"Game of Thrones" Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams Must Have the BEST Sleep Overs

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"Game of Thrones" Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams Must Have the BEST Sleep Overs

By Dustin Rowles | Pajiba Love | July 9, 2013 | Comments ()


Just as “Community” is getting its showrunner, Dan Harmon, back, another shoe drops: Donald Glover is only doing 5 of the 13 episodes this year so he can concentrate more on his musical efforts as Childish Gambino. (Vulture)

This was not an easy piece to write given the Internet’s hostility toward the show, but you know what? F*ck ‘em: “The Greater Fool: 9 Reasons Why Hopeful, Idealistic Romantics Should Love HBO’s ‘The Newsroom’” (WG)

Speaking of The Newsroom, Neill Blomkamp’s follow up to Elysium, Chappie, now has a lead in Dev Patel. (TheFilmStage)

Meanwhile, Dustin Hoffman is one amazing man, as you’ll see in this video where he tearfully explains why he decided to do Tootsie. (The Mary Sue)

“I need a blood test cause that d*ck sucking bitch you call mom was f**king the hole time” and “You are your mother’s child. I don’t have a son anymore.” The sweet fatherly advice of 50 Cent texted to his son. (Dlisted)

Heather tagged this post under Rose McGowan, but I’m not so sure. However, the word association is perfect: “sack widow middleboob choker dropcloth scissor orgy.” (The Fug Girls)

Sun tanning is great for you, right? Let’s ask Gwyneth Paltrow? “We’re human beings and the sun is the sun — how can it be bad for you?” EXACTLY. (Videogum)

Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams (Sansa and Arya Stark from “Game of Thrones”) made the silliest, cutest Vine videos together. (Uproxx)

Here is a reimagined version of Barbie, if she actually looked like a real person (Note: She’s probably still short 15 pounds). (Unreality)

I appreciate that Jane Leeves (Daphne from “Frasier”) has avoided plastic surgery and allowed herself to age beautifully, but I’m not so sure it’s all that appropriate for her to be commenting on other celebrity’s bad plastic surgery. (Celebitchy)

Speaking of aging gracefully, here is a kind write-up of Tom Hanks, who turns 57 today. (GeeksofDoom)

A movie about an obsessed Jane Austin fan visiting a Jane Austen theme park starring Keri Russell? OK! Let’s do it. (Slashfilm)

This is just goddamn fantastic: Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” superimposed over “The Cosby Show” opening. I’ve watched it half a dozen times already.

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Here's some Daveed Diggs for you. On Daveed Diggs' digs, actually. That man does things with clothes that should not make sense, but are absolutely perfect. (Go Fug Yourself)

Woody Allen has "so moved on" from his daughter's accusations and says he never even thinks about it. He equates her words about him to a bad review he won't read and comments on how wacky it is that Mia Farrow is his mother-in-law. He is the worst. (Celebitchy)

Not The Worst but still very gross: Leonardo DiCaprio and his Pussy Posse Wolf Pack were on the douche prowl in NYC. (Lainey)

Here are 5 under-the-radar shows. I had never even heard of the first two. (Uproxx)

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