Everyone Knows all the Stereotypes About Gingers Are Untrue, Except for the Fact that They Have No Souls
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Everyone Knows all the Stereotypes About Gingers Are Untrue, Except for the Fact that They Have No Souls

By Dustin Rowles | Pajiba Love | June 20, 2012 | Comments ()


Have you ever seen the massive undertaking that McDonald's takes on to make their hamburgers look presentable for commercials. Now you have. (Buzzfeed)

Ray Romano will be joining "Parenthood" next season for a guest arc, which sounds awful if all you know Romano from is "Everyone Loves Raymond." However, if you've seen him on the underappreciated but brilliant "Men of a Certain Age," you'll understand why his sensibility is perfect for "Parenthood." (The AV Club)

Paul Verhoeven is making a movie about Jesus in which he presupposes that all the stuff about Jesus that makes Jesus Jesus didn't actually happen except for the stuff about Jesus being a totally decent dude. Note, however, that Verhoeven also directed Showgirls and adjust expectations accordingly. (The Playlist)

The fellas over in the WarmingGlow comments are YELLING at me A LOT today because I dismissed the opinion of a former "Dancing with the Stars" and "Celebrity Apprentice" contestant who claimed that men are funnier that women, another reminder to me to KNOW MY AUDIENCE. (WG)

Brian Byrd was dead on in his assessment of this: "Jim Carrey leaves the only movie people have wanted him to make in 10 years." (Slashfilm)

Over on Unreality, they took a look at Ed Norton's split-personality disorder when it comes to his choosing of movie projects. HULK. smoochy. 25TH HOUR. stone. Yeah. That guys' career makes no fucking sense. (Unreality)

On my 5 Upcoming Remakes that May Fart in My General Direction post yesterday I nearly included Dredd because I have a guilty fondness for Karl Urban. But then again, the reason I love Karl Urban is that he manages to transcend his terrible fucking movies. Here's the first tiny clip from Dredd. NEGOTIATIONS OVER. (The Daily Blam)

Over on Slate, they're complaining because Brave -- a rare animated film with a female hero -- is perpetuating stereotypes about gingers. OH COME ON. (Slate)

Speaking of redheads, Christina Hendricks opines about her "Mad Men" character in the THR print edition this month, a link I'm including to justify use of the elegant header photo. (THR)

Speaking of Hendricks, here's a picture I found of her from the 90s, which just goes to show you that the 90s could make anyone look bad.


Just when you thought you couldn't love Benedict Cumberbatch any more, you saw him catwalk on a runway in a bathrobe. Man: There's going to be a fierce competition between Hiddleseton, Fassbender, and Cumberbatch for most adorable Brit in this year's Pajiba 10. (Celebitchy)

Landon Palmer offers three reasons why this movie is the greatest anti-war film of all time. DO YOU DARE DISAGREE? (FSR)

Eric D. Snider -- a grown-ass man -- eulogizes a chair that he's had since college that he recently had to dispose of. Our own Seth Freilich -- also a grown-ass man -- recently gave up a couch that we pulled off the streets in Allston 12 years ago that smelled like beer and day-old sex which we then spent three years spilling beer and having sex on. Being single means never having to give up your smelly furniture. (Snide Remarks)

Hey! Wine connisseurs! You're all full of shit. (DaveChen)

Steven Seagal has denied ever pooping his pants, and as we all know, denials are what give a story its life. (FD)

Not to be outdone by Shia LaBeouf's music-video debut, Daniel Radcliffe stars in this video for a band called Slow Club. I was prepared to despise it, but hell if it didn't win me over. (Evil Beet)

Y'all hear about this? Hearing Adele's "Rolling in the Deep" woke a 7-year-old up from a coma. Unfortunately, the next track -- from Bon Iver -- put her right back in it. (Socialite's Life)

The political attack ads for "Game of Thrones" have arrived, and finally, someone is asking where is King Joffrey's birth certificate? (Mother Jones)

Friend of the site, Matt Patches, has inspired an Emma Stone GIFolution. Here's her 10 best. (Uproxx)

You've seen Angelina Jolie's slick Maleficent photo, but here's what she looks like on the set of the movie. HINT: Silly as hell. (The Superficial)

The supercut hasn't been the same since Harry Hanrahan went into hiding, but this one is the best I've seen in a long time: The Pre-Morem One-Liner (thanks Jared.)

All Dogs Go To Heaven: Why We Cannot Stomach the Suffering of Dogs in Our Fiction | Gary Oldman Rips Professional Athletes A New One

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  • CarpeJugulum

    Fassbender is Irish, not British.

  • Salieri2

    As a broad, BROAD generalization--and I wish I could remember the title of the book I read about five years ago discussing this--I opine that men and women tend to find different things funny. Apples and oranges. You have to consider the audience for the joke. I've often sat at a mixed table of co-workers and lost my shit laughing over something with the women while the men look at us, perplexed, and shrug their shoulders. Conversely, we've rolled our eyes and shaken our heads in boredom at things that men wet their pants laughing about--physical humor, often, doesn't thrill us, for instance. I'm one of a LOT of women* who just think the Three Stooges are dumb. *there are plenty of exceptions.

    Deborah Tannen's books on the differing conversational styles of men and women probably include some references to why this is so: dominance vs networking, assertion of status vs establishment of commonality, that kind of thing.

    It was hard to find any serious discussion of this online w/out spending more time than it's worth, but here's an '06 American Psychology Association article titled "The Formula for Funny. It does have a couple of pointers towards gendered notions of humor, for instance:

    "For a long time, a genre of humor has been humor that…points to truths that everyone knows but nobody admits," says Ritchie.
    However, for such a joke to be very funny, the listener has to agree with the revealed truth. Otherwise, they may find it baffling or offensive, says Timothy Moore, PhD, a humor researcher and chair of the psychology department at York University in Toronto.

    On what truths do men and women agree? That's where shit gets tricky and the Onion gets to write headlines like "Friday, October 4, 1968:Feminists Go On Humor Strike."

  • F'mal DeHyde

    I might be in the minority but it's nice to see Hendricks without her boobs pushed up to her chin. That's some pretty cleavage.

  • Romano is excellent in both Everybody Loves Raymond, and Men of a Certain Age. http://www.facebook.com/fightt...

  • Pookie

    Like most beautiful women this Christina Hendricks broad still don’t know what it takes to get what she wants. When you got tits and an ass like that the last thing you should do is open up your mouth. That’s the problem with most beautiful women these days, they think they need to explain some shit. When in fact the only thing they need to do is show up on time with a smile on their face, nipples up, no attitude, and with a faint scent of “I might give you some pussy” floating in the air. But no, they come in talking about some shit that nobody gives a fuck about, and sadly that’s where Hendricks head is at.

  • DominaNefret

    Did you guys know that women in general have an easier time in life than men?

    I learned that from the very informative comments section of Dustin's article.

  • QueeferSutherland

    John G and LOVE just need to bone and get that shit over with.

  • L.O.V.E.

    Fine, Queefer, but I am a male chauvinistic pig so I am going to have to insist on being the top.

  • F'mal DeHyde

    Is Maleficent supposed to look like a goat?

  • John G.

    I have to remember that not everyone follows only comedians on twitter. The Adam Corolla saying stupid stupid shit about women in comedy was all my twitter was about yesterday, every post from everyone. Too bad his six failed sitcoms in a row didn't end him yet. What a fucking anal douche.

  • MonkeyHateClean

    I'm a ginger and I have a soul. It's black and evil but I still have it.

  • branded_redux

    You can't just claim to have one. We'll need concrete evidence. Do sliding doors open when you walk up to them?

  • Vi

    That's because you can't sell your soul to yourself.

  • Oh, I've been to Prague

    That Slow Club song is fantastic. Much different from what I expected from the little I knew about them (i.e. "Christmas TV" from the 2nd season finale of Chuck for all you other Chuck nerds out there)

  • space_oddity

    Paul Verhoeven also directed Soldier of Orange, Robocop, Total Recall, Starship Troopers, and The Black Book, so he has a permanent free pass from me.

  • KatSings

    That article about Brave makes me stabby. And I just got all these new sharp things that are meant to be used for stabbing...

  • lowercase_ryan

    RE: Wine. You're absolutely right. Wino's are full of it half the time. But they do know a thing or two. don't dismiss them offhand. Seriously the best take on the subject that I've ever seen is this -

    John Cleese, Wine for the Confused is entertaining, educational, and totally fun. with a weird Brendan Frasier sighting.

    Another side note about wine and labels my dad knows a wine retailer in Sedona AZ that caters to tourists. He had a load of wine that for some odd reason he just couldn't sell. It wasn't great nor bad wine, just nobody would buy it. He re-labeled the wine with some kind of "limited edition" and sold out of the shit in a week.

  • Mrs. Julien

    Thank you for the Men of a Certain Age love. "Honey, how old is Joe?"

  • Rotwang

    Can't believe the video left out Eastwood killing Little Bill in Unforgiven: "Deserving ain't got nothing to do with it."

  • That pic of 90's Hendricks is adorable.

  • mograph

    The McDonald's piece is pretty accurate, but they may have left something out. I was on a Big Mac shoot in the late 80s, and here's what they did back then for the BM: 1) take the top, middle and bottom ("head, club, and heel") from three different buns, which may have made them look a bit thicker, 2) glue extra sesame seeds onto the head, and 3) place thin cardboard disks between the patties and the buns to plump things up a bit. Aside from the cardboard and the bits of glue, everything would have also been in a real BM.

  • as far as i know, a lot of food advertising photography involves fake stuff. food doesn't stand up well to hot lights and long photo shoots.

  • Slash

    Yeah, they're not supposed to do that. They can't use things that aren't edible to make the food look bigger/fluffier etc. They can manipulate the actual food to make it look better than it does in the restaurant/your kitchen, but they can't add stuff to make it look like a more generous serving size than it actually is. Not in advertising. And they have to use actual food for the item they're selling. If they're selling a hamburger, it has to be an actual hamburger, using the same ingredients, not one made out of styrofoam or whatever.

    The FTC regulates advertising vis a vis truthful claims, but usually doesn't investigate until someone (usually a competitor) complains about misleading advertising.

  • that's odd. the standard way to shoot a cup of coffee for advertising is to use root beer (it looks a shinier black) and use little plastic beads to be some heat bubbles on the surface.

  • Jezzer

    I'm not so sure there wouldn't be cardboard and bits of glue in a real Big Mac.

  • L.O.V.E.

    I read your blast of Carolla. His crassness aside, I do find that men on the whole are funnier than women. But then, I am not privy to the wonderfully crass things they say about me behind my back.

    If we look at our formative years, I can say that I "needed" to be "funny" as a survival mechanism. Little kid here had to make some pretty big guys laugh to stay unharmed. And getting girls to like me meant making them laugh. Like most things, its a skill and I think men have had to hone it more than women.

    Men can make other men laugh by "breaking balls", whereas a women's cutting remarks tend to be of the stabbing variety.

    So although men are not "inherently" funnier than women, I think men have more practice at it and as the main purveyors of it they have taken the lead in determining what is "funny" to begin with.

  • DominaNefret

    Scientific American came out with a special collectors edition recently about the differences between the male and the female brain. It went in to things that are hard wired, neurological differences between males and females, and others that are more societal.
    One of the things the issue talked about was humor. A group of men were polled, and they overwhelmingly responded that they think women who are funny aren't sexy. Not female comedians, any female with an active sense of humor.
    The reasoning behind this, they hypothesized, is that on a whole men place importance on being funny themselves, and in turn it is important that women should appreciate them for their fabulous sense of humor.
    This has several consequences. It means that when men see funny women, they do not find it attractive, think it is inappropriate, don't acknowledge it, or feel threatened by it. Another effect is that some women can see this, and instead of subverting it and letting their funny out, they keep it in to avoid conflict, or being seen as "unwomanly".

    There are plenty of hilarious females out there, but it is HARDER for women to be funny, not because we are bad at it, but because of the way people respond to it. I have a pretty wicked sense of humor myself, and it has gotten me in trouble many times, because people - male and female, do find it threatening.

  • AlabasterSalamander

    (known thy dissident)

  • L.O.V.E.

    You called your shot.

    I respect it.

  • John G.

    Dammit, I knew I fucking hated you. Everytime I see your stupid fucking username on this site, I get a pain in the back of my brain, and I couldn't remember why. That's right, you're a fucking moron.

  • L.O.V.E.

    Well, John G., good luck with that. Coming from you, that means a ... absolutely nothing to me. If we want to have an honest and respectful discussion I am willing to have it.

    I knew I was offering an unpopular opinion. Dustin noted he was getting slammed at WG, and it was a reminder to know his audience. I could have responded there to get a lots of +1's, but I usually enjoy the perspectives over here with people like Miss Laaw-yuhr who can respond beyond calling me a moron.

  • John G.

    Shit! I'm sorry. I didn't want to yell at you, but you're just so fucking stupid, it's impossible to resist. Unfortunately, it's only an unpopular opinion among people with some level of basic education or the ability to think. Among moron men like you and Adam Corolla, who can only process the world when they reduce it into simplistic stereotypes and prejudices, it's a very popular opinion. If you were the only moron, it wouldn't bother me.

  • L.O.V.E.

    And the people you disagree with you are morons because you are a pedantic prick. I get it now, thanks for helping me see the error of my ways, person who i don't know with an avatar of pedobear and makes fun of my usename.

  • John G.

    that's marvin the robot, moron.

  • L.O.V.E.

    Thats was a joke. If I didn't know better, I would think you were goingmeta on me, and trying to prove one man at a time that men have no sense of humor.

    I got caught in a flame war. so I am truly the moron.

  • L.O.V.E.

    As I said, pedantic prick. To the bitter end.

    Seriously, get over yourself. Fine, you don't like my opinion. Move on or get some anger management.

  • Miss Laaw-yuhr

    So true L.O.V.E.! I mean consider the facts:

    Two and Half Men = Hardy Har Har Laugh Riot
    Parks and Rec = Vagina-based Snoozeville

    No? So my example fails the men-funnier-than-women axiom? You don't say.

    L.O.V.E. - and I say this without malice - I would submit that you simply don't *know* any funny women, kind of the way gay haters often don't know any gay people (except for that one church choir director who likes to pick out his wife's outfits). I'm just not sure how somewhere between "I Love Lucy" and "Bridesmaids" someone/society/dbags decided no penis means no funny. Well, I kind of get it - the penis is hands down the most hilarious part of the human body. You take off your pants and it looks like some sea creature has attached itself to your midsection - and you can use it to pee on a campfire. Amazing! But despite such innate hillarity, I don't think it's a Freudian magic wand that makes you the funnier sex.

    L.O.V.E, you should come over some time I'll pour us some amazing cocktails and we'll explore humor beyond peeing on a camp fire. Good times for all.

  • Jezzer

    Humor is so subjective I don't even know what you people are arguing about. "Men are funnier than women" IS true for some people. "Women are funnier than men" is true for other people. "Men and women are equally funny" is true for some others. And, for the completely humor-deficient, there's "neither men nor women are funny." The only thing that's wrong there is stating an opinion as universal fact.

  • way to go with the insta-rage, the facetious dismissive retort, the strawman (woman aren't funny, versus his idea that he finds men funnIER), and for the grand coup, let some good old fashioned misandric emasculation rip. Stay classy, it helps people spot you at a distance.

    and to think people thumbs up your tirade, and thumbs down his mild enough reasonably and placidly expressed opinions.

  • Miss Laaw-yuht

    I actually intended for my comment to be a light-hearted reply, no insults or emasculations intended. I wrote quickly, and may not have struck the right tone (gotta work on my material). My apologies to L.O.V.E. -and readers - if that's how it was taken. I actually do try to stay classy.
    I actually don't object to L. finding men funnier - the only thing I object (and what prompted me to respond) - is the idea that men somehow have a societal drive to be funny which reinforces an individual taste that men are funnier. That is, Men need to be funny so they are funnier. As another commenter pointed out, women also face those same pressures and many turn to humor for the same reason as their male counterparts. Women comediens have been around for ages and have always been popular so basically I don't understand why all of sudden there's been this on again off again debate that "women aren't funny, or at least not as funny". Why precisely is that value judgment necessary? If humor is a personal taste and women account for half the population, I geniunely don't understand the need for implied put down.

  • L.O.V.E.

    I was fine with your comment. i dont mind being taken to the woodshed. I thought you made good points. someone calling me a moron, though, is another matter and doesnt further the discussion. If I was intersted in flame wars I am sure there other fishing spots where I could go drop my line.

  • (p.s.)oh, and as to why journalists would seek a value judgment like that is that controversy and anger = better circulation. anything about gender is the among the lowest possible fruit on the tree for winding people up. our culture is pretty polite face to face, but there is an awful lot of seething resentment underneath in both genders toward the other. not fun times, but easy pickings for lazy journalists.

  • thanks for the reply. sorry i misinterpreted your intent. text is like that. so are fired off retorts. for the record, it sounded pretty harsh. i'd get banned if i employed that kind of sarcasm in reverse--luckily from the thumbs up, people here were totally on board. i get misunderstood all the time, and i also shoot my mouth off without thinking, sometimes in the heat of the moment.

    I also thought your choice of sitcoms wasn't meant as a serious contest, but more a circling of the wagons, as around these parts 2men is reviled and [edit:] Parks and Rec is beloved. plus, i dont even know either and i'd still bet on Parks and Rec being wittier. it may not have been a fair match.

    I wasn't aware there was a big debate other than this article i came across, and i don't have a horse in this race. silly race. gender isn't a bloc. humour comes from individuals. hell, humour is subjective.

    I guess it just sounded like LOVE was musing anecdotally from personal experience. and while his musings may not be relevant to the basically inane debate over humour being housed more in one gender over the other, i did think of the different strategies beta males and beta females deploy in finding security in the pack during that loathsome lord of the flies period of life from age 6 to 18. Little guys and chubby guys and geeky guys providing entertainment in the form of humour to secure place and safety rang true from my memories. i don't feel it is sexist or controversial to say packs of young males and packs of young females operate with different power structures, alliance strategies and conflict resolution methods.

    anyway, out of all the different generalizations and derogatory things that men say about women, and women say about men, his, especially expressed as an opinion and observation so mildly, with reflections rather than some intent, just seemed a misplaced target for what has followed in this thread.

    again, cheers for the friendly, conversational reply. you would not believe how rare that is once the topic of gender has reared its head. ok, maybe you would.

  • John G.

    well, it's not quite insta-rage. It's been building since yesterday, when I read thousands of men claiming the same thing. Many even used the meaningless qualifier "on the whole", but that doesn't change the fact that it's completely untrue, and it's a backward, sexist, worthless thing to say. I'm sorry that my "name calling" upsets your delicate sensibilities, but I don't operate under the delusion that all opinions must be respected. Backward, sexist bullshit must not be politely tolerated, even when they try and hide it as "just my opinion, man".

  • oh my sensibilities are quite durable. I just followed a dialogue where one fellow spoke reasonably, couched his thoughts as personal opinion, discussed why he felt that way, rose above being caustic or snide when attacked, while others--you mostly--went from zero to raging retarded drunken redneck spewing incoherent vitriol. Frankly it was embarrassing to read. I guess at least you didn't stoop to insulting male genitalia to make your point.

    the statement, 'i find men funnier than women' is not sexist. anymore than the statement 'i prefer books written by women' would be. He actually tried to reason it out for you, but you were too busy with the whole yosemite sam temper tantrum

    you've been in red in the face spewing hate and slinging mud, and all the while you have been astonishingly infantile and stupid.

    I hate to break it to you, but you aren't a white knight for women, striking sexism down everywhere you find it no matter how puffy your chest feels while you rant. you're just a kind of lame attempt at bullying because you cannot seem to communicate in any reasonable fashion.

    if this seems a bit harsh, i took your advice. your a big boy and you clearly do not have any delicate sensibilities

  • John G.

    I appreciate you not holding back. Yeah, I guess I agree with some of what you say. I was really yelling at all those stupid men I read all day yesterday who were supporting Corolla and being sexist. It is definitely not sexist to personally prefer one kind of thing over another. His first comment, though, was claiming support for Corolla who did say that women were not as funny as men, which is sexist. In later replies, he did temper it way down to just his opinion of a slight difference in his opinion of women versus men.

    I don't agree with some of the things you said. I couldn't be further from a redneck. I'm not retarded. I don't get what you're saying about male genitalia (that's just called a penis right?). I certainly don't want to be a white knight who rescues women, so you aren't breaking anything to me. I wasn't trying to rescue anyone. I do like to discuss sexism, though, and racism, and class-ism. I especially like to discuss it when it's subtle. As a male, I live with male privilege, and because so much of it is invisible to me from inside the privilege, it's fascinating to tease it out and try and combat it in my actions and viewpoints. It follows naturally to try and tease it out of others.

    Giving L.O.V.E. the benefit of the doubt, and saying he's not being sexist. Say he's just added up the comedians he likes in his head, and more of them are men than women, and when he's confronted with Corolla's sexism, it made him think "huh..maybe women aren't as funny on the whole". There are still unquestioned elements of sexism left over from the original sexism that Corolla used, and the overall sexism in comedy, the comedy clubs not letting women go on as much and tv producers not hiring as many women that has been a big problem in comedy for decades. Meaning, there are elements of sexism included in why he doesn't think women are quite as funny as men when taken as a whole, because he just hasn't been exposed to all the funny women that he could have been. Opinions, though, are just opinions, and if he had not been (for me) representing a dangerous, sexist opinion that was running rampant over the internet yesterday, I wouldn't have reacted the same way. comedy is extremely important to me, and it is a very sexist enterprise in an obvious way that other industries were forced to at least look at more closely decades ago, if not directly address.

    Also, L.O.V.E has been a commenter here for a long time, and he's said some questionable things in the past. That also contributed to my reaction. Thanks again for being direct with me. One more thing, though. Does it make your chest all puffy to police the comment section here, being a white knight for Pajiba, making sure to put people like me in their place?

  • L.O.V.E.

    I am not going to revisit our prior discussion, which everyone if free to read and make a judgement about me or the worth of my opinions, but as you said, I have commenting on this site for years now. i am not some troll looking for a fight. And the comment about lumping me in with some other men from some other site, and making some blanket statement about "questionable" comments in the past is week.

    And the irony of the "white night" statement, oh you must see the irony, no?

  • John G.

    I apologize. I shouldn't have over-reacted like that.

  • L.O.V.E.

    Apology accepted and appreciated.

    (mom pinches ear)

    Oh, and I'm sorry for calling you a pedantic prick.

    Now if you will excuse me, I need to edit that first post so it looks like everyone is down voting my discovery for the cure for cancer, clean energy and world peace.

  • "One more thing, though. Does it make your chest all puffy to police the comment
    section here, being a white knight for Pajiba, making sure to put people like me
    in their place?"

    sometimes i do get puffy, or at least huffy, and lash out right back. Like you, there are things that push my buttons, things I have grown weary of over a long time, and come to a head out of context sometimes.

    I know you aren't a redneck-- i've read lots of your comments when i used to frequent this joint. i was trying to make a point about how your comments in reply to LOVE were coming off. And obviously, like your reply just Now (thank you for that) you are perfectly capable of being reasonable and discussing things and substantiating what you are saying.

    the comment about genitalia was in reference to something someone else said.

    I get my back up about any mob mentality, and especially about a kind of mob mentality that often comes up with gender (and i know it runs both ways) I find that in articles and discussion threads, all over the internet, and especially here, the most outlandish generalizations about men are not just ok, but celebrated. same goes for making derogatory comments. earlier in this thread, a commenter, perturbed with LOVE first made fun of penises in general and then went on to mock LOVE on the same basis. She recieved a bunch of thumbs up and 0 thumbs down. now, she wrote back to say she had intended a lighter tone than perhaps it looked. maybe true, maybe back peddling--i do when i get cornered for saying something mean or stupid. I give her and LOVE the benefit of the doubt in that regard. I thought it was a nice return to reasonableness to be able to simply discuss. Now, had a similar statement been made my a male about female genitals and then went on to mock a female commenter it would have been defcon 4 in here and the perpetrator would have been given his walking papers. this kind of thing miffs me.

    It's part of a general unspoken rule something along the lines of men are open season all the time, but be very careful about anything you say about the female half of the species that might even be misinterpreted as less than positive and supportive. i understand there are a number of reasons for this, some better than others. but we are now into generations of this. I don't think its good for us as a culture, and I think young impressionable men--sensitive thoughtful men who want to do the right thing feel guilty and ashamed. Another cohort of men simply declare war in return. it gets to be a real mess.

    It's my windmill, and that is a truly apt metaphor. in fact, I think my windmill got me banned a while back, but i'm not sure what it was about. it's plausible though.

    I don't know what LOVE has said before. I was just very much able to relate the kind of response it generated. The internet is a cesspool of our shadows.

    Cheers again for going from Hulk back to Banner and having a chat with me.

  • PaddyDog

    Parks and Rec was created by two men: Greg Daniels and Michael Schur. They wrote most of the first season and continue to write many episodes. The rest of the scripts are written by a team that contains equal numbers of men and women. How is P&R evidence that women are funnier than men? Just because a woman stars? She's funny, but most of the credit for the show's humor must go to the writing and concept for each episode.
    Note: I am not taking sides in the women versus men debate, but P&R is not a good example for the female side.

  • Miss Laaw-yuhr

    I would suggest that comedy is as much in the delivery as it is in the line - at least that's what the pros say - so I think it's fair comparison. However, to appease you, allow me to refine: Amy Poehler v. Charlie Sheen. Discuss.

  • L.O.V.E.

    I appreciate the response Miss Laaw-yuhr (that's some "lawyer speak" for ya).

    Let me address your points.

    Comparison between "two" and "Park", besides being a very small sample size, illustrates the almost impossible task of determining what is "funny" and what is not. I find "Park" much funnier, but evidently most of America disagrees.

    I suppose your point is that I shouldn't stereotype, but then you make the jump that if a man finds other men funnier than women, its because a man (dammit, I got Jaqen H'ghar on the brain) doesn't know any funny women.

    Whereinfact, I find my sister funny, my wife funny, and my daughter downright hilarious. (My female business partner ... not so much).

    But I do not find women as a whole funnier than men. Now, my sister loves talking shit. And by "shit", I mean her actual bowel movements. I love that funny shit talk. I loved the "shit" out of Veep. I needed a "shit", and Veep gave it to me. But I digress before this turns into an "I have black friends" defense.

    At any rate, perhaps my wording was flimsy, but I simply offered my opinion that I find men funnier than women. Nothing you can say will change that. I have been around enough women to have sampled their funny wears, but after decades of research, I like chocolate over strawberry. Its just my taste.

    Finally, as I said, I don't think men are "Inherently" funnier than women, so I don't think having a pecker makes me funnier, even if it has generated some laughs in its time. But i do stand by my conclusion that I think men AS A WHOLE, are funnier than women, and I reject outright the intellectually dishonest insistence that all men and women -- that all people -- share the absolutely same level of everything and there is nothing to differentiate.

  • John G.

    I hate Hate HATE the dumb fucking argument that only really stupid MEN make about the differences in the sexes based on their complete lack of knowledge on the subject. And NO, men ON THE WHOLE are not funnier then women. There are funny/unfunny men and funny/unfunny women. Your bullshit idea that men "have to be funny" to fulfill their role in blah blah blah is just you being ignorant. Take your meathead generalizations about the sexes over to a meathead site, where they will ejaculate praise all over you.

  • L.O.V.E.

    John, that is such a dishonest statement. It is so much, "everyone gets a trophy", trite, superficial BS. If i were to say. "Women aren't funny", or something of that ilk, then I would agree with you. I would be narrow minded. But that is not what I said.

    I'm not talking about parenting. I am not talking about intellect. I am not talking about the right to vote. I am talking about being funny.

    So don't treat this like some horrible upfront to womanhood because I think men can tell better jokes.

    I do not have to find women as funny as men. Shouting me down and calling me a moron isn't going to change that.

  • John G.

    It's not an "upfront" (assuming you mean 'affront') to womanhood, it's just an untrue stereotype that you're claiming to be a truism. Vomiting up ridiculous stereotypes is a moronic thing to do. That's why I'm calling you a moron.

  • hey! name calling, yelling and putting words in your opponents mouth really does work! who'da thunk?

  • L.O.V.E.

    The discussion has run its course and devolved into a waste of time that I cannot get back.


  • dahlia6

    Women have no need to be funny? Try being a fat female teenager. We are hilarious.

  • L.O.V.E.

    I know. I saw Tyra Banks in that fat suit.

    See, I can find a woman funny.

  • dahlia6

    Kinda missing my point, but okay.

  • Fredo

    I think I went out with a girl like 90s Christina Hendricks during the 90s.

    Oh and that supercut was cool.

  • the_wakeful


  • Jezzer

    You had sex with Seth Freilich on a couch?

  • TherecanbeonlyoneAdmin

    How do you think they came up with the name for this site?

  • branded_redux

    Forget Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, Dustin can do a "I'm Fucking Seth Freilich" video.

  • pajiba


  • Sara_Tonin00

    So Verhoeven has been reading Robert Graves?

  • TherecanbeonlyoneAdmin

    I'm pretty sure that Pixar is portraying Merida as having a soul so they're breaking with the stereotype (and science) right there.

  • branded_redux

    Note, however, that Verhoeven also directed Showgirls and adjust expectations accordingly.

    So the baptism of Jesus is going to take place in a swimming pool while he thrashes around?

  • fribbley

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with 90s Hendricks.

  • An Atlantan

    Christina Hendricks isn't a real redhead.

  • pajiba


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