Fit Mom Maria Kang Might Do Well to Refer to the List of Questions One Should 'Never Ask a Fat Girl'

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Fit Mom Maria Kang Might Do Well to Refer to the List of Questions One Should 'Never Ask a Fat Girl'

By Agent Bedhead | Pajiba Love | December 9, 2013 | Comments ()


Over the weekend, Shia LaBeouf got into yet another fight for the ages. During the encounter, he made some poor girl cry and screamed at her boyfriend, “I can get you killed!” Nice guy. An actress could never get away with this crap. (DListed)

Here’s a list of facts about movie theaters. You’ll probably already know about some of them, but there’s at least one or two that you haven’t heard before now. (Mental Floss)

Julia Louis Dreyfus gives a pretty damn good interview. I’m glad she finally escaped the Seinfeld curse and the Elaine hair. (Vulture)

How many people remember Nickelodeon’s You Can’t Do That On Television? Here are six facts about the show you probably didn’t know, because the Internet wasn’t around then to catalogue every moment of the series. (Moose looks just like you’d imagine Moose would look today). (WG)

Once Upon A Time has cast its Rapunzel and finally got some diversity up in there. (The Mary Sue)

Fit Mom Maria Kang got super angry the last time I wrote about her at Celebitchy. She wrote in to correct CB’s “mistakes” but only made herself look like even judgier than previously assumed. I guess the feud continues. (Celebitchy)

Speaking of Kang, I don’t know if this has been posted in PL already, but she should probably consult this list of things you should never ask a fat girl before opening her mouth. (Cosmo)

Stop the internet presses, y’all. Miley Cyrus has a new hairdo. (NY Daily News)

Pamela Anderson is now a brunette with a pixie cut. After decades of tubling blonde hair, I have to say she looks pretty good now. (Us Weekly)

The Andy Serkis motion-capture Animal Farm movie is coming in 2014. In response, Vince Mancini makes a weirdly appropriate statement about political satire. (Film Drunk)

Are these really the greatest science fiction books of the year? I’m assuming Hugh Howey’s Dust somehow didn’t qualify. (Buzzfeed)

Some of these coats are gorgeous, which is too bad because I’m not much of a coat-wearing person. I’m a polar bear, and yes, I have issues. (GFY)

Amanda Seyfried is taking over an Emma Stone role. Sounds like this switchover is one of the better ones. (Slashfilm)

There’s a move called “the Banderas,” and Joel from The Last of Us was caught doing it. Nifty. (Kotaku)

Exactly how did Clark Griswold avoid all of these dreadful injuries during his Christmas Vacation adventures? (USF)

I’m not much of a football watcher, but even I enjoyed this NFL tweet yesterday. Calvin Johnson earned himself a face full of snow. Hope y’all are staying warm in this nation of snow.

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  • e jerry powell

    Also, Moose is less round than I expected her to be.

  • e jerry powell

    FEUD ON!

  • Zoe1078

    By all means, let's talk about body image and the media, health, obesity, fitness, and diet. But can we stop talking about Maria Kang?

  • I tried to click the play button on that video screenshot, and was momentarily confused as why it wasn't working. Apparently I'm not smart enough to use the Internet. Also, that Lions game was insane, probably one of the best games of the season.

  • manting

    Im an Eagles Fan and my erection has still not gone down. Im going to call my doctor right now.

  • JustOP

    Oh now I get it. Pajiba has a personal stake against the 'fit mom' because she had the gall to respond to your criticism on celebitchy, In which you call the fitness expert 'clueness'. Amazing.

  • I am so sorry to do this, but I'm an editor and I can't help it: "but she should probably consult this list of things you should never ask a fat girl before opening her mouth" should probably be "but before opening her mouth, she should probably consult this list of things you should never ask a fat girl." (Otherwise it sounds like perhaps it's the fat girl who shouldn't be opening her mouth, which is wrong in so many ways.)

    I swear to god I don't normally edit in comments, but in this case the sentence is tangled enough that I think your meaning gets flipped!

  • ZbornakSyndrome

    I'm confused by Fit Mom's "over 100lbs is obese" thing. I'm pretty tall, and I'm pretty sure I'd be considered dead if I weighed under 100 lbs.

    Other than that, her pictures are cute, but her attitude sucks...that's pretty much the internet sometimes.

  • Jessie Soto

    Yes Ms. Kang, we get it, you look awesome, we are all fatsos who are completely jelly of you.

    Now if you'll excuse me, I'll go back to reading Pajiba wearing my PJ's (I know it's 2:30 PM, but THEY'RE COMFY), while drinking my venti Mocha Frap and eating half a Meat Lovers Pizza.

  • Stephen Nein

    Are these really the greatest science fiction books of the year? I’m assuming Hugh Howey’sDust somehow didn’t qualify.

    There's some . . people . . out there upset by the ending's lack of pathos, nihilism and general lack of people-are-shitism.

  • DeaconG

    I haven't been out shopping for sci-fi lately; yet I don't recognize any of those books being in the bookstores I haunt in the last three months or so. I've got a backlog of sci-fi I still have to get through and I'm not sure I will (I'm still stuck in the first quarter of Steven Harper's The Dragon Men and Steven Kent's The Clone Sedition, but blew through David Weber's Midst Toil and Tribulation and Jack Campbell's The Lost Fleet:Invincible).

  • lafoutloud16

    I don't know how you submit a suggestion to PajibaLove... but my medical school class just released this Ylvis parody, "What Does The Spleen Do?"

    We hope you enjoy :)

  • BWeaves


    So? What does the spleen do?

  • I think it controls blood sugar, unless that's your pancreas. In which case I don't know what it does.

  • Melissa D

    That is your pancreas! Your spleen is part of your immune system. That's all I have, I had to flush the rest of my knowledge to make way for pharmacology.

  • bastich

    As a kid, I loved all of the weird kids' comedy shows that came on Nickelodeon in the 80's, such as "Out of Control", "Turkey TV", and especially "You Can't Do That On Television". Christine and Lisa on "You Can't Do That...." were my first crushes.

    Shaddap, I'm old.

  • Number 3 on that movie theater fact list: I am surprised nobody has attempted to resurrect that concept. Maybe not a chain theater, but more niche places like Alamo Drafthouse would make a lot of sense and save on drama from both parents and childless patrons.

  • seaturtles

    A few of the AMC theaters do a baby matinee and The Parkway here in Oakland has a BabyBrigade night.

    It always seems like a good idea until my twins are crying along with other babies. We have found the drive in to be the best place to see a movie with the babies.

  • McDonald's hasn't served fried pies in the United States since the 80's, goes to show how much she knows!

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