege.

  • Sars

    Privilege is a heavy word to throw around at people who you do not know -- people whose races and experiences YOU know nothing about. Then again, that is precisely why you are throwing it around, to silence.r I will not dignify your use of that word by telling you about my own experience as a child of war, child of poverty and in the end an immigrant child going to a school full of white kids who bullied and tormented me.... but know this, not everyone who disagrees with you is coming from a place of privilege....stop using it. It is disgusting and offensive to presume shit about people you dont know... its the equivalent of calling people who criticize skinny celebrities as "jealous fat harpies."

    You are easily offended at some chick for going as a tvt character but have NO problem insulting people who you do not even know...its cute.

  • JustOP

    Do you honestly believe that such overly antagonistic comments such as this further debate, or any intellectual discourse?
    Do you honestly believe that attacking myself is a solid argument, and in anyway furthers your own.

    This does nothing but highlight immaturity on your behalf.

  • FrayedMachine

    Oh right, because side commentary in the same comment tree as the user that you're being catty about is totally adding to the debate.

    Man, you've got me totally pegged.

  • Less Lee Moore

    And the tone argument rears its ugly head once again. This is so fucking predictable. I would laugh if it wasn't so disgusting.

  • JustOP

    Hollyg criticized Sars for using a type of argument. I in turn rebuked Hollyg's criticism by saying that the argument that Sars is engaging with is utilizing the very same method of argument as himself. It was intrinsicly tied towards the discussion.

  • FrayedMachine

    This is so laughable at this moment in time that I can't even take you seriously anymore.

  • FrayedMachine

    You're right. Everyone should totally be okay with racism and cultural appropriation. I'm so sorry if I'm not overly sympathetic towards the Social and Cultural majority. I should cry more for the privileged.

  • Sars

    This escalated quickly.

  • stella

    Seriously. What is happening?

  • JustOP

    I don't care what your skin colour is. I don't think she is being a 'true' representation of any person - she is imitating a character in a television drama. That's it. Get a grip.

  • FrayedMachine

    Yup. Great way to completely solidify my theory.

  • JustOP

    You're equating making yourself look similar to a character for halloween as to actually trying to 'become' them or be a 'true representation of them', whatever that means.

  • FrayedMachine

    Actually the point that was being made is that you more than likely actively disregard social disparities due to skin color. Or, even more likely, that you just think the world would be so much easier if everyone ignored race all together. Hence you not thinking it's a "big deal" to change your skin color.

    I'm going to go on a limb and also say that your offense towards the Trayvon Costume has more to do with the fact that you see it being a bigger issue that it was a 'tragic' event due to someone dying, and not at all taking the time to actually acknowledge that the people who took part in this costuming are active racists and are more likely than not actively doing it to mock blacks.

    But, you know, I'm sure that's just craycray.

  • GDI

    Wow, to posit that adjusting racist attitudes are more important the justice for the alleged murder of a kid is just insane and back breaking logical acrobatics. How are you getting any upvotes (if not from smurf accounts)?

  • FrayedMachine

    Uh. Yeah, okay then.

    You want to know why this is a bigger travesty? Because to this day, there are black kids - BLACK KIDS, being killed left and right and their deaths are not accounted for. Their deaths receive no justice. This is more than just them being killed. This is their deaths being lessened and disregard because they are -black-. There have already been allegations that have surfaced after the end of the trial that brings a great deal of speculation to those who have had a hand in the trial as potentially handling it the way they did due to potential prejudice against the victim.

    The Martin case wasn't just about murder. It was about ANOTHER murder of a BLACK KID. It's a travesty on a whole other level that apparently you and many others can't comprehend. No matter how you want to cut it, race and racism is potentially a bigger reason why what happened is a bigger deal. The black community has lost yet another youth because of the prejudice that exists within our system, and the fact that -people feel entitled to outright make fun of the fact that it was a BLACK CHILD murdered more than anything is fucking appalling-. It'd be super great if people would start realizing that's part of the inherent problem with the costume at hand. Heh.

    Basically - These people have the balls to dress up in this costume for one reason and one reason alone - Because they see no value in the life of the black child lost, because they feel justified and entitled to mock the travesty that occurred. Another reflection of our society's complete lack of value for the lives of minorities.

    But yeah, fair warning, my capacity to care about responses has waned, so you can go ahead and give a reply that I will more than likely roll my eyes at again, but the chances of my replying are slim to none.

  • JustOP

    Firstly - you're making complex assumptions about my world views based upon 3 or 4 comments on pop culture website. I don't think race should be ignored - but it's not a big deal that she chose to imitate a television character. She didn't 'change' her skin colour, she painted over it.

    I didn't say I was offended at the Trayvon costume. I said it was in bad taste. I don't know anything about these people other than that they chose to wear that costume - I'm not going to come to any complex or nuanced opinion on their viewpoints on race from it. For all I know they could merely have a very very dark sense of humour. You yourself admit that it is 'more than likely' - you can't be certain.

  • FrayedMachine

    > I don't think race should be ignored - but it's not a big deal that she chose to imitate a television character.

    Yeah, okay. That doesn't at all debunk my statements made.

    > I didn't say I was offended at the Trayvon costume. I said it was in bad taste.

    Oh, okay, so my theory actually IS right. Cool.

    Also you haven't done much looking into the situation have you. They're all blatantly racist. See these comments they made in response to their costumes here (Those with the last name Cimeno are the ones behind the costume)



    And then this wonderful commentary by the girl in the green dress:


    Yeah, sure. They're totally not racist. Not one bit.

  • JustOP

    Right - and I said I wasn't going to get a very nuanced view from just the picture, so I refrained from making a judgement. What you've said hasn't really proven my actions wrong.

    I don't think race should be ignored - it is an issue. It's just that what we're talking about now isn't one. Hope that's clarified things for you.

  • FrayedMachine

    The fact that you even thought for a split second of giving them any kind of benefit of the doubt speaks more than enough. I'm pretty much done here.

  • JustOP

    Right - because you should instantly come to a conclusion about a person in a time frame of under a split second.

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