Gawker's Response To Tarantino's Lawsuit Is Basically "Oh No You Didn't" And A Few Feeble Air Snaps
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Gawker's Response To Tarantino's Lawsuit Is Basically "Oh No You Didn't" And A Few Feeble Air Snaps

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | January 28, 2014 | Comments ()


Don’t know anything about wine but know a few things about beer? Well here’s a list that runs down which wines you would like based on your beer preferences. Just don’t try to impress your date by talking about hoppy notes or skunky mouthfeel, okay sport? (VinePair)

If everyone chips in, I’m pretty sure y’all can afford to get me this raptor cage for my birthday. Heck, you know what guys, if you spring for the cage, I’ll pitch in for the fake raptor. (Nerd Approved)

Google glasses are now available in prescription lenses. So don’t worry, Magoos, you can now surreptitiously watch porn just like the rest of us! (Laughing Squid)

In “The Best Damn News All Week” news, Jonathan Banks aka MIIIIIIIIIKE has been cast as a series regular on the Breaking Bad spin-off Better Call Saul. Fingers crossed for many a-rousing game of Hungry Hungry Hippos. (/Film)

Honestly, why don’t studios just let the internet design their posters? This is the first bit of anything that has made me want to see the 300 sequel. Okay, fine, that’s a lie but I don’t like talking about my enduring Eva Green crush too much lest I spook her. (Tumblrculosis)

Speaking of fan art, I am obsessed with these Justified comic book covers. (Francavillarts)

Gawker’s response to Tarantino’s lawsuit? “NUUUUUU UNNNNHHH.” As many of you rightly pointed out, this isn’t Gawker’s first rodeo. (CB)

Some young lad has taken a selfie posing as every single one of our presidents. That LBJ one is killing me. KILLING ME. (Mashable)

Speaking of presidents, the one thing I’d like Obama to address in the State Of The Union tonight is this Netflix price hike BECAUSE IT IS INFRINGING ON MY CIVIL LIBERTIES AS A LAZY PERSON WHO LIKES UNLIMITED CONTENT FOR LESS THAN $10. Okay, fine, if we’re being reasonable (ugh), the price hike isn’t that unexpected or unreasonable. Except for the fact that Netflix has seen a sharp decline in the quality of the films and shows it offers. The product is worse and they want me to pay more…you see my problem here? (Uproxx)

This True Romance festival looks so cool, so cool so cool. Meet you in the phone booth on the corner of E. Magnolia and N. Glenoaks? (FD)

Why DO pretty young things like Anna Kendrick put their bosoms in a cage? WHY? (GFY)

The lovely and accomplished Jack Giroux snagged a rare and elusive interview with director Michael Mann. WELL worth a read. (FSR)

Mrs. Julien tries to embrace the intellectual vulgarity of her love for romance novels, but most often the response from others upon learning this is an embarrassed silence, not to mention Mrs. J’s own mortification. Today she looks at Dangerous Books For Girls: The Bad Reputation of Romance Novels Explained by Maya Rodale and examines this choice of genre and society’s opinion of it. (Cannonball Read 6)

Finally, we bid a fond, folksy farewell to Pete Seeger who passed away yesterday. Here’s a lovely eulogy and snippets of his immense contribution to the musical landscape. (Gothamist)

And here’s one of my all-time favorite movie musical moments inspired by Seeger’s “Goofing-Off Suit.”

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  • John W

    I still don't what the big deal is about QT's script being leaked.

    Scripts have been leaked since everyone thought Harry Knowles' opinion mattered. Also..

    Isn't the script going to go through changes and revisions? And even if it's a final, final draft...

    Isn't the movie going to be edited later on? Wasn't Michael Jai White supposed to be in Kill Bill? And...

    It's January of 2014, that movie isn't going to be released till Summer of 2015 at the earliest, more likely it will be released later in the year during awards season. And..

    How many people are actually going to read it? And what are they going to do, take the script and beat QT to the punch and release their movie first? Plus...

    This is Quentin Tarantino. He should be able to shrug this off like Pei Mei and keep on truckin'

  • As boob cages go, Anna Kendrick's was not offensive. I sort of liked the structure and the fact that everything remained where it was placed. That's a well-designed gown, and she pulled off the look. I figure this is her time to have fun with funky fashion. They skewer you if you try it in your 40s.

  • Tinkerville

    Eva Green is in the new 300? Dammit. Now I have to go see it.

  • BWeaves

    "Why DO pretty young things like Anna Kendrick put their bosoms in a cage? WHY? "

    Because if they were let out of their cage, they might hurt someone. Those things can put your eye out if you get too close.

  • BlackRabbit

    "Clever girl."

  • John G.

    why do the setups never get the upvote love? BlackRabbit set the whole thing up, and Lauren_Lauren gets all the love.

  • Lauren_Lauren

    They're probably mostly ghost accounts I make to prop myself up.


  • John G.

    the ghost accounts mostly come out at night, mostly.

  • BlackRabbit


  • BlackRabbit


  • Lauren_Lauren


  • BlackRabbit

    Why is no one a bungalow of lies? Much nicer.

  • Lauren_Lauren

    That's when the attack comes. Not from the front, but from the side, from the other two boobs you didn't even know were there.

    The side boobs.

  • I, for one, am willing to personally test that theory. Because I'm a giver.

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