Don't Call Ashley Judd Puffy, You Wouldn't Like Her When She's Puffy

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | April 10, 2012 |

P.S. Puffy and sick Don Draper looked pretty sh*tty on "Mad Men" this week. Where's his Twitter account?

Okay, the soapbox is away now. Promise. So, looks like they're making a reality show about ex-Hasidic jews. The internet is calling it Jew-sy Shore. Expect the other signs of the apocalypse any day now. (Nerve)

Allegedly this rather frank and possibly injudicious interview with Jeremy Renner is a result of one too many vodkas. Oh, come on, injudicious? Who hasn't admitted to choking a man for calling them gay? (THR)

Meanwhile, Chris Evans claims he's only made three movies he's proud of. So that would be Captain America, The Avengers and Scott Pilgrim. . .right? (Celebitchy)

Dustin has stumbled upon the role Peter Dinklage should probably be most proud of. No, not The Station Agent. Even better. (WG)

Fun little game. Who said the following? Kirk Cameron or Rick Perry? (THP)

Follow up game. Romance novel title or nail polish shade? (Racked)

There's a new French featurette with more footage from Pixar's Brave. To be perfectly honest, I like how little I know about the plot of the movie, but every thing I see sends me into a tizzy of anticipation and Scottish playlists on Pandora. (Bleeding Cool)

This hilarious take down of some of the most hapless damsels in film includes this line about Princess Buttercup: "The woman is a blue silk sausage casing stuffed with whines." (The Guardian)

Apparently something devastating happened on "RuPaul's Drag Race" last night. Courtney wants you to know she's crushed. CRUSHED. (Tom And Lorenzo)

Poor poor George Zimmerman, the man who shot and killed Trayvon Martin, is hoping you'll donate to his cause. He's started a website with a Paypal link. Enjoy that sweet, bigoted income, brother. (BBC)

Are you people playing that highly addictive Draw Something game? I am and I'm terrible at it. These people are the opposite of terrible. (The Chive)

Oh, movie beards, I love you so. Especially yours, Baumer. (Reelizer)

How do you feel about a Katniss Everdeen Barbie Doll? Personally, I think it might be hard to run for your life from murderous teens with your feet constantly in the point position. (Nerd Approved)

Finally, you might have heard that I'm doing a "Game of Thrones" podcast. It's, um, well it's damn tricky to talk about the show without spoiling things! You feel me, book readers? Anyway, now that I've joined the ranks of the Already Spoiled, I'm trying to avoid smug *ssholery. Let me assure you that, provided you've seen Season 1, the following video won't spoil you in the slightest.

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